"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


7. 6.

Serena's P.O.V.


"Rena what are you doing here"

I-I n-eed y-you d-demi" I say between cries.

" it's cold, come inside" she says, and she opens the door wider for me to enter.

" what happen?" she says while I run up to her and hug her

"shh it's okay Rena." smoothing my hair out.


"Rena are you okay now"


"so can you tell me what happen and why did you came here running" she asks me.

"demi, I'm falling apart, my life is no full of happiness I'm never happy the only thing that takes my pain away is music, things started to change cause a boy came in the picture. Every time he's around me I get the chills, good chills demi, I'm not ready to love or date. I don't want to get hurt when im already getting hurt by my parents. Why did it had to be me when it could of been someone else?" I say between my sniffles. Demi just stayed still and didn't say anything I just cried even harder, things were going crazy in my heard.

" well Rena, I'm gonna tell you this here and now" Demi tells me.

" your just scared to face falling in love because your putting yourself down because of your parents. Don't let them push you down hard. I know you can fight them, you know you can Rena. You are stronger than you are, you are beautiful. Don't let someone or something ruin what you need, god maybe send him to help this beautiful girl who has a broken heart and hasn't found herself there yet and not everyone has wings, you are a person who doesn't have wings cause you have to let someone special to help you build those wings of yours" she says.

"but I'm scared" I say calming myself a bit.

"honey some of us have to face the world, we can't hide forever." she says while coming up to me to give me a hug.

"demi why do you have to be so right?"

"because I'm coming out for my little cousin"

"thanks Demi boo"

"your welcome Rena booboo" she says while giggling.

" I think you should stay the night Here to sleep since you had a long night"

"yeah I think I do" I say in a amused tone.

"goodnight Rena"

goodnight demi"


The Following Day...

When I woke up this morning I told demi I was heading home cause Alexandra and Hannah wanted to hang out. Once I left Demi's place I went and got ready to go meet the girls at Starbucks. The girls asked me why I left the party so soon. I just told them I ended up not feeling good, but Alex gave me that look saying 'I know your lying and we will talk about this later.'

"let's go to the mall" Hannah says who looks bored being at Starbucks.

"okay Rena do you wanna go go"

"no thanks, I'm going to head back home."

"okay call me later" as they left I started to get up and I put 5 dollars on the table for the person who was helping us. As I turn around to leave, I stumble into someone and we both fall to the floor.

"oh I'm sorry I didn't see where I was going" I know that voice it's-


Harry's voice, "oh shit" I muttered.

"Harry, what are you doing here doing here"

"Oh I came here for Starbucks and you" he tells me while licking his ups of his.


"what a small world"

"yeah it is"

"Rena about yesterday, I'm sorry."

"No Harry, I should be the one saying sorry cause I just ran out" I say giving him a half smile

"why don't we forget about what happen yesterday"

"yeah I think that would be great" I say to him while looking at him in the eyes.



"Would you like to hang out sometime?" harry asks scratching the back of his neck.

"I would love to" I say.

"should we start hanging out now"

"I guess we should" I say with a grin


Harry and I have been hanging out for almost 5 hours, and it's already getting dark. Harry decide to walk me home.

"Rena when can I hear that beautiful voice of yours" he says to me as I put my head down so he won't see me blushing as its coming way up to my cheeks. I noticed that we are already at my house. We walk up to my door and we both stand there like almost a minute until he spoke up.

"I'm being serious about hearing your beautiful voice." he tells me with a cheeky dimple.

"soon" I tell him while eating for him to answer back.

"it Better be, Torrez"

"oh, now were using last names, Styles?"

"yes we are"

"well goodnight harry"

"goodnight night Rena" as he said that he was leaning, oh shit please don't kiss me then I left his warm lips on my cheeks. I guess it was better there than on my lips.

"goodnight Rena"

"wow did I get kiss on my cheek" as I was thinking about that a blush came up on my cheeks.

"And it was by Harry Styles"I say to myself out loud

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