"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


24. 23.

i though of something nice for your daily reminder but its a lovely reminder what are our five boys told us 

they told us no matter what we think of our self we're

beautiful ....

they told us no matter what they love us and we're 

perfect .... 

they told us no matter how we feel we're not 

alone ....


Serena's pov.

" Nina I'm home" i say putting down the keys for the house. as i take my coat off and shoes. i didn't hear anything. my sister should be home, her cars here. as i start to look around to find my sister. i found alee in her room hiding. looking scared, i ran to her and knee down to her size.

" alee, are you okay " i say to my niece, she then looks up to me and starts to cry and she started mumbling things i didn't understand, then she finally said something.

" he's coming " 

" what you mean alee, who's coming "

" he's coming for you Tia Rena, he hurt mummy and now he's gonna hurt you, run Tia run " i back way a little and look at my niece then out of nowhere blood started dripping down her face, she started screaming.

" HE"S COMING FOR YOU !! " i started to breath really fast, then i get up from the floor as i turn around i put my hand on my mouth in shock to find my sister with blood down her and him standing there with a knife. i start to run downstairs to the door as i got to the door its lock. i start to scream for help, then i turn around to find him standing there with a smirk, i then ran again to the kitchen to look for a knife but i din't see anything, i run upstairs, i then trip on my feet, as i start to get up i feel someone pull me i turn to see him smirking.

" who's gonna save you now Serena " he said while tiling his head. he then brought the knife to him.. i then wake from screaming. i had sweat coming down my head and me breathing heavily as i look around to see where I'm at, i'm still at the hospital. i turn to find harry sleeping. then i felt something warm sliding down my cheek, as i touch my cheek, it was tears coming down my cheek. i started to hear movement i turn to see harry waking up.

" love what's wrong, why are you crying. are you okay " he said in a sleepy voice.

" yeah just had a bad dream "

" okay, try to get some sleep, okay "

" harry "

" hmm"

" can you um lay down with me to help me asleep better "

" sure love " he then got up from the chair and walk to the bed, i moved a little so he can have room to lay down as he lay down. i put my head on his chest, he put his arms around me and rubbing my back up and down. as i was laying down with harry. 

" was it about him "

" yeah "

" wanna talk about it "

" no, i just sleep and forget about it, that's all "

" okay love " he then kissed my forehead, i then start to drift off to dark place called sleep.

Harry's pov.

i knew she was having a bad dream, she kept on moving and shaking. then i heard her scream. she just woke up from her dream screaming, i got scared and thought he was here but he wasn't i bet he doesn't know she was. i had ask her if was a dream about him and she said yea. she got tensed about me asking if it was him. then she started to fall asleep. as she fell asleep i couldn't sleep, i just had a lot on my mind. as i was thinking then i remember something. it was day me and her went to the movies i seen Mack he was one of the guys i used to work for. i then stop working for him, i started finding out thing about him, he found i left he said if i told anyone he does anything he will hurt me. and he even said he will hurt the one i cared the most. there's Lot things Serena dosn't know about me and I'm scared that he gonna tell her the wrong things about me. i need to get out of here and thing straight, as i was trying to get up i felt Serena hold me tighter, she must a cuddle person , ever seen Serena and i have been going i have seen her cuddle herself or the pillow so now i know she cuddle at night. i then grab a pillow from the chair and put it between her arms. she started moving a little then she finally stop, i grab my shoes and keys. as i was walking to my car i seen someone standing there. there person then took off his shades. i know who it was. it was Mack he has been following me everywhere i go but he never gets out of his car. now he finally does.

" hello Harold "

" my name is harry, get right Mack " i say getting mad.

" aw I'm sorry, i heard your girlfriend is in the hospital, i wonder why " as he said. i then turn to llok at him.

" how the fuck do you know "

" i just know and i head about her, poor girl. i bet she was gonna die soon " as he said those last few words, i then grab him by the collarbone and push him against the car. 

" don't you fucking dare talk about my girlfriend like that, you fuck hear me. you don't know shit about her. so just fucking leave us alone. will you "

" oh harry I'm not gonna leave you alone, until he gets want he wants "

" well he has to go through me first " i said and then got in my car and speed of pissed.

" what is he planning " that kept on running through my head. man i need to think straight and found out what hes doing.

Serena's pov

while i was sleeping, i started to wake up as i was waking up i didn't feel a warm body by me. all io felt was a pillow, i then got up to see if you was around but he wasn't. then the door open reveling the nurse. 

" good morning honey "

" good morning, um did my boyfriend left "

" oh yes honey, he said that he went to go get some food and be back in a while "

" oh okay thank "

" so how are you feeling "

" I'm feeling better "

" that's good to hear, the doctor see you in a hour okay sweetie ''

" okay thank you " as the nurse i started looking around as i look around i seen a bag on the chair, it looks like Harry's bag for football. i then got up from the bed and grab his bag, i was thinking if i should open it or not. then idecide to look in it as i was about open it i heard people talking about my door, i then i throe the bag on the chair and turn on the t.v. then the door opened reveling my mother she then seen me and smile, i smiled back at her.

" hi baby "

" hi mum "

" so how you feeling "

" I'm feeling fine, i just want to go home "

" i know baby, i know you wanna go home. i promise you lose you are going home "

" okay mummy "

" so tell me how are you and that handsome boy " when my mother said that i start giggling.

" mum " i said to her and still giggling.

" i would like to know that my daughter is happy or not with that boy "

" well were doing fine, i would say "

" Rena, i know there's more then that "

" okay okay, he makes me the happiness girl on earth mummy. i just feel so love by him, he showing me whats love is mummy "

" Rena have you " i didn't know what my mother was trying to say, as i started thinking then i knew what he was trying to say.

" oh my god mum no " i said so loud.

'' I'm sorry Rena, i just wanted to know if he was pushing you to do it "

" mum he's not , he something special "

" aw my baby is puppy love sick "

" what you mean mum "

" it means your falling in love " as my mother said, i started thinking. am i falling in love, even though we said i love you to each other. i didn't know i would be falling in love with harry styles. i then smiled at my mother, then we both hear the door opening. we turn are heads to see who was. And it was harry holding a bag and drinks. it was McDonald's. my mum got and hug harry and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

" good morning Ms. Torrez "

" please harry call me Liana "

" okay "

" well i better get going, call me when you coming home " my mother said walking up to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

" okay mum " as my mother left harry came and sat on my bed.

" so i brought you McDonald, knowing you wouldn't eat here "

" of course i wouldn't eat here, this a place where people die, you really think i would wanna eat here, surely not " i said with a smile, then harry started to laugh.

" here is your breakfast my lady "

" thank you handsome " i then lean to kiss him, i decide to give him a yummy since he got me food.

" hmm " i heard him say. i then pull out and look at him with smile.

" i think the food can wait, i have something else in mind " i say to him and pulling near me to kiss him.i heard him chuckled.

" im sure gonna love this " i heard him say.


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