"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


3. 2.

Serena's pov

As we got to school, we had to go get our books from the front office which takes quiet some time. While we were waiting in line we saw Louis, Liam, Anna, and Eleanor together. We didn't see the others cause they were barely coming as always, running late. When we got our books I wasn't looking where I was going, right when I was about to say something I bumped into someone.

"Oh my.. I am so sorry I didn't see where I was going." I said while gathering the scattered books that were in the floor.

"It's alright, I didn't see where I was going either" the guy says getting my other book that was closer to him, I looked up with wide eyes because this person had green eyes, a smile with a dimple, and curly hair.

"I-um I-I," I stutter trying to find words.

"It's okay, what's your name I didn't catch it?" he says

The way his eyes sparkle in the sun light is the most beautiful thing I have seen before.

"Oh um, my name is Serena" I tell him.

"Harry. It was nice chatting with you Serena. I hope I get to see you again. Have a nice day, love" he says to me while walking away from me.

"Rena, you okay? I saw what happened." Alex says while coming up to me.

"Alex what you said eailer might be coming true." I say to her. she closes her arms and she smirks at me.





First period went by quickly since it was the first day of school. All we really did was talk and goof off and hang around in class.

As I was walking to my second period class, I saw Harry's unforgettable curly hair. Out of no where a door hit my face and I bet harry saw it.

"Oh my, Are you okay love?" he asks so sweetly.

"Yeah.. I'm fine I just didn't see the door coming at me" I stated as a blush made its away on my cheeks. He chuckles and helps me up. The bell goes off for the tardy bell.

"crap" I muttered under my breath as I walked away. He starts to walk the same direction I am in and asks me what class I have next.

"Science" I say as I walk a little faster them him but catches up to me.

"no way" he said in an amused tone, "me too." he says in a raspy voice.

I smile to him and blush once more, he opens the door for me and gestures for me to walk inside, I thank him and I have a seat in an empty stool. He takes one next to me, how lovely.

Well this school year must be very interesting, I catch him starting at me in the corner of my eye and I look at him and he looks away quickly. Yep, going to be a great year.

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