"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


23. 22.

chapter 22. I'm sorry if i have bad grammars and spelling ! im doing my best to learn better but hope you love chapter 22. and sorry didn't update soon lol

here is your daily reminder:

Be what you want to be not what others want to see...


Serena's pov. ( flask back to recap )

" so whats your choice "

" my choice is .....

to live " i say to my brother who's now smiling at me.

'' I'm proud of you Serena , your making the right choice. but before you go, the last few words i need to say to you is be careful and whatever harry does out there or do Serena. make the right choices too "

" what you mean to be careful and whatever harry does "

" trust me Serena when i say your gonna challenges , you have to make the right choice, you better hurry before the light close " as my brother tells me i gave him a hug and a kiss are the cheek.

" i love you carter "

" love you Rena, i'll see you soon " as i turn around to go to light i put my hand over my head to see better, as I'm walking, i just fall and my eyes close. then i landed in a room, i see myself laying in bed. i walk to myself and lay down on to myself as i lay down and eyes. i started to flatter my eyes, i see like shining bright in my eyes.

" ugh can you close the blinds will you " i say out loud, as i said that i heard a loud drop. i look to see who it was and it was zayn, he started to get up as he got up he look at me shock and he open his mouth but then close it then open and then again close.

" are you just gonna stand there like a dummy with your mouth open or your gonna hug me or not. i didn't wake up just to see you stand there looking like a dummy " i say with a smile.

" but, but, but, how "

" i don't know, how the hell should i know. i just woke up "

" you had us all worried you know, the doctor thought you woun't gonna make it "

" well I'm wake now "

" that's good " he then smile at and i smiled back, then harry pop up in my head.

" where's harry "

" he's at home taking shower and maybe getting some sleep "

" i wanna see zayn, please "

" okay i will call him '' as zayn left the room a nurse came in and check on me. i smile at her and she smile back at me.

" were glad your wake honey, you know that green eye or curly hair guy, he has been here for the past months just waiting fro you to wake up. he would talk you, and make sure he got to see you. that boy sure cares about you honey, i wouldn't want to let go of him." as she tells me i start to giggle.

" i sure won't '' i say\y with a big smile on my face. then the nurse left because she had stuff to do. she said she wishes was with me all day. as I'm watching t.v. i start to hear the door opening as i look to see who it was. i seen white converse. i knew who it was, i start to smile big. as he came in more. i look at him and smile at him he then smile back at me. i bet he has been waiting to see my smile.

" wow, your finally awake, but how " he said to me, then i start to cry.

" love why are you crying. "

" i was scared harry, i was so cold in a place i didn't know. then out of no where i just woke up with the lights in my eyes "

" Serena i promise you I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure your safe with me."

" harry, i was scared that i was gonna die because of him. he hurt so bad. that i was scared to lose you that's why i was scared of love and to be hurt from you but now I'm starting to realize your nothing like him " as i said that he came then me near me and sat by me on the bed. he wipe my tears away. he kiss my forehead.

" i promise you I'm nothing like him " he kiss me again.

" i love you so much harry " i say in between sobs. then he hugs or should i say holds me tight.

" i love you too Serena "

" i wanna go home, i just want to be home "

'' you will get to go soon love, i promise but you have to stay here to make sure your okay. "

" how long was i in a coma "

" for a a month and week "

" oh, does my sister know I'm wake "

" yeah she on her way zayn told her you woke up ''

" oh okay ''

'' so how did you wake up "

" i don't know, all i know is i woke up from the light hitting my eyes and me saying to zayn can someone close the blinds. and it was funny because his reaction was funny, he fell off the couch and then got up and look at me shock and open his mouth then close then opened and close again. then i decide to tell him are you just gonna stand there like a dummy with mouth open or your gonna hug me or not. i didn't wake up just to see him looking like a

dummy and all he said was but but but how. so yeah " harry started laughing.

" your to funny Serena "

" see i told you I'm funnier then you "

" that is not true "

" oh please your jokes are not that funny harry trust me " as i said i heard the door opening, i look to who it was and it was my sister and mother.

" Nina and mum " i say in a low voice. then a tear slip down my face.

" hi baby, I'm so glad your wake baby. i was so worried that i was gonna lose you like i lost your brother " as my mother said that harry gave me a confused look.

" do you guys mind if me and harry can talk alone please "

" sure baby " as my mother and sister left, harry came and sat by me.

" what does your mum mean about losing your brother, you never told me you had a brother Serena "

" i didn't tell you about my brother, because um because he died in a car accident when i was 9 " i say and trying to hold back my tears from spilling out.

" how old was he when he died "

" 18 "

'' he was only two years older then year sister "

" yeah, if wasn't my fault he would of been alive still. he would of been 23 almost 24 "

" what happen "

" it started as we're driving home "

( flask back of past young 9 year old Serena )

" carter i don't wanna go home yet "

" Serena we have to be home i promise I'm gonna make sure your safe with me "

" okay ''

" Serena i promise you soon we will leave this place and run away from here. im not gonna let any one hurt you anymore "

" but he does hurt me budda "

" he won't i promise you " as my brother tells me kiss my forehead. he smiled at me and i smiled back at him.

" can we get ice cream before we go please budda, pretty please ''

" okay, since your making ice cream sound good right now " as we got in the car. we started singing the song you found me. it was mine and my brother song. as we're singing my brother lost control of the wheel i started screaming. my brother told me to get out of the car fast as i unlocked my seat belt i roll out of the car. and landed on the car. as i turn to look back. the car flip over. i got up and ran. i scream my brother name.

" CARTER " as i got to the car i seen my brother laying on the ground. i went to him and started shaking him.

" budda please, please wake i need you. you can't leave me here alone i need you please, please " i kept on saying hoping he would wake.

" budda please don't go, you promise me, you promise me would we stick together please " as i kept on crying i felt someone grab me, i started screaming and kicking and yelling.

" budda you need to wake up please, don't go please, there gonna take me away "

" let go me, i need my brother budda to wake up "

" help him please, please " i kept on saying.

you promised me budda .....

( present )

" ever since that day happen, i never forgive myself, i was depressed for weeks and i could't eat or anything, i felt like i had nothing felt of me, i was so numb from the pain. i had to go to the doctor. and then things started happening again. me and my brother had a good bond, is nickname was budda and gave me the nickname Rena ever since i was young "

" do you miss him "

" i really do miss him so much, there's not a day i don't think about him. its so hard not having him here. when i was young he promise me that one day me and him were gonna run away from here. he promised me '' i say to harry and gave him a half smile.

" if he was here i think he would gave me that brother speech huh "

" oh yes he was a over proactive brother with boys liking me but he wanted to me grow up happy '' i say smiling over how my brother was with me.

" what do you think your brother would say to me " as harry as me i gave him a look saying my brotehr wouldn't like you.

" well he would " i said trying to hold my laugh. then i couldn't take it no more.

" I'm just kidding, he would of love you and thank you for making his little baby sister happy " i say to harry who's smiling at me. then i kissed him on the cheek. as i turn around to look at the window i seen my brother standing there smiling at me. i smile back at him. he then mouth something to me.

I'm proud of you Rena love you ...

thank you budda love you too i say smiling and whispering. then harry asked me something.

" what you staring at babe ''

" nothing, I'm just glad to be wake and to see everyone " i say to harry and im also glad i made the right choice.

" thank you budda " i whisper to myself.

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