"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


19. 18.

here is chapter 18 !


I'm so glad I'm finally back at school, i couldn't last being home anymore. I'm not trying to be mean but i love to be free not stuck home, i remember when i was young. i had to be in a closet for hours and i couldn't eat or anything i had to learn my lesson, that's why i don't like small place well I'm fine in them just can't be in the them for hours. i will start to freak out or have a panic attack. right now I'm leaving school and heading home, harry had football practice he said he wouldn't mind giving me a ride home but i told him I'm fine and i will see him later when he picks me up, I'm meeting his mum and sister. i was no I'm okay thanks anyways but he said that is mum and sister will love me for me and i swear with that face he gave me i couldn't say no. he told me wear something nice not to fancy or lazy so causal clothes. right now I'm looking for  dress to wear to meet his mum and sister. while i was looking i found a perfect dress to wear it was black and it was see throw on my shoulders. i think this perfect to wear for a dinner and to his family. i went in the shower and let the warm water hit my back. while i was in shower i close my eyes for minute then out of no where i heard something, it sound like something breaking or glass dropping, oh yeah i'm home by myself my sister left real quick to get my pills since i ran out of them. she didn't want to leave me home by myself but i told her i will be fine but i guess not because i just heard a noise. i got out of the shower and and dried myself and put my outfit on. my hair was dripping water from the shower i open my door to see what it was.

" hello anyone home, Nina are you here " i didn't hear anything.

" Nina I'm being serious don't joke around with me, you know i can have a panic attack " there was still nothing, now I'm really starting to get scared. i didn't want to leave my room or anything so decide to grab my bat i use to play softball for school when i was young, i start to walk downstairs to find what the sound was. once i got downstairs i seen a figure i didn't know to do so then i drop the bat on the floor the person turn and it was my grand papa.

" GRAND PAPA DON"T DO THAT EVER AGAIN, you really got me scared remember i just barely came back from the hospital and don't want me back there again "

" I'm sorry love, i didn't mean to scare you. i was just coming for something to eat before i leave to work."

" okay grand papa, well i better go get ready. today i'm meeting harry's family "

" have fun love " 

" surely will papa " once i went upstairs, i started blow drying my hair and grabbing my curling iron to curl my hair i wanted to have curls today haven't had them since i went clubbing with the girls and the boys.  i got done doing my hair and went on doing my make up not to much and not to little just the right pound of make up i use. once i got done i check myself in the mirror to see if I'm okay and nothing is out of place. then my phone started ringing.

from: harry

I'm here love xH

to Serena:

coming babe.

As i sent that to harry i started to put my shoes on and grabbing my coat. once i got downstairs i seen Nina coming out of the kitchen.

" hey love, where your going "

' going out, well I'm going to harry's house "

'' okay no funny business Serena "

" Oh My God Nina really "

" I'm making sure my sister does it come home end up pregnant "

" ugh Nina your so gross "

" your welcome love "

" bye " when i left i ran to Harry's car and got in, harry give me a kiss on the cheek and started driving to is house. once we got there i started to play at the end of my dress, harry started to notice he grab my hand and made me look at him.

" babe i promise you'll be fine there, its just dinner and meeting my family " he said trying calm me down and rubbing my hand.

" okay " once i said that we both got out of the car and started walking up to the door,once we got inside i look around the house it looks nice and comfy, i think this would be a nice place to live with a family or married couple would live he. harry help me took of my coat and put it in the closet. he started walking to i don't know, he turn around and look at and smile he put his hand to tell me to come with him. so i did.

" mum im home and i brought someone with me i think you would love "

" hold on honey just let me get the pasta on to the po, i will be out in minute, oh sweetie gemma is here to she should be upstairs or in the living"

" okay thanks mum " he said he then look at me and told me follow him upstairs.

" come on i want you to meet my sister " when we got upstairs we were by a door that look like a girls room. harry knock on the door and then i heard a girl voice saying come in. so we did, when we got the girl notice me and smiled at me.

" hi you must be the girl my brother who wouldn't shut up about and I'm gemma '' she said while giggling.

'' yes i am and I'm Serena "

" you are so right she is beautiful and has a sweet voice, and sounds like singer '' when she said i tried to hide my face because a blush was coming to my face.

" how you know I'm a singer "

' your voice, it sounds like you could sing, that's how i know harry can sing. the sound of his voice."

" oh."

" and i promise you your gonna fine because I'm gonna show you some picture of my brother when he was young" when she said harry's face started to turn red so much.


" what, if your bring a girl home like her she should at least see some baby picture of you " she said while laughing.

" whatever come lets go downstairs so you can met my mom" harry said trying to get me out of his sister's room. when we left the room gemma was right by me and harry behind me.

" you know i have a picture of my brother when he was young wearing my mom's bra as a hat " when she said that i started laughing. 


" oh you did but i made copies before you got it from my room and you'll never know where it's at Harold "

" I'm so gonna kill you gemma when i come back from dropping of Serena home" they surely are look alike i like how they have that little bound they have me and my sister have it and me and her act like them all the time. when we made down we started walking to the dinning room. i seen a lady standing and putting food on the table. she look up and seen me and smiled at me.

" you must be Serena " she said so sweetly.

" yes i am " i said a little bit nervous.

" honey please don't be nervous, you are welcome here and I'm glad my sweet boy told me good things about you honey, you are very gorgeous sweetie."

'' thank you Ms. Styles ''

" oh please call me Anna " when she left harry came to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and also gave me a hug.

" see i told you there was nothing to worry about love and come lets go eat" lets just say the night went pretty well for me and harry, there was laughter's and funny moments and also funny when gemma told me stories about when was young, he wasn't listening to us talk. he's so a mamma's boy but I'm glad he's so close to his mum. i wish that was me close to mine but soon i will once she gets help.


ever since i told Mack about the plan. i had to come up how to get rid of curly guy first before i got to her. i know she at his house because I'm watching them right now laughing and being happy but soon that will be all gonna by me. soon she realize she can't hide from me. 

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