"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


20. 19.

i just turn 17 yesterday OMG im so old lol !

chapter 19 lovely's and daily reminder:




Serena's pov.

two weeks later

Me and harry have been going out for two weeks now, i still get scared about my father. i know hes out there watching me what I'm doing because every time I'm with harry or walking home i see a car driving by me but it never stops. i haven't told anyone about it, i haven't plan on how to tell harry about my life yet but i do want him to know i just don't know when to tell him. Hes coming to my house today later, my sister and alee are going out with her boyfriend and well alee is going to her fathers to see him. my grandparents are gonna for the weekend so I'm home alone till Nina comes home at midnight. so just me and harry hanging out and talking. right I'm walking home, i have my ear buds in my ears to ignore the sound around me.  as i was walking i seen the car but i didn't know my head around or anything. i decide to go into a store i always pass by when I'm walking home, once i got inside, i seen the car stop i started looking around and waiting for the person to get out of the car but the person didn't i start to walk more down to see what i can get to snack on at home for me and harry to have. i look around and seen a bag of air heads and twix bag for me and harry, i learn that harry loves twix and because every time we go to the store i always see him grab twix and he sees me grab air heads so now we know each others favorite candy. as I'm walking up to the cashier i put my candy down i heard the bell ring from the store i look to see who was i seen a man walking around with shades on i didn't see his face or anything.

" here you go love " the cashier said.

" thank you '' as I'm walking i see the man going up to the cashier and buying something and he was even asking the man a question, he kept looking back. i started walking and putting my ear buds on. while i was walking i seen i the car again i swear I'm about to stop walking and go up to the car and do something but instead i walked a different direction to my house i started walking to zayns house. i know zayn wasn't gonna be home, he said if he's not home i can still come over and hang out with his sister and i know they would be home, he even gave me a key to his house. once i got there i grab the key by the door, i didn't see the car, so that gave me time to put the key back and lock the house and go to the back of the house. Zayn live right behind my grandparents house. 

" hey Rena what are you doing here honey "

" oh just came here to see how my sweet mum is doing " i always call zayn's mother mum. she said im always welcome to the house anytime,

" well i better get going back to the house, see you later mum and by the way tell zayn i came by and the girls hi for me " when i started walking to the back house to go to my house. i heard zayn's mom saying something to me. 

" sure will honey " as i got to the house i went upstairs to change in to pjs to get comfy when harry comes from football practice. as i got change i started to grab a bowl and drinks for us and movies to watch. as i set everything on the floor for us i heard the door bell ring. i ran to go get the door. as i open i seen a smelly harry standing right in front of me with his bag. when he seen he smiled wide with a dimple on his face, he started to lean but i stop him before he kiss me.

" no, no I'm not kissing you till you take a shower ''

 your so lucky i brought extra clothes to take a shower " he said, i started laughing. i told him to follow so i can show him where the shower at when he got to the bathroom i grab a towel fro him and soap. while harry was in shower i grab one of the movies to put on, and grab snack from the floor. i heard the shower go off and the door opening and revealing a wet harry with a towel around his v line. 

" holy shit " i mutter under my breath, what am i gonna do. relax Serena you don't want your ho-mores going crazy right now and you guys are barely dating. i say in my thoughts. but those hands though he can do anything to them, Serena control yourself. you got this don't let it get to you breath in and out.

" like what you see babe" he said in a raspy voice. holy shit 

"  huh " i said getting lost in his bright green eye. he started walking up to me he then grab his bag and went back to bathroom to change. when he went to the bathroom i went to the kitten to grab the food that my sister made for me. while i started cooking the food, i felt two arms around me and kissing my neck. he started nibbling on my neck. i started to relax from him kissing my neck. i decide to turn off the stove before i burn something. i then turn around to feel lips on mine. then out of no where I'm on the counter, i started to mess with his hair. he then groan. he kept on kissing me and i started to feel him try to use his tongue but i didn't let him, he then put his hand on my ass for a minute till he grab it, he made me jump and right there and then i felt his tongue. i felt myself getting off the counter, now on to a wall well of course there is gonna be a wall. me and harry started grinding on to each other, i felt Harry's little friend growing of happiness, omg I'm giving harry a boner.i need to stop this before it goes to far, I'm not ready to do this even though i lost it. I'm still scared. i pull away out of breath. and so did harry. we both put our heads each other and all you can hear is are heavily breathing. 

" wow '' we both say. 

" sorry if i try to push it to far." he said

" you didn't you, i just had to stop it before it goes to far, I'm just nervous " i said not looking at him.

'' i understand and i will give you all the time you need " he then grab my chin and kiss my forehead.

" i promise i will give you all the time you need love, i will wait if i have to '' when he said that i kissed him but i didn't let it take anywhere to far just a kiss. he let go of me and put me down, once he put me down i knew i should of not have look down.

" nice little friend you got there " i said pointing down to him. he look at me confused then look down and went red. i started laughing so hard.

" you know this your fault for making this happen to me " when he said that i went red as a tomato because he right I'm wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt. he went to the bathroom to go fix himself while i sat down and start the movie. then a minute later harry came out from the bathroom and stilling down. i move closer to him so that i can be right by him, he put his hand around and pulled me even more closer to him. he lean in and whisper to me.

" now I'm all better " he said and kiss me, i then started laughing. i love this idiot so much, I'm glad he came and is by my side when i need him. I'm gonna tell him, I'm ready to tell him about my past.

" harry " 

" hmm '' he hum while he had is head in the croak of my neck and kissing.

" I'm ready to tell you " when i said that he stop kissing me and look up at me.

" are you sure babe."

" yes I'm sure, i just hope you will still be there once i tell you about my past "

" you know i will still be by your side, and whatever happens I'm still gonna be by you " he said and kiss me. i had to get comfy and try to find a way to tell him about my past, as got comfy, i had breath in and out first before tell him.

" take your time love, I'm not rushing you " once he said i had to kiss him for being so sweet to me he then chuckled.

" so it all started when i was about 7 years old "

FLASHBACK ( little serena's pov. )

all i kept hearing was yelling from downstairs, Nina was sound asleep in her room. i knew mummy and daddy always fight. mummy said to never come downstairs if her and daddy are fighting. well that's when everything changes when i got downstairs to see my father and mother fighting. i was little i didn't know what i was doing i was only 7 years old. 

" mummy " i say in a low voice. both my parents turn there heads to me. when my mother saw me she was about to pick me up, but she didn't someone close did and that was my father. 

" Conner, please don't hurt her your drunk, come on lets go do something please " my mother said so calm but at the same time scared for dear life. 

" leave me alone Liana you, she my daughter too you know, i can do whatever the fuck i want with my daughter." as my father puts me down for minute he went up to my mother and grab and sat her down and put something her mouth or something. she was trying so hard not to cry or do anything to make him mad again. then my father came back to me and pick me up and lay ed me down. he started taking off my clothes.

" daddy what are you doing ''

" daddy just trying to have baby, all i want you to play along with daddy how about that yeah " he said with the smell of alcohol. i didn't want to play because i was scared for my life.

" but i don't wanna play, i wanna be mummy ''

" mummy is busy right now, and i said we are gonna play this game" he said starting to angry at me.

" but i don't want too "
" i don't give a fuck you don't want to or not " he then grab me and started to touch me, i started screaming so much that, i didn't like it i was seven years old, my sister awake up from me screaming and try to pull my father away but she couldn't because he push her.


" ever since then my life became so fucked up because of him, you know when that day when we hang out at Starbucks for hours and you walked me home. when i got home he grab me by the hair and told me so much stuff and raped me there and beat to death. that's when you ask me what happen to me and i told you it was nothing but now you know what happen. as i got finish talking i didn't know i was crying, then i felt a him brush my tears away. and kissed me on the forehead.

" I'm glad you told me because now I'm gonna make sure hes out of your life for good baby, i promise you I'm gonna keep you safe and make you a angel. " he got a little close to me, he lean down and whisper to my ear.

" I'm gonna make you my angel again baby"

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