"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


22. 21.

chapter 21



Serena's pov.

its so cold here. i have been walking for hours and trying to find a way out of here. i haven't seen any of me. as I'm trying to for a out. i gave up, i just drop to floor and start to cry and saying things to wake up.

" i just want wake up "

" what do you want from me, please don't let me give up on my life please " i say between sobs. as I'm crying and holding on to the dress, i seen light coming near. i start to back up from the out. to get a good look, as I'm looking i see a person walking near. as the person got to me i get a good look at the person. i went into shock, who the person was.

" carter .... " i whisper

" yes sis is me '' when he said that i ran up to him. i start to cry

" i miss you so much carter "

" i know you miss me Rena but you knew i had to go "

" i know and what are you doing "

" I'm help to get you out of here, its not your time because you have a future ahead of you, and i can see it in your eyes. "

(A/N shocking huh she has a brother she never talks about ! *wink* loll and her brother the one gave her the nickname ever sine she was young )

" but why am i here then "

" your here because I'm here to tell you that you have a future out there waiting for you, that boy who's waiting for you to wake up and see that beautiful smile of yours. you know Rena i watch over you everyday, i know your going through so much, they send me here because I'm your angel who watches over you. and I'm here to show you whats gonna happen in your life. you have two choice. once where finish here."

''okay take me where you have to go but I'm trusting with this carter"

" Rena you know you can trust " as he said that we started walking to the light where he came from. as went through the light we were in a place. i seen people walking and taking picture, then i seen me with someone. it was harry and i taking picture, smiling at the cam.

" why am i smiling and having people take pictures of me."

" just watch Rena, you'll get your answer right here " as my brother tells me i went back to look at me and harry smiling and taking pictures. then i see me and harry walking together. as i look little bit closer. i look like I'm pregnant. like a month pregnant but I'm not showing. as i follow me I'm going back stage, i give harry a kiss then he leans in to say something. as he said something. i can like near but he not.

good luck out there babe, and be careful out there with the baby love " as he said i felt like he was near me. but he wasn't

as he left i watch myself get ready, then i see the dress I'm wearing hand to me. as i look what I'm doing, as I'm getting dress. i see myself looking down at my stomach then i say something to me.

mummy gonna perform out there tonight, and daddy very proud of me." then a tear slips down my cheek.

I'm gonna be a mother " i tell my brother.

'' threes more then that Serena " then out of no where we flash out. and now we are in a room, as i look around. we are in my room. but why, then i see me coming in and harry. i then push him on the bed.

" carter why are we here, watching, me and harry make out "

" Serena, your just not making out, you give to him a long time ago, but look a little bit closer will you " as he told me to look a little bit close i did, i then look at myself i look scared but why, as me and harry are making out. i see myself stopping.

" whats wrong babe " harry said to me. then i start to breath in and out.

harry i need to tell you something, just promise me you won't get mad or leave me " when i said that harry starts to look like hes getting worried.

" are you cheating on me "

"no no no, that's not what I'm saying harry "

" then what are you trying to tell me then Serena "

" harry i-i-I'm pre-pregnant " i say trying to hold back my tears.

" how old am i in there "

'' just wait Serena " ugh i want to hurt you i say in my thoughts.

" i heard that Serena " when he said that i was shock.

" i can read minds, now watch " as I'm watching, harry looks scared for his dear life and not moving at all and breathing really fucking fast.

" harry "

" harry please answer me "

" please talk to me " i kept on saying. then he finally said something.

" how Long are you "

" 2 weeks "

'' is it mine "'

" yes harry of course who else would it be, your the only person i have ever had sex. even though i got raped that doesn't mean anything "

" I'm so so sorry i didn't mean to say that, I'm-I'm just scared ''

" you don't think i am, were young harry, we make mistakes at times but you know what im gonan call this little creature a mistakes. its our beautiful mistakes we created harry "

" i know and I'm gonna be right there by your side through the pain. i promise you I'm gonna b e the best father i can to this little creature in you. even through I'm going through the x factor and stuff but will works out "

only 17 and 18, were gonna be parents " then again i left, but this time we where outside. then i see arguing and yelling, it look like me but more older.

your never home harry, ever since you came back from tour you haven't said one word to me or the kids. what happen to keeping your promise to be by my side huh. "

" are you really gonna throw this at me, i been trying my best to make my family happy. why can't you see that "

" well harry your not doing your best by making your family happy because your not spending enough time with them '' then i see myself starting to walk away. then harry grabs me by the arm.

" where are you going, were not done here "

" yes we are done talking, and I'm going to bed. let me know when you wanna spend time with your family "

" you know Serena i never mean't like that. I'm just over stress "

" why couldn't you just told me harry, you know I'm always here. just because were famous doesn't mean i don't have time for you " i see myself walk to over and putting my hand on his cheek , he then puts his hand on my hand.

" I'm sorry " he then kisses my forehead.

" what's my future have do with this carter i don't understand." i tell my brother.

" Serena i promise you will understand." then he started walking to a different direction i followed him. as we were walking we ended up in a room.a very nice room. then i see me on top of someone as i look to who. it was harry, i was touching him and he had his hands behind his head and eyes close. this is the one i had a day dream from in the shower.

" i seen then this before, in my day dream in the shower."

" its finally coming to you " as my brother said that i give him a confuse look.

" just trust me will you Serena '' as i look to see what happening.

i love you so much " i kept on saying to him. he start to flatter his eyes open to see me.

" hi beautiful "

" hello handsome "

" last night was great. and hows that baby of ours ''

" just doing great, like always and craving too "

'' i will be right on it "

" harry "

'' hmm ''

'' i love you, thank you for making me the happiest person on earth.''

" I'm glad i make you the happiest person on earth " then out of no where it starts to get cold. as I'm looking around i see people walking around a grave. then i see me and harry walking black i look like i have been crying.

" what happen carter "

" mom had died from cancer after you had your second pregnancy, she had beat cancer for the first time. then she got it again but has she was fighting she knew she couldn't fight it so that's why she kept inside not to tell her baby girl. who was watching her baby girl become famous and having a family of her own" as my brother tells me that i start to cry. as I'm watching i see myself walking to the there holding my mother but it was close, as i get there i put my hand there and start crying, so hard that i almost fainted. i seen harry ran to me. and i just hug him so tight and started saying things.

why did she had to die, she was doing so good "

i know love, i love. lets get you home " as he said that to me and him we started walking.

" you see Serena, your gonna have a lots of ups and down. but i know my little sister can fight and right now you have one more please to go then its your finally choice "

" okay " i said to my brother.

" come on its this way "

Harry's pov.

it has been a month since she been a coma.


the doctor thinks she not gonna make it, but we all know she is gonna make it. i haven't been at school, or slept for days. we all need her wake its so hard watching her like this. i feel like I'm losing myself. i never felt this kind of love before yeah i have been in love but not like this. i get this sparks when me and her kiss. the way she touches i feel like she puts me in a spell for her. she drives me crazy for her. as I'm thinking about her i start t drift off to sleep. as I'm sleeping i hear someone saying something.

" harry ...."

as i wake up to see who call my name, its her the smile beautiful smile i have been waiting to see for long. my sweet Serena is wake but wait where am i. as i look to see where I'm at its like I'm in a room. Serena is on top me, as she puts her hand on my cheek. i feel myself smiling at her. i look down and see her belly is big. i put my hand on her and out of no where i felt kicking.

" she has been waiting for you to wake up, she wanted to feel and hear fathers voice." wait I'm a father and I'm having a baby girl. as i put my hands on my head i feel something cold on my finger as i look. its a ring, a wedding ring. wow I'm married to the girl i have always dream of and having a baby girl with her. as i look but at her i see her smiling at me. then i smile at her. then i start to kiss her.

" i love you so much Serena "

" i love you to harry and are you okay, did you hit your head last night "

" yeah I'm okay " as I'm looking at her she starts to fade away, then i start to frown. i start call her name but she doesn't hear but i hear her call my name.

" harry please help me. make me wake up, I'm in a cold place i feel scared I'm so scared without you please help me I'm scared... hes coming for me and hes gonna hurt you " as i look i see her there with blood dripping down her body and holding on to herself. she screaming for me. i need to run and to get her. as I'm running to her she starts to fade away from me as I'm running.

" I'm coming Serena, i promise I'm coming " then i wake up from my dream, i have sweat all over me and I'm breathing really fast. as i look around i see her still laying down. i see zayn sleeping on the couch. its dark. as i look to see what time it is.


Serena pov.

" why are we back here again "

" just watch your self go on stage" as i see myself go on stage i look like I'm about cry but I'm holding it in. i then start sing. asim watching myself i hear the words.

i felt like i know

i know him through

and i know that, and i know his heart

but i didn't realize that i-i-i

feeling so confident, feeling so great about myself

and then it just be completely shattered

by one thing....

I'm hoping after this fever i will survive

I'm praying that I'm gonna make it out alive

the bed getting cold and you're not here.

but im not alive until you call

but the heart wants what it wa-a-a-a-a-nts

you got me scarred in pieces, shining like stars and screaming

this is modern

fairy tale

no happy endings

on wind our sails

but i cant imagine

a life without

breathless moments

breaking me down, down, down, down


i thought you were the one

i thought you were the one

i thought you were the one ..... then it ends there. i look at my brother, he knew i had tears down my face. he came up to me and wipe it away.

" so its time for me to choose now huh " as i tell my brother he nods. i start to ry more because its hard what i want choose now.

" look Serena whatever you choose i promise you i will still be by your side as a angel, but you have to what you want "

" what are the choose "

" the choose our. you can go with me and say goodbye to your family or you can live but if you choose to live there's gonna be challenges if you live. its gonna get harder and harder everyday but i know Serena, your just like me "

" i take after like my brother "

: so whats your choose " as my brother tells i start to think and what i want to choose for me. if i live I'm gonna have challenges in my life and if i don't live i won't get to see my family and my friends and most of all harry. think Serena, what do you want best for you. i look up to my brother with a smile because i made my choose.

" so what is your choose Serena "

my choose is .....

harry's pov.

i left the hospital to go home and take a shower and maybe try to get some sleep as i got out of the shower my phone starts ring. i went to go pick it, as i look to see who it and it want zayn calling. i told him to call me if something happens and now I'm scared to answer it. as i press accept

" hello "

" harry "

" yeah "

" i think you need to come to hospital now "

" okay, I'm on my way " as i hang up i change to my clothes and grab my keys and ran to my car and made it to the hospital. i got out f the car and ran so fast to see whats happening. as i got there i seen zayn. standing by the door waiting for me.

" what's going on zayn "

" i think you should see for yourself harry " as zayn tells me, i start to walk to the door. I'm very scared to open this door. what if she didn't make it. of she still not awake. as I'm opening the door slowly, the only i see is

that beautiful smile i have been waiting for so long.

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