"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


6. 5.

4 days later

Serena's pov

today is Friday, my friends wants me to join them at zayn's party. so I was like why not go and have a little bit of fun right? and that's what party's are for. oh did I tell you that me and harry have to do are song in like a week or so and we ready got the song. I told him I will be fine practicing it on my own. he hasn't heard my voice yet. as for me I'm at the mall with girls they dragged me to the mall they sad I needed a outfit for the party to smoken hot. I thought these girl were crazy but they are my crazy friends

"so Rena who are going with to the party with" says Perrie.

"I'm not going with anyone"

"yes! she is, it might be harry he always staring at you in 2 period" Alex says with a grin.

"I'm not going with anyone or harry to the party"

"okay whatever you say Rena"


"okay girls lets talk about something" once Perrie said that. I mouth "thanks" to her.

the girl decide to go get some food cause they got hungry. me and Perrie decide to stay behind to look around more.

"so how's your niece doing"

"she doing good ad for a three a year old she can talk pretty good"

"awww how cute, and your sister"

"she alright I guess" I tell Perrie as I was looking around I heard Perrie gasped behind me.

"omg that dress is so cute' I followed her finger was pointing at.

"I think you Gould get it to match thaws shoes you have in your hands"

"what are you gonna Wear to the party"

"oh I know just the thing"

3 hours later

once I got to my grandparents, I decide I was gonna get ready over here and Alex said she wouldn't mind giving me a ride to the party with her. I decide I was gonna wear makeup since I was going to the party and wearing a dress to the party. while I was getting ready I didn't know what to do I my hair. so I called Perrie and asked her what should I do to my hair.

"hello" Perrie says on the other line

Perrie I don't know what to do to my hair for the party"

for my advice straight your hair I think it would go what your wearing"


while I was doing hair, my sister came in the room and sat down on the bed by the mirror.

"so where are you going and looking all good tonight"

"oh just zayn's party at his place"



you better not do anything stupid or make same mistake like mom and dad Rena don't do some fucked up shit out there''

"Nina you know I will never anything like mom and dad did to know I'm smarter than I am"

"I'm just making sure my sister making the right chioce, it's just hard watchig my little sister become a wonder women right in front of me" as my sister says trying it to cry.

"stop it Nina, your make me ruin my makeup"

"well I better get going before I really ruin your makeup, I love you little sis"

"I love you too big sis"

as I got back to getting ready, I heard my phone ringing on too my nightstand. I looked who it was and it was Alex texting me.

from Alex:

I'm here

to Serena:

I'm coming

as I grab my stuff to leave I said bye to my grandparents and my sister,Alee was asleep. once I got to the door I opened it and got in.

"hey girl ready for this party"


"and I heard harry gonna be there"

"really Alex, did you tell him I was gonna be there"

"what pff nooo maybe"


as Alex laughed, I noticed we were already here, I got out of the door and got in inside, I crinkled my nose cause of the smell in the house. I see red cups all over the place bt I don't hear music.

"Rena thank god your here I need you" as zayn says that coming up to me.

"what do you need zayiee" I say to him. I gave zayn that nickname when we were young and I still call him that.

"I need yo Ito sing for me" once those words left out of his mouth.

"what, you want me to sing"

"yes please Rena"

"why zayn u know I don't like singing for a party"

"come on Rena just one time"


once zayn left I went up to the boys and told them to be ready, to play the song I'm singing.

"ready guys"


"here I go" I whisper to myself

make it in America by Victoria justice

got a way ticket down a 2 way street

got the wind in my hair and theres dust on my feet 

I'm just tying to make it in America

only thing to my name is an old T-shirt

faded 1985 from stones concert

and I'm dying to make it in America

and I'm singing the words to my favorite song

with the rag top down and my glasses on

and I'm driving straight through America

I wanna taste the sun cause baby I'm born to run

I got a feeling that I'm not the only one

I, I wanna show some skin yeah baby I need the ocean

and you can't stop me now I've got my heat in the motion

I want to make it in America

make it in america

I can see my star sunset and vine

gonna carve my name in the Hollywood signs

yeah I gotta, gotta make it in America

see me wearin' a smile, even if I'm broke

I'll be singing the words from a song I wrote

and I called it make it in America

I wanna taste the sun cause baby im born to run

I it a feeling that in not the only one

I,i wanna show some skin baby I need the ocean

and you can't stop me now I've my heart in motion

I wanna make it in America make it in America

I can feel the sweat dripping down my face

I can hear my heart as it start to race

yeah sometimes this world's such a lonely place

if I just push on I know that

I wanna taste the sun cause baby I'm born to run

I got a feeling that I'm not the only one

I, I wanna show some skin baby I need the ocean

and you can't stop me now I've got my heart in the motion

I wanna make it in America make it in America

once I finished the song everyone was clapping, then zayn came up and said everyone five it to Serena.

"wow" I muttered under my breath and then I heard his voice through me that give me chills but it was god chills

"so your the one who was singing in the music" as I turn to see him smile. I smiled back at him.

"how did you know"

"I just know"


"w-would wan-nna dance-e" says nevsously to me

"yeah sure" I said while giggle. he then pulled out his hand for me to come. as we got the dance floor I started to dance. I was smiling and laughing then I felt to hands around my waist and pulled me up close to the person I look who it was and it was harry dancing with me. I know I told myself I'm not ready to date I'm only gonna get to know him and be friends with him nothing more. as we were dancing things start to change then he was leaning to kiss and so was but then I stop myself.

" I can't do this I'm sorry" as I said I just ran out of the party ad hearing people call my name I just ran as fast I can I took of my heels off and just ran and ran. I didn't know where I was going but then I knew who I was gonna go see. as I go there I knocked on the door.

"Rena what are you doing here"

"I-I-I n-n-eed y-y-ou d-d-emi" I say between cries.

"come inside its cold and we will talk" as she tells me and open the door more for me.

"what happen" as she said that I just ran to her and cried so hard.

"shhh it's okay Rena"

Harry's pov

I was so close to having her, I knew she the one who sang that song in the music room. why won't she let me get close to her.

"I need to fix her" I say to myself

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