"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


25. 24.

hello my lovely's here's chapter 24 and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND CANT BELIEVE LOUIS 23 ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH long chapter lol



Serena's pov.

its been 5 days since i been home, and its already snowing in London. of course it is because its Christmas time. as for me i did my Christmas shopping and finished on time. right now I'm getting ready for Louis birthday yup you got that right Louis Tomlinson my gooiest friends birthday hes one big boy ( A/N still can't believe hes 23  ahhhhhhhh *now clam* lol now back to the story ) i brought him something he would never shut up about. so i decide to get him it. since I'm the nicest friend. i decide i would wear a red dress with my leather jacket with my wedges to go with my outfit, i still have 3 hours left before i leave to Louis birthday. harry decide to wear a red dress up shirt with his black blazer and dress up pants, well i kinda forced him to wear it with my puppy eyes, he hates it when i give him puppy eyes. he said hes only doing this because he loves me. Louis said i have to sing a song but a Christmas song, I'm singing his favorite Christmas song. i will be singing all i want for Christmas is you. its mine favorite song too. right now I'm helping my sister make her special food. Louis asked her. well lets just say blackmailing something that i don't know because her eyes went wide like it was about to pop out. this is gonna be my first Christmas with harry with my family mine. i would love to be out for Christmas and go to the hospital to sing a song for the children. i just hope today would be good. lets just hope, i got harry something for Christmas, well lets just say i got him something he would love or hate. will find out later. 

" so Serena this is your first Christmas with harry baby " my mother said while cooking her famous homemade Christmas food.

" i know mum " i said and trying to get a lick of the icing.

" hey hey, get your fingers out the bowl little Rena " my mother said smiling.

" what i didn't know what i was doing i thought i just doing what little teenager really do " i said smiling to my mum.

" you are to much Rena "

" but you love me though mum "

" you got that right honey "

" well i better go upstairs to go get ready " as my mother wasn't looking i put my finger in the icing to taste frosting. hmm i said. then i got up and ran upstairs before my mother knows i lick the icing.

" i know you licked the icing Rena " my mother said laughing, ugh she got me i said whiling laughing. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. as i got upstairs i went to the bathroom to turn on the shower and let the water get hot, as i left the bathroom i grab my underwear and bra. well my matching lace i should say. i then grab my dress and put on my bed. i left my room and went in my bathroom to shower. as i got in the shower, i let the hot water take me were i will be day dreaming about.

Harry's pov. 

i can't believe its Christmas eve and its my dearest best friends birthday, even though he turning 19. he still acts like a child at times but hey we still love him for that right. right now I'm at the store getting something for Serena for Christmas yup you got that right last minute shopping. i never really go shopping. my mother was surprised because i asked her to come with me and help me pick out a gift for Serena. I'm at the jewly area while my mother is busy looking at dresses i started to look around something that Serena would like, as i look around i seen a young lady behind the counter for jewly. 

 " hi sir, how may i help you " she said smiling whil showing her bright teeth.

" um, im kinda looking for a gift for my girlfriend and by the way im harry miss "

" well harry what kind of gift are you looking for "

" well I'm looking for something she would wear or have with her to remember has a sepical gift " as i said that then the young lady started thinking ready hard. then out no where she look like she lit a light ball.

" i got the perfect gift you can give her "

" okay and that is miss "

" why don't you give her a necklace with a letter with her name or yours, i think a letter with your name would be perfect because then she would fall in love with it and never take it off "

" that's a great idea miss thank you "

" your welcome sir and here are some letters you could look at to see what you like best "

" okay thanks miss " as i started looking at the necklaces, i seen a gold and sliver necklace with a letter H on it. i didn't know which one i wanted to get her. then i knew what i wanted i look at the women with my famous smile and she smile back at me.

" i want this one miss "

" good choice sir, i will go wrap it up and put it in a gift for you sir "

" thank you miss " as the lady left my mother saw me and she came to me.

" find anything "

" yeah i did "

'' what did you get her "

" i got her a necklace "

" aw Harry i think she will love it her dearest "

" i hope mum i hope " i said low so my mother wouldn't hear. Serena wants me to wear red with her, i had asked my mother if she can help me find something to wear for Louis birthday, and dinner. my mum was gladly to help because what i didn't know is that Serena text-ed my mom saying i might need help looking for a red dress up shirt and pants and a blazer. that girl sure knows her boyfriend really good. as i was thinking about her i started to smile wide because I'm falling in love with this girl. 

" so harry, you and Serena are pretty getting Serena sweetie. how long have you and Serena been going out now " what my mother said caught me off guard i didn't realize that me and Serena are getting serious.

" we have been going out for a month and half weeks " i said smiling at my mother.

" you know harry, Serena is a sweet girl, i don't want you hurting her. i love her like she my own child harry. and just promise me you will always be save " my mother said smiling wide at the last words she said. for a minute i didn't know what she said but then i caught up what she said.

" mum really "

" oh Harold you know im just making sure your using protection. now come on we have to look for a outfit for you to look nice. " as my mother drag me i groan out loud.

'' oh stop your whining " my mother said, i then laugh at her.

serena's pov. 

right now im almost done finishing my makeup, i already finished my hair. all i need to do is put my dress on and my jacket and shoes and I'm out with gift for everyone. right now I'm just waiting for harry to come and hang out with my family for a bit then leave. Harry gonna meet my family well i should say my crazy Latino family my mother is Latina my nana is the one who taught me how to speak Spanish she said " you must learn your culture if you are a true spirit nena " as I'm walking downstairs i hear laughing yup that means my family is here. as i made it down i hear someone call my name. 

" ah mi mi pequeño serena es crecen " ( oh my my little Serena is grow up )

" hola tio " ( hello uncle )

" cómo son usted niña " ( how are you baby girl )

" Soy el tío bueno " ( im Good uncle ) as i said that to my uncle i give him a kiss and go to aunt.

" hola tia " 

" hola bebe " i give my aunt a kiss and walk to my cousins. i give them a hug and kiss there heads. 

" oye primos " (hey cousins ) as i said hi to my family i went upstairs to grab my phone just to see harry called or text me.  as i check it i see i got a text from harry.

From Harry :

hey babe I'm on my way over, and little bit nervous hope your fams like me XxH

To Serena :

babe you will just be fine don't harry, my family will like you trust me. they are crazy but they have hearts you know lol xxS

From Harry 

okay and by the way I'm here love XxH

To Serena :

i will be out there xxS

as i put my phone in my jacket i run downstairs before someone gets the door as i ran to the door i can hear my mother yell in Spanish. 

" la niña reduce la velocidad " ( baby girl slow down ) as my mother said that i laugh as im still running i open the door and slam into someone, i then look up to meet green eyes.

" that was quick babe " he said smiling at me, i back up a little so that me him can have space to talk. as i back up he then look at me shock i look down to see if i had something on me. 

" do i look bad, if i do ill change " as i said thaty i start to walk. but then i felt harry grab me and spin me around to face him.

" you look wow i mean beautiful, just seeing you in this makes go crazy " what he said made me giggle. i then kissed his check before walking inside holding Harry's hand. i then turn around and look atharry to see him getting nervous. 

" harry your gonna just do fine i promise you, and by the way whatever my family says and you don't understand it means they are speaking Spanish. " i said and starting to open the door. as we got inside i seen my family all turn there heads at me and harry, i then smiled at everyone, everyone smile back at me and harry up to my Tito. he said something Spanish of course my uncle would.

" a quién esta niña del muchacho " ( whos this boy baby girl ) 

" Mi novio tío " ( my boyfriend uncle ) i said to my Tito. my Tito then put his hand out for harry, harry then look at me i smile at him, he smile back. then shake my tios hand. when my Tito puts hand in front a boy i bring to the family that means he okay with them but if he doesn't that means he not okay with them. I'm just glad my Tito is okay with him. i pull harry to come with me to go to the kitchen to my Tia and say hi to my mo and sister.

" tía es mi novio harry " ( aunt this is my boyfriend harry )

" hola nino " ( hello boy )

" hello miss " harry said in English. i then giggle. before me and harry were leaving my mother said something, that i forgot that i was gonna do. 

" son usted olvidando que yendo a hacer el juego quiere decir muchachas para la familia con demi, nina y ashley " as my mother said i turn around to see a smiling mother and tia. ( are you forgetting that your going to do the play the mean girls for the family with demi, nina and ashley )

" Dijiste que queremos hacerlo esta vez, tu haciendo porque harry es aquí estoy bien mamá y mi tía" i said a little bit mad. ( you said we wont doing it this time, your doing it because harry is here am i right mom and aunt )

" Sí, ya sé que se ha dicho que el bebé niña pero esta es finalmente el año que realmente para disfrutar con la familia sin su padre que le llega" my mother said to me. ( yes I know that we said that baby girl but this is finally the year we really get to enjoy with the family without your father coming at you )

" bien pero tienes que dejarme pasar la noche en la casa harry y voy a tomar este año también " i said to my motehr who now has wide eyes. ( fine but you have to let me spend the night at harrys place and let me drink this year too )

" preciosa niña " ( fine baby girl ) i said at my mother then gave her a hug and a kiss. i then left the kitchen to see harry with my family. i seen demi nina and Ashley all together talking.

" hey guys, so i found out that we have to sing a song from the movie mean girls. were there singing jingle bell rock. I'm gonna be playing as cady. " before they beat me to it. i already knew what demi was playing. 

" I'm playing as Regina bitches " demi said before Ashley and Nina said anything.

" im playing Gretchen " my sister Nina said.

" i guess I'm playing Karen then " we all started laughing because we knew she acts just like her sometimes. 

" and anyways joey would be perfect to play as the boy were he gets hit in the face " Ashley said in a amazed tune. we then laugh again.

" come on we have to get the stuff up and put are santa hats on. and hey all of us are already in red dress so its perfect timing. all we need is cousin joey. as we said that we seen him. he seen us smiling at him he had wide eyes he knew we needed him for something so he try to get away from us.

" oh no you dont " me and demi said. we grab him and sat him.

" what do you guys what from me now "

" we need you to play the guy who gets hit a by radio thats all " i said smiling while the other girls were laughing.

" why me why can't you ask jose or jess "

" well they are busy being 10 year olds and since your the oldest out all of us and graduted from high school a year ago "

" ugh fine " he said then i gave him a kiss on the cheek.

" come girls we need to get the muisc in the backyard and have everyone out there, the set is already up since i went back there and seen it. " my sister said. we all told everyone to go outside and sit down on the chairs. harry gave me a confused look, i just went up to him and kissed him on the cheek. i left where the girls are at. we all started to get to are spots. then the music started playing. then we started to do are parts.

( the scene from the mean girls doing jingle bell rock ) 

" uh Gretchen switch place with cady " ( said demi )

but im always on your left " ( said nina )

" well that was always the three of us and now the talls ones go in the middle " ( said demi )

" but uh the dance will be backwards and im always on your left " ( said nina )

" and right now your getting on my last nevr, now swicth " ( said demi ) then nina moved to her right and i moved to the left. everyone was watching and laughing. we then got to are places and we pose and waited till nina had to go up and put the music on as nina did she had to wave at joey. we started dancing, as we were dancing demi and nina had to make it look like they mess up on a part as they did. the music started skipping. so demi made a head nod to nina make her go kick it and fix it as nina did she kick it at joey good and everyone started laughing. then it got a quit. then i know i had to go because it was my part. i then started singing.

what a bring time, is the right time

to rock the night away

jingle bell time is swell time

to go gliding in one-horse sleigh

Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet

Jingle around the clock

Mix and a-mingle in the jingling feet

That's the jingle bell rock

that's the jingle bell rock

that's jingle bell rock

then we pose at the ending. everyone started clapping and laughing. us girls started laughing and having fun. we hug each other we then head a click we turn around to see my Tito holding a camera.

" sonrisa niñas " ( smile baby girls ) we then smiled wide and started laughing we ran up and hug joey and got a picture with him. as everyone started having fun. i went up to harry. he seen me and smiled at me. he put is arm around my waste.

" hey beautiful "

" hey handsome, having fun " i said smiling.

" yeah i am babe, i think your family likes me, even though i don't understand them. one of your cousin help me understand what they said." i started laughing at my family being crazy around harry.

" so i asked my mom if i can spend the night at your place and i was wondering if that was okay with you "

" yeah love that's fine with me " 

" okay then, i think we should get going to Louis place because i have to sing a song for him. " i said and kiss harry on the lips.

" okay love, why don't we get going, you can get your stuff and i will say bye to your family and be in the car waiting for you " harry said.

" okay " i then ran upstairs to get my stuff ready as im getting my stuff i got  what i was gonna wear for tomorrow i then grab my long leggings and my jumper sweater. and my brown combat boots. i grab my black bra and panties and of course they would be matching. i grab my duffle bag and put my stuff in it. then i grab my changer off the nightstand and jacket and left my room with my stuff. as i made it downstairs i seen harry already in the car waiting. i started saying good bye to everyone, i ran in the kitchen to say bye to my tia and my mother.

" adiós tía adiós mamá " ( bye aunt bye mom ) 

" esté la niña buena y quédese fuera del problema " ( be good baby girl and stay out of trouble )

" si mama " (yes mom ) i said to my mother, before i left there house i heard my tia said something.

" ella justo como usted liana, siempre siendo sí " ( she just like you liana, always being herself ) i then i smile at what my tia said. i ran to harry's car. and got in. i buckled my seat belt and turn to see a smiling harry. i smile at him.

" ready babe "

" sure am "


Harry's pov.

me and Serena are at Louis party and there's a lot of people here for his party, the football team his here and well lets just say the whole school is here i should put it that way. right now I'm with the boys just talking about guy stuff and drinking. and Serena is with the girls dancing, I'm just sitting on the couch just watching her move her body and grind on the girls who she calls friends. just watching her makes me go crazy. i still remember the day she gave me a boner. but watching her move her body and slid down is making me have a boner right now. i then grab my beer and drink it and started walking up to Serena were she was dancing. i then grab her and push her against my chest she turn her head to see who push her. she seen me and smiled, she went back to dancing but this time she push her whole body hard against me and started dancing on me well grinding on me, she put her hand around my neck and started dancing and moving her body on me, she then slid her body down on me HOLY SHIT. my breathing started going fast because of what this girl is doing to me. she then put her hand on her hair and started moving against my body. i put my hand on her waist and started moving to the music. i then turn her around to have her dancing in front of me as she was dancing i push her more against me, she then move her body up and down, i put my hand below her ass ( A/N he not trying to touch her ass he just holding her close ) i then put my head right between her neck i started kissing her and sucking her neck making sure to leave her a mark as im doing that i then felt her pull me more closer i smile while kissing her and sucking on her neck. as i pull away i then see a mark forming on her neck, i then smile at what i did. i then lean in to tell her we should get going cause its late. its like 1 in the morning.

" ready to go love, I'm getting tired " i said to her. she then nod her head. i grab her hand to lead us out of the house before we had to go, we went looking for Louis to say bye. we found Louis and El making out. we pat his back and said bye and happy birthday and left. as we got in the car. Serena started to fall asleep while i was driving back to my place. as we got to my place. i ran to the other side to wake up Serena to her were here as i did, i seen her pout i then laugh at her. i help her out of the car, i went to go open the door to the house while Serena was grabbing her bag. the house was quit so that mean't my mom was at my aunts spending the night. as we got inside Serena then followed me upstairs to change in our warm clothes for the night. as i went to the bathroom to change real quick. i then came back out, i seen Serena trying to look for something.

" what's wrong babe " i said to her she then look at me with a sad face.

" i forgot to grab my pj's on my bed, i guess i was in a hurry " she said and sitting down on my bed. i went to my dresser and grab my t-shirt to give to her to sleep in.

" here babe you can sleep in my shirt " 

" thanks babe " she gave me a kiss and ran in the bathroom with her bag, as i lay down on the bed i take my t-shirt off because i started to get hot in it. as i took it off i put my hand behind my head, i start looking at the ceiling and waiting for Serena to come out of the bathroom as i was thinking about her, i heard the bathroom door opening, i turn my head to find Serena with my shirt just below her thighs, HOLY SHIT control yourself harry. oh fuck she wearing my shirt and her legs are so fine as fuck. stop thinking dirty remember you can wait.

Serena pov.

right now I'm in the bathroom just standing in front of the mirror, i still can't believe i forgot to grab my pj's before i left. harry gave me his shirt. i have never wore a boys t-shirt before and this is my first time. as i undress my self i started to brush my hair out to make it wave a little. i then grab Harry's shirt as i put it on. it smell like him, it had the smell i love. it was mint with cologne on it. as the shirt went down it only went down to my thighs, fuck why do i have to have good legs ugh. as i grab all my stuff to put in the bag i then started to open the door reveling myself to harry, i then seen harry laying without his shirt on, i think he heard because he turn his head at me. i smile at him, he told me to come here. so i did i then lay down. out of no where i felt harry pull me closer to him, i put my head on his chest, i could hear his heart beating really fast. i felt him rub my back up and down. he kissed my forehead. i started to suggle into him to be a little bit warm. im so glad to have him, i just hope he will be by my side like he said he will. i love him so much, i think its true that i am fallling hard for him.

Harry's pov.

all that's running in my head is that she so fucking 

beautiful ....

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