"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


18. 17.

hello my peeps lol hope you enjoy reading chapter 17


Serena's P.O.V.


 I still can't believe I'm finally considered as Harry's girlfriend, I just got out of the hospital yesterday my sister said I should stay home one more day. So all I'm doing is sitting by the window thinking about my life and if I should run away from my problems but then again it's gonna make everything worse for me because he maybe hunt me down. The thing I'm most scared of is him killing me, and hurting the people I love the most. I bet he knows that I'm Harry's girl friend, I know I need to tell harry about my past but I'm scared he would leave me or just tell someone about it. Why can't my life be normal with happy endings and magic things but, no, it had have parents addicted to drugs and my drunk father coming in my room in the middle of the night to rape me. I don't know when I plan on telling Harry about my past. I don't know if he will still like me after I tell him. While I was still sitting down by my window I felt kisses down my neck and hands around my wrist I knew who it was. Harry.


" what are you thinking about babe?" he asks me while he leaves me a wet kiss on my cheek.


" just thinking how much I'm happy that I have you." I say with a smile.


"well shouldn't I be the one say that?" he says and I chuckle.


"alright, I'm bored staying home, what do you want to do today?" I ask.


" babe you and your sister need to rest and she asked me to make sure your getting your rest"


'' I know but I'm tired of being here, take me somewhere please" I say with a pout.


'' Your so beautiful.'' he says leaning again kissing me.


" pleease..." I say extending the word


" ugh fine, I can never say no to you."


" good " I smirk at him.


" but I choose where I take you."


"Ugh. Okay." I say getting up but he gets me from my waist and brings me to his lap.


" First give me a kiss." he says giving me a kissy face. I playfully push his face away, and I laugh.


"Harry leave! I need to change." I say getting up from his lap and walk to the door and open it so he can leave.


" why can't I just stay in here and you watch." His eyes drag down to my body.


" I'm serious harry."


" okay, okay I'm leaving." he says walking out the room.


" thank you." I say to him while he steps out and he turns around.



" wait where's my kiss?" he says and I close the door on his face. While I change I decide to wear leggings and Harry's jack mills hoodie he gave it to me when we left the hospital. I open the door and head down stairs, Harry opens the door and we get inside the car.


" I thought we could go to the movies and watch that new movie of the Hunger Games." he says, I believe he means the Mocking Jay.


"the Mocking Jay?" I say to him and he nods.


" okay lets go" I say to him.







" I hate the ending so much and I still can't believe that happened!" I say tightening the grip of the popcorn bowl, and he laughs.


" why you laughing at me"


" its cute how your getting mad at how it ended, but it's funny though."


" well I was in shock mode so i had to say it, you kept on laughing at me"


" aw you'll get over it love " he says brining me into a hug.


" come on I'm taking you out to eat for dinner you need food I bet your starving." He says to me and I nod at him, I look away from him and a guy starts to walk towards us. I don't think I know who this is.


" Harry, mate! It's been a while where have you been?" he says to him and looks at me with a smirk and his eyes travel from head to toe. Making Harry snake his arm around my waist and brings me closer to him.


" Hey. " Harry says while he gritted though his teeth. When I got a look of the face, I knew that person I know him from somewhere. Then the look at me with that smirk. That smirk looks to familiar.


" i know you " I say to him pointing my index finger at him.


" Serena right? Your Connor's daughter." He says with his smirk stay playing in his lips.


" yeah, well we better get going, come on harry." I say to him. I look at him with pleased eyes saying I want to go home.


 When Harry and I got to the car, Harry didn't say anything while we were on our way back to my house. I didn't want to ask him how he knew Mack because I was afraid of him yelling at me. Once we got to my house we both got out and we got inside my house. I take my coat off and walk upstairs to change my clothes some comfortable clothes I wear when I'm at home. When I pull my shirt on I hear a knock and I pull the hem of the shirt down. 


" come in" I say. he then came in and sat on my bed and look at me, with hurt eyes.


" what's wrong harry"


" did i hurt you"


" no harry you didn't hurt me why would you think that?"


" then let me see" i knew he wanted to see the bruise I was just lying so he won't feel bad, i know he never mean't to hurt. he was holding on to me so tight that it hurt ed.


"please just, just let me see for myself" i couldn't take it no more so i just roll my shirt up to have him see. then i felt him kiss me over and over.


" I'm so so so sorry babe, i didn't know i was hurting that bad, i'm really am sorry"


" harry, look at me, you didn't know you were hurting me baby, so please don't worry about me"


" okay, and i know you were thinking how i know him, he use to be my dads old friend'' i feel likes lying but I'm not ask him that I'm just gonna keep it to myself.


" okay " " why don't i we watch a movie before your sister comes home" he said with a half smile


" sure "




me and harry are messing around and i can't not breath at all. hes been making jokes that not even funny, and he just starts laughing at them. look at me sees me not laughing and then out of no where he started tickling me. and he found my ticklish spot. just harry I'm gonna get you back.


" harry stop i might pee my pants" i say between laughs.


" oh really, i guess i must keep going tell i hear that harry styles is the best joker " he said while laughing, ugh this boy.


" okay, HARRY STYLES IS THE BEST JOKER" he stop tickling me now i can finally breath.


" thanks to you I'm hungry now " i say getting up, i hear him laugh at me.


" let me make you something to eat babe"


" okay, i just got up just to see if you would make me something i don't have too" i say to him and get on my tip toes to kiss his cheek. he gives my a O shape on is mouth.


" babe you don't want flies coming in your mouth, you should really close it" when he came back to reality i left the kitchen to go call Alex to see what i have missed at school and any plans with the gang this week.




" hello"


" hey Alex"


" hey Rena, how you feeling "


" okay now, I'm just stilling down on the coach watching tv waiting for harry cook me something"


" oh "


" Alex"


" hmm"


" I'm scared that he's gonna hurt me or worse harry "


" honey, please don't think about that right now, we don't need other panic attack right now. just remember your finally harry's girl"


" i know and I'm also scared to harry about my past i just feel like he's just gonna walk away from my life and never come back"


" Rena remember your a strong girl and i know you can fight for your love ones"


" thanks Alex and i better get going i think harry is done cooking me something to eat"


"okay Rena, you know I'm here for you anytime babe"




'' here's your food babe, hope you like noodle soup ''


" thanks baby" i said to him and kiss his cheek again. while i was trying to move around my sleeve roll up and my old cuts were showing and harry saw them, he look at them. he then grab my wrist and rolled my sleeve up and look at them, it look like he was thinking so much.


" why do you cut your Rena, so young and beautiful to cut yourself someone like you shouldn't harm themselves. "


" I'm scared harry, I'm just so scared, I'm scared if i tell you my past you'll leave me or love me no more"


" baby, you know i will never leave you not like this i want to help you get better and i want to be that person to help you get those wings up again" when he said that i just smash my lips to his, he was taken back at what i did but then i felt him kiss me back, we both pull away and breathing heavily.


" i love you " he said those words a girl can dream of in the whole wide world.


" i love you too" he then kiss me back.




"i need your help, i know you seen her with harry at the movie" i said to him.


" how you know "


" oh Mack do you not know I'm following her around, all i want is her and i want her to know how life is fuck up for her and i also i know harry used to work for you"


" what do you need me to then" he said with a smirk.


" here's the plan '' i tell him.

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