"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


5. 4.

Serena's P.O.V.

I open my eyes and remove my hands from the keys on the piano, noises are made from out the classroom, I get up and find out who or what was making noises.

"hello anyone there" I say but no one answers. I get my bag and swing it up my shoulder and leave the room. I was walking out of the class room and I bump into someone I look to see who it is and it's Harry

"Are we going to keep meeting up like this?" he smirks at me and I shake my head in embarrassment.

"well bye harry." but he manages to get me from the forearm.

"where are you going?" he asks curiously.

"I'm going to talk with a teacher.." I say. Nice one Rena and mentally slap myself. He nods and lets me go.

I think he believed me because I wasn't going to see a teacher I was going to see my sister Nina. I haven't seen her for almost a week and my beautiful niece of mine. My sister has a daughter names Alee and she is three. She had Alee when she was 19 almost 20. As I got to my sisters flat well our grandparents flat, I open the door and walk inside, right when I was gonna close the door I heard Alee coming to me.

"Rena!" my little princess comes running.

"Hi baby, where's mummy" I ask her.

"She's upstairs doing her hair for work" for a three year old she can talk pretty good.

"Well, Alee, I'm going to talk to mummy now. So why don't you go watch tv okay" I say to my niece who gives me those blues eyes of hers. She got those big blue eyes from her father but other than that she got it from Nina.

"Nina are you here, I know you need a babysitter cause it looks like nana is not here" I say to my sister as I walk up to her while she doing her hair.

"Rena, what would I do without you, you are a life saver sis"

"Anytime. I love spending time with my niece, you know" I say  sitting on her bed and looking at her room.

"So how was your first day of school" my sister asks me.

"ugh! You don't wanna know Nina"

"oh really Rena, what happened then?" She lifts an eyebrow and puts a hand on her hip

"Well today I kinda bumped into a guy with green eyes, a cheeky smile with a dimple and curly hair and Alex kept saying that he's the one, and she had a feeling something good was gonna happen for me. And I have three classes with him. He seen me get hit by a door. I have music class with him and the teacher put us together as partners for a project in class to do a song." I tell  my sister almost out of breath.

"well.. what a day." She chuckles.

"yes it was sis"

"well I got to go to work now, I will be home by ten make sure she's out by eight okay sis? Love you and baby girl be good with Serena okay bye guys" Once my sister left. Alee was hiding and when she hiding from me she messes with me as for me I have to look for her before she does something to me.

"oh Aleeboo! I got candy for you and it's your favorite, if you come out I will give it to you" once I heard the door open with the sound of giggles, what am I going to do with this little monster?




5 hours later

Alee is past out on the coach as for me I'm getting ready to leave, my sister is almost here. Once I hear the door open and close.

"Thanks again sis I hope she wasn't to much for you" as my sisters says while taking off her coat and putting down the keys.

"no she was perfectly fine all I needed to do was give her candy to not hide from me" I tell my sister as she chuckled at me.

"well goodnight see you tomorrow sis"

"are you sure you don't wanna stay the night"

"no I'm sure I just have a lot of homework to do and get started on writing a song for class" I tell my sister. I leave my grandparents house.

I was walking home, as I got there I noticed cars were at the house. I knew what was happening my parents were having friends over to drink and get high. When I get inside, it smells very bad inside the house. I hate living here, I seen my father laughing as he turns around and sees me. I just turn around and went upstairs to do my homework and sing a song.

"Rena" my father calls me from downstairs.


"come downstairs"

"..okay" I go downstairs.

"Rena this Mack my friend" I looked at Mack and he was looking at me with a smirk, I don't know what's going on with his little fucked up head.

"well Rena it's nice meeting you"

"it's Serena." I correct him and roll my eyes at him.

"well Serena I'm sorry"

"I better get going cause I have homework to do for class" as I tell Mack who's still giving me a smirk.

"men.." I muttered under my breath as I walk upstairs. I need to do another song again. so I went to the back house that holds my piano to play.

for a love of a daughter bydemilovato

four years old with my back to the door

all I could hear was a family war

your selfish hands always expecting more

an I your child or just a charity award?

you have a hollowed out heart

but it's heavy in your chest

I try so hard to fight it but its hopeless

hopeless, your hopeless

oh, father, please, father

I'd love to leave you alone

oh, father, please, father

put down the bottle down

for the love of a daughter


it's been five years since we've spoken last

and you can't take back what we never had

oh, I can be manipulated only so many times,

before even "I love you"starts to sound like a lie

oh, father, please, father I'd love to leave you alone

but I can't let you go

oh, father, please, father put down the bottle down

for the love of a daughter

don't you remember I'm your baby girl?

how could you push me out of your world,

lied to flesh and your blood

put your hands on the ones that swore you loved?

don't you remember I'm your baby girl?

how could you throw me right out of your world?

so young when the pain begun now forever afraid of being loved

oh, father, please, father I'd love to leave you alone

but I can't let you go

oh father, please, father

oh, father, please, father put the bottle down

for the love of a daughter

for the of a daughter

"Tomorrow should be better.." I say to myself.

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