"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


30. 29.

still cant believe zayn is 22 i feel old in this fandom and I'm only 17 lol i was like 14 or 13 when they formed as a band and i love them for that they our heroes and our babies no matter what.

we're their BOYS and they're our GIRLS.... ~ One Direction

my favorite quote from our boys lol. here is chapter 29.

by the way a very long chapter !!!!


Serena's pov.

i thought i would never hear this so shocking someone telling me something. someone who i live just tells me things when they don't know what I'm feeling about or going through. its just so sad someone doing that to love someone or care about. you start to find the truth behind your real life. i guess sometimes you have lie just to get the truth. Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they're used. i didn't know this would hurt my heart really bad, but what i didn't know was that it hit me right in the face. and made realize, that someone i love so much could just lie about yourself. now i don't who to really trust. should i trust the people around me or the strangers. can i trust my loves or my friends, My family. can i even trust myself, i don't know because I'm scared to trust anyone or myself. you see there's really no one to trust in this world.


i can't believe my eye, that i have a ring on my finger. right now everyone's at my house partying, ever since harry asked me to marry him, they had this plan out. I'm in my room just standing by my window just watching the leafs fall and playing with my necklace. watching the leaf fall makes everything look slow in slow motion. i put my arms around me like I'm hugging myself, i close my eyes and breath in and out taking everything in me. as i breath in and out, i feel arms around me i then smile and taking that person smell. i then open my eyes. and look at the window with a smile.

" what you thinking about beautiful " he said rubbing my arms and giving me goosebumps.

" nothing, its just everything changing around me I'm glad I'm happy again " i said and turning around to face him with a small smile.

" well I'm glad your happy again babe, hey why don't you come stay tonight at the house. my mum is gonna be gone for a week and gemma going back Uni " he said with a smile showing is dimple i fell in love with.

" sure i will just let my mom know ' i said to him, he then pull me to him and kissed me on the lips, i kissed him back as we were kissing i felt is tongue trying to find its way into my mouth and i gladly let him. as we about to make the kiss more deeper, we heard someone cough we both turn i head to find my mother standing by the door. i then put my head down and my cheeks becoming red as it could be and harry letting go of me and scratching the back of his neck and standing there awkwardly. thanks a lot mom i said in my head. my mother then smiles at us and we both lturn are heads to look at each other then back at my mom. we both then talk at the same.

" well im gonna go downstairs to see everyone " we said then my mother smiled grow wider, why is she smiling like this. as we about to start my mother said something.

" baby can i talk you alone please " she said with a smile i turn around to look at harry telling to go downstairs by himself, he nod his head and left the room. my mom sat down on my bed and patted me to sit down with her. i walk to my bed and sat down. i look at my mother with her hazel eyes and her looking at my brown eyes.

" baby i guess time for me to do this talk. " my mom said trying to hold her tears.

" i was your age when i got married to but it wasn't the man i was with. it was carter father, you see nina is your half sister. i had you with carter father, i was cheating on Nina's father with carter father. and im so so sorry for making your life a hell baby I'm so sorry, that's why he hated you because i cheated on him with your father, i thought me and your father were done and were never to see each other but he came around to see carter. he wanted to get back together but i was with Nina's father. then one day i just let myself fall in his arms. then you came i was scared and scared that he might hurt me and i will lose you, he found out i cheated on him with your father. he threaten me saying " i'll make that baby's life a living hell when she turns seven like my father did to me " he made us moved to a different town, we came to the down i was born in like you were. i stop talking to your father and everything i never told him he had a daughter at all. I'm so so sorry that i kept this from you " she said to me, i then look at her, then tears start sliding down my face she was about to touch my hand but i got up and look at her.

" y-y-ou k-kept this fr-from m-me, wh-y-why " i sad with tears coming down and stuttering.

" i didn't know how i was gonna tell you baby " she said trying to come near me but i back away from her.

" he made my life a living hell and you didn't bother doing anything to save me " i said angry and yelling, i don't even care if people are here and can hear me yell. she look at me with a sad face.

" you know you could of save my life " i said to her and crying even more.

" I'm sorry baby, i know i hurt you so bad but i didn't know you would take it this way " she said and i look at her if she was crazy thinking i wouldn't react to this.

" you really think i wasn't gonna act like this, well look at it now I'm crying because my mother saying that man who made my life a living hell was never my father" i said angry at her, she look at me shock.

" i hate you i can't believe you. why would you do this to me, tell me why, why would you hide this from your own daughter say that man she grew up with wasn't her father " i said yelling and with so much anger. wanting to throw something at the wall.

" i was scared because i thought your father wasn't ready to be a dad. " she look at me. i then shake my head and looking at her with so much hate. i then grab my coat and my phone ran out of the room and ran out the house, i heard people call my name but i didn't stop, i just kept on running and running till i was somewhere i would be alone. as i was running i bump into someone and landed on bum i groan because i was in pain, i then see the person put there hands out for me i grab it and as i look i was meet by hazel eyes then turns into brown i back up a little and see it was a man looking like hes in his 30s. he look at me and i look at him it was quiet for about a minute till he spoke.

" are you okay kiddo " he said to me.

" yeah I'm fine " i said and then started walking away and hugging my coat since its so cold as i was walking the man ran up to me.

" look kid i don't think you should be walking out here when its cold and this coat looks like its not gonna keep you warm much, why don't i make you some tea or coffee to warm you a little before you have to go " he said with a smile. his smile starts to warm my heart, i feel i need to go with him. i then nod my head. we both started walking and not talking. as we were walking i look up to see a nice house it was beautiful and look a little big too. we got inside the house i then look at the house with amused.

" you can make yourself at home, while i go make some hot chocolate " he said while taking off his coat. i then nod my head, i took my coat off and started looking around the house. wow this house is beautiful. i then notice there's no picture up on the wall or anything, now I'm starting to wonder does he has kids or anything. as i was looking around i heard someone clear there throat i turn around to find the man standing there holding two mugs, he nod his head near the kitchen. we both walk to the kitchen, he grab the chair fro me and i thank him. we then sat down and start drinking hot chocolate, mm i said tasting the sweet favor. he look at me with a smile.

" so tell me what happen, if you don't mind telling me love " he said to me while driving out of his mug.

" well i will just tell you how everything went today, it start when i woke up and how i ended up hear " i sad with a little laugh. i then started telling him how my day went in the morning, i then told him how i got ready and left to go see my boyfriend and started finding notes from him, i told him how my boyfriend asked me to marry him. now i was telling him what happen when i ran out the house from my mom, when she told me about my life.

" my mom lied to me " i said trying to hold my tears from crying.

" you know its always okay to cry, its not good to hold it in " he said i then look at him with sad eyes as i was looking at him a slip my eye he got up and hug me as he hug i just tell myself cry.

" shh its gonna be okay love " he said trying to clam me down.

Harry's pov.

Holy Shit, what just happen back there, all i know is i heard yelling from down stairs, i remember i left the room and went downstairs to join the party with everyone then we all turn are heads when we heard Serena yelling. i have never heard her yell like this before but when i seen zayns and Alexandra face started to get worried. but the next we all didn't know we would be hearing that shock us all.

" i hate you i can't believe you. why would you do this to me, tell me why, why would you hide this from your own daughter saying that man i grew up with wasn't her father " then we heard the door slam and Serena running out there door, i then ran after i grab my coat, keys, and my phone. i then yelled her name but she ran to fast, damn this girl can run. i got in my car, i put the keys in and start driving to look for her. Its been hours and I'm still trying to look for her. i can't believe my own eyes, i know for sure Serena not gonna wanna stay with her mom.

" where could she be " i said to myself. as i'm driving i hear my phone ringing, i look to se who's calling me. i see its Nina calling, i answer the phone.

" hello " i said through the phone.

" harry, have you found her harry. im getting worried here, its been hours since she left " she said worried about her sister.

" no not yet but if i do i promise i'll call you right away " i said to her and her clam her down a little.

" okay i'll gonna let you go so you can look for her " she said

" okay " then we both ended the call. i decide to go to the flower field to see if she ended up there as i got there, i then get out of the car, and walk to see if she there, i walk closer but i see no sign of Serena. i then sign wondering where can she be at. as i was thinking my phone starts to ring again, nut this time it was a random number, i decide to answer or not. but then again it might be Serena.

" hello " i said a little raspy.

" is this harry "

" yeah this he your talking to "

" okay well i have a girl here name Serena and sleeping, i thought be good to call you know she okay and maybe thought you wanted to come and get her " he said he sounds like a older man.

" sure man um were do you live "

" my address is 1897 Sliver Street " he said i then ran to my car, and slam the door.

" i will be there in five minutes " i said to him. then hang up before he had anytime to say anything. i start the car and start driving as i was driving, i start to look for the street fuck where the hell si this street at. as i started driving more, i seen the street i needed to be on. i park the car right in front of the house and got out. i then knock on the door, waiting for the person to open it. as the door was opening right stand a man that look like Serena, i just froze because I'm standing right in front of her dad.

" you must be harry right her friend or brother " he said, then i look at him funny. i chuckled a little.

" no I'm her fierce " i said to him and proud saying it.

" oh aren't you a little to young for that "

" no, well yeah but were senior's in high school, and almost done with school " i said to him. he then nod his head.

" please come in, you must be cold from standing out there " he told me. I then rub my hands together and nod. i try to see if i can find Serena around but i don't see her.

" she fell asleep on the couch " he said.

" thank you for keeping her here. " i said to him and sitting done with him since he handed me tea.

" she bum into while she was running she had tears coming down her face, i brought her back here so she can be warm before she left anywhere and run off, and also decide to call someone and i found your name on her favorites on top. " he said. i stay quiet till he spoke again.

" she reminds me like my son so much, just the way she talks and stuff. earlier today i gave her something warm to drink, she didn't drink right away she just sat it down waited till it got a little cold. that was how my son use to do. she looks just like my son " as he said that his voice crack a little.

" what happen to your son " i said to him.

" he died in a car accident with a little girl. i remember i went to his funeral and there was a little girl that just look like her, i might be wrong but i remember a girl crying so quiet saying " bubba " that's all i remember. its just been so long i can't remember what happen that day. " he said. holy shit this is Serena dad she bump into him holy shit I'm sitting down talking to her dad.

Serena's pov. (A/N dreaming )

all i hear is crying, watching people just stand by the grave where my brother is being buried dead. if this didn't happen he would of been life right now. we would of left home and never came back, today was the day we were planning to leave home, Nina knew about it. as I'm walking and holding my sister's hand. i look at her with sad eyes she look at me and went down on her knees

" everything gonna be okay Rena, i promise i would do my best to make sure he doesn't come after you " its not gonna be okay, i said into my head, nothing gonna be okay. nothing gonna be the same like it use to be. its all my fault. we then started walking more, it then started to rain, my sister started talking to someone i let go of her hand started running back to my brothers grave i sat done right it front of it.

" bubba " i said crying. i started to hear footsteps but i didn't want to turn around because im scared to see who it was. the footsteps got closer and closer as they got closer they stop right by me, i look to see a man standing right in front of me. i look up at him with tear coming down my face, i just stared at him. he looks like my brother so much my brother.

" are you okay kiddo " he said to me. i just stay quiet i didn't know this man at all and he asking me if I'm okay well I'm not okay, my brother just died right in front of me. as i was getting up i look up at the man he look a lot like my brother.

" you know you look like someone i know " i said low, i didn't want to say my brother because i didn't know if the man knew if i was his little sister.

" and you like someone i used to know too kiddo " he said to me. i look at the grave stone again. and turn around to see the man still standing there, he smiled a little at me. i started wondering why he was here for.

" why are you here " i said out loud. i then put my head down because i was scared that i made the man mad for saying that out loud.

" well I'm here because my son died " i then look up at him and seeing him crying, i move my small hand told the man to bend down on his knees as he did i put my thumb on is cheeks and wipe the tears away.

" I'm sorry, i lost my brother to, but he always told me he will always be in my heart forever. he said if one day something bad happen to him, he wants me to become something special, make my dreams come true. i always look up to my brother as a father. " i told the man, while he was still on his knees. i still hand my small hand on his cheeks, he moves his hands on my hand, his hands were warm and big in my hand. i stared at his eyes as i was looking his eyes change into hazel then into brown. i then smile at the man.

right there and then i woke up gasping for air, i start breathing fast. it can't be true, really can't as my breathing starts to clam down. i then look around to see where I'm at, i see I'm still at the same place I'm at. i then get up and start walking, as I'm walking i hear talking but i knew that voice and that voice is that reason I'm so in love with.

" what happen to your son " i said to him.

" he died in a car accident with a little girl. i remember i went to his funeral and there was a little girl that just look like her, i might be wrong but i remember a girl crying so quiet saying " bubba " that's all i remember. its just been so long i can't remember what happen that day. " he said. i heard the man said. then everything went quiet for a minute and it was my cue to walk in there. as i started walking i seen harry lief his head up and meet my eye i look at him till the man turn around saw me.

" your wake, i hope your not mad that i called your fiance " he said, i shake my head no.

" that's fine '' i said under my breath. harry then gets up.

" well we better get going, we have school in the morning and Serena needs some rest at home " he said. And handing the mug to the man, the man nod his head. harry walks where my coats at and my phone, he helps me put my coat on and gives me my phone. we both stand by the door waiting for the man to come and close the door. i then seen the man coming is way

" thank you for letting me stay here for a while and clam me down. " i said with a small smile. he smile back at me.

" no problem and anytime, you guys are welcome to come anytime now. since you guys know where i live and congrats " he said i smile and nod my head. harry open the front door, and let me step out as i started walking harry was right by me and now i had the face had earlier a sad face and frown. He open the door for me, as i got in he close the door, he ran to the other side. he got in and started the car. as he was driving, harry grab my hand and hold tight, a tear slip out then more and more, harry could hear me crying i didn't care i was just letting it all out, he just kept on holding my hand tight and not letting it go. as we got to Harry's house he let go on me and ran to the other side and open the door he pick me up and i just wrap my arms around him and just cried even more. as he carries me inside, he walks upstairs and sat me down on his bed, he stay quiet for while and just listening me cry, a few minutes he moves is body and hugs me.

'' its gonna get better, i promise '' he said and just hugging me. i just kept on pulling his shirt and crying. he just kept trying to clam me down but nothing was working. i then lief my head and look at him wit my puffy face, his thumb came contact to my cheek wipe the tears away. i just stared at him, he moved his finger right to my lips. he slowly leans in and i do the same. i lips came contact to each other. i then move my body on top of him and his back landed on the bed. his moved to my back to hold me. as i was about to deepen the kiss he pulls away.

" Serena, i don't want to take this far. i don't want you to do anything you don't want to do " he said i know he worried about me but i have been ready ever since i just didn't know how tell him. i want this and i need this.

" just promise me you will be gentle with me " i said to him. he knew what i was saying i told him if i ever say those words you will understand what i want.

" i promise i will be gentle. " he said i put both of my hands on his cheek and pull him to kiss me.


we will find out what happen next in chapter 30 !!

what's gonna happen

what do you think serena will react to

does serena want this

we will find out what happen in chapter 30 !!

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