"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


26. 25.

chapter 25 ! went to Disneyland for the first time ! and sorry for the wait i'm about to start writing chapter 26 ! and i will update soon as i can !


Serena's pov.

watching the rain fall makes me sad, i love the rain but watching it makes it hurt and pain. why am i feeling this way. why do we need pain, i don't what to feel this way no more. crying makes me more sadder and in pain. i feel lost and empty inside. is it because I'm fragile, or I'm not strong enough to hold myself together. is it because of this pain. is it because I'm weak. what is it making me hurt and be in pain. am i losing myself. i want this pain to go away, i want it gone forever. i don't want it in me anymore. it makes me look weak and hurt. am i shatter in to pieces. am i a broken glass on the floor. am i a falling leaf that's lost. am i drowning. am i alive. am i wake and free. am i scared to be me again. am i falling. am i dreaming. if I'm dreaming i wanna wake up from this dream and live and be me again. am i falling into depression, am i the same girl i used to be. am i a angel with broken wings. am i a light angel or dark angel. am i the light of the day or the dark of the day. if i got rid of my demons, i'd lose my angels. Demons are like obedient dogs, they come when they are called to make your life a living hell, and you fall harder and harder everyday. they want you shatter into pieces, till your broken even more and more. if demons wanted to drown me. Here's your chance. Drown me in my blood.This is not some silly game...This is life and death Angels and demons. this were you fall hard. Let me tell you a little bit about demons. They love pain and other people's misery. They lie when it suits them and don't see anything wrong with it. They corrupt and kill and destroy, all without conscience. You just don't have the capacity for something as honorable as loving another person. i try to close my eyes to see a better day, but every time i do nothing comes to be a better day. Hell's empty because all the demons are in my head. if someone tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel to be alive again then that means it better be worth it. demons were once angels but they started to feel alone, empty and lost. some lost wings, some became evil, some became dark. some didn't know what they were doing. some were fragile as a feather lays down slowly. Demons run when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun, When a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies, Night will fall and the dark will rise, When a good man goes to war. Demons run, but count the cost. The battle's won but the child is lost. I'm a lost child with a broken heart and broken wings, without a mind.


i started hearing whispering around me, as I'm sleeping i can hear someone talking.

" they are so cute, this is so cute how they are sleeping like this. i so have to get a picture of this " as the person said i heard a click of a phone or something. i hear movements, then i hear a door closing. as I'm sleeping i feel harry pulling me more closer to him as he did, i didn't realize how I'm sleeping. he has his hand under my head and his other on top and my head under his head. i start to open my eyes and this my soundings. i tried moving to get out of harry arms, but as i try to do that he pulls me tighter this time. damn it how am i gonna get out of his arms. think Serena, oh i got it, i turn my body to face harry, as i face him i see a smile on his face, then turns into a frown, well that frown his about to turn into a smile. i started kissing harry to see if he would wake up, as i am kissing i hear groan but as i stop i up to see his face, he has a smile on his face, i then start to kiss him more a little bit more down to then neck, as i kiss him, i feel his hands moving but as they are moving, i start to move but i think it was a bad idea to move because Mr. curly over had a different idea for me. he grab me and put me on top him, i was still kissing him, he even still had his eyes close. as we both kiss, well just started making out, i felt his hands moving up and down rubbing my whole body, as he was doing that out of no where he put his hands on my ass just feel of course harry would. i out of no where put my hands through his hair. so i decide t o it to stop kissing so i can fucking. as i pull his hair i hear him groan, and grab my ass a Little tighter making me jump from his hold. i then fell off the bed. he started laughing at me, then i turn my head and give him a death glare.

" aw I'm sorry babe i didn't mean to let go of you, its just that you pulled my hair so tight " he said and trying to get his breathing back to normal.

" well of course babe, that was suppose to happen because i was trying to get out of the bed "

' well look on the bright side, you got of the bed babe " he then started laughing at me, i then jump on him, he was surprised of what i did. we then start wresting, but instead of wresting just to make harry feel bad.

" ow ow ow your hurting me " as i said harry then let go of me and gave me a fucking scared look like he shit his pants. i couldn't hold any more.

" holy shit babe you of seen your face " i said between laughs.

" that's not fucking funny at all Serena, i thought i was really hurting " he said in low voice.

" aw i'm sorry i didn't mean to scare you like that babe " i said to him and coming up to him.

" whatever " he said in a mad tone.

" aw don't be mad at me, what can i make you not mad at me forever "

" a kiss will help " he said in a little kids voice, this boy is sometimes funny.

" then come here handsome and pucker up then " i said, out of no where i felt him grab my face and kiss me. he then pull wow both of us out of breath. then both of our stomachs starting growling. we both laugh.

" come on, i think my mom is making something to eat right now " as harry said he got out of the bed with his boxer on. i then look at myself and notice I'm wearing harry shirt. i pull harry back inside. he look at me confused, i point my finger at the shirt he then got what i was saying.

" babe my mom is fine you wearing my shirt, she just don't sleep naked " harry grin at me, i hit him in the elbow.

" ow, what was that for " i then shrugged my shoulders and started walking down stairs to be greet by harry's mother.

" hello dear merry Christmas, sleep good " she said with her soft voice sounding so sweet.

" oh good thanks for asking and merry Christmas to you too Anna " i said then i felt hands go around my stomach. i smiled how warm he his. he then let go of me and walk up t his mother and hug her and give her a kiss and said merry Christmas.

" harry would you please put a shirt on at least " his mother said, i started laughing because harry got scowled for not having shirt on.

" but Serena is just wearing a shirt " he said to her. i then sat down to watch what will happen.

" harry she a guest she can dress how ever she wants, but I'm not letting my boy looking likes around his girlfriend " as Anna said that i tried to hold laugh in.

" she seen me like this before " when harry said that i stop laughing and a blush creep on my cheeks. and that when Anna's eyes goes wide.

" you guys done have you " has she said that.

" no! " me and harry said at the same time. Anna then laughs at us how we both said no at the same time. then harry left to the kitchen, Anna came and sat down by me.

" you know dear, harry really loves you, i can see the Sparks in his eyes. i never seen like this before, I'm glad you making my boy happy " she said, i then blush really hard.

" I'm glad to make your son happy Anna, and i do love your son so much. he makes me the happiest person on earth.'' i said smiling.

" I'm glad to hear that Hun, and i hope you two stay together forever i would love you be in this family " she said to me and putting her hand on mine she smiled at me and i smiled back at her. then i hear footsteps coming downstairs. i turn around to see harry in a black v neck shirt and black skinny jeans and a grey beanie. he smile at me and came up to me and kissed me on the head.

" i think you should get dress I'm gonna take you out to eat and somewhere nice i think you like babe " he said then i got up to go upstairs to get dress. i started walking to go get ready, before i got into harry's room i felt someone pull me in a room as i got pull into the room i see i was in gemma's room.

" you two were the cutest sleeping like that, i even got a picture of you too " i look at her confused then i remember someone came in the room this morning.

" so you were the one who came in the room " i said, she then smile at me and nod her head. she handed me her phone and showed me the picture of me and harry sleep together when i seen i fell in love with the picture.

" you should send me that picture to my phone." i said smiling.

" okay and already did "

" well i better go because your brother doesn't like waiting sometimes " i said chuckling. i left gemma's room and went to the bathroom, and started doing my hair, i decide i would curly my hair. as i finish my hair i grab my bag out harry's room to look what I'm gonna wear today. i wonder what harry has plan for us today. its very cold outside thanks the lord i brought my baggy jumper and my white converse, red beanie. as i get dressed. i start to fix my beanie, i grab my shoes and tie them. i started to look around to see if there is a mirror, i then notice there is a mirror. i turn around to look at me. i smile at my outfit. i start to walk downstairs, as i made it downstairs, harry then turns around and smile at me. he comes up to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. i blush a little because is mom was in the kitchen.

" alright mum we are heading out we will see you later, well i will see you later." he said going up to his mom and kissing her head ans saying. i then walk up to Anna and gave her a hug and told bye.

" have fun you too " she said.

" we will mum " harry said. he put his coat on and grab his phone and keys. me and harry started walking to his range rover. as we made harry open the door for me. i kissed him on the cheek. he then ran the other side to get in the driver side. as harry got inside the car, he put the keys in and started the car. he turns is head and look at me and smile and kiss me. i grab his hand and hold it while we were driving. i started wondering where is harry taking i was looking outside the window. i then turn my head to look at harry, he turn head and smile at me as i was about to say something harry beat me too it.

" if i were you babe i wouldn't wanna ask where going because i'm not gonna tell you " he said, i then gave him a evil look and he laugh at me because of my face.

" your cute when your mad babe "

" whatever " i said and pouting at him


what i didn't know harry had plan was that he was gonna take me ice skating. i never gonna ice skating before and it was my first time, when got here my eyes went wide. i look at Harry and he smiled at me. he told i will be fine. well i kept falling on my ass, harry over here was laughing me. so i decide to stay by the wall and not move. harry knew how to ice skate. he seen me by the wall and came by me.

" babe come on its fun " he at me with bright green eyes staring down at my brown hazel eyes.

" why should i, I'm gonna keep falling on my ass, i don't know to ice skate very good. I'm scared that I'm gonna break a bone " i said in a low voice.

" why don't you let go of the wall and hold my hand babe " he out his hand out, i look at him and then look at his hand.

" i promise babe I'm not gonna let go of your hand " i then let go of the wall as i let i started to fall but someone caught me. i look to see it was harry who caught me.

" now lets try to start slow and easy what yo think about that babe " i nod my head. i grab Harry's hand and hold it tight not fall. as we started moving. i started to get the hang of it. but the thing i didn't know harry would do was let go of my hand because i didn't felt him let go of me. i started laughing and smiling because i finally was doing it. out of no where harry then spins me around well us around as we were spinning around we fell to the ground i land on top of harry and harry landed on the ground. i started laughing so did harry. we both look at each other in the eyes as i was staring in eyes i didn't know you could get so lost in them. i felt Harry's hand on my face he move my hair behind my ears. he move his hands down to my cheeks softy then i felt his thumb on my lips.

" your so beautiful " he said, then kissed me so softy and sweet and passion. i'm falling hard for this boy.

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