"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


17. 16.

hey my lovely's here's your daily reminder from me: who said that you can't wear converse, with your dress well baby, that's just you ! .............................. (recap) when i finish the song, i went to go get some water and i got a message from someone but i didn't see who texted me. (unknown number) you really think you can hide from me forever Rena xDaddy when i see the message i drop my glass of water and all you hear is shatter of the glass. no no no this can't be happening now i thought he didn't know where my nana lives but hes following me everywhere i go, holy shit he was following me when i was going on a date with harry. i felt like someone was watching us that night and but i thought it was just me but no it wasn't it was him. who's following me and watching what I'm doing. "What am i gonna do" i muttered and breath heavily. ........... " rena are you okay what happen i heard glass breaking" my sister said running downstairs. " hes knows " i said but comes out as a whisper. " what are you saying Rena, i don't understand" " he's knows I'm staying here " "who Rena please tell me, Rena you need to clam down and breath remember what the doctor said we don't want you going back to that stage ago." " dad hes knows" when i said that my sister gasp. when she did that i started breathing really heavy and things started to get dizzy and i knew i wasn't breathing right then out of i started to black out the last thing i heard was my sister screaming my name. . . . . . . . . . . . . i started to wake up, from my black out. ugh my head hurts so much, i must of really hit hard. wait am i. i started to look around then i found harry stilling on the chair next to me and sleeping all he looks so cute while sleeping. i seen harry started to move around, his eyes flutter open. he look at and smile. " hey your awake" " yeah how long i have been out" " for almost two days " " the doctor said you black out really good but he said you were fine its just you had a panic attack" " really, i haven't had them since i was 12. and I'm almost 18 it has been almost 7 years since i had them. i guess there coming back" " I'm glad your awake the doctor said you weren't wake for couple more days but he was wrong'' " not to be mean but why are you here" " well i was going to your house that day, i was gonna surprise you by picking you and taking you to practice for the play but i got there i heard screaming and it was your name, i ran so fast for my life i open the door i seen your sister getting scared she seen and told me to pick you up go to the the ER'' FLASHBACK Harry's pov from flashback i decide i would pick up Rena at her house and surprise her to take her to eat with me after practice, once i got to Rena's i started getting out, then i heard screaming but they were screaming Rena's name. i ran so fast in my life and open there and seen Rena's sister scared for life and Rena on the floor i started to panic but i had to think fast. Nina seen me told me to pick up Rena. i grab Rena bridal style and took her to my car and Nina ran in side to grab her shoes and purse and also alee. when we got to the ER. " help someone my sister is not waking i need help please." " this way please" when they told me to put Rena on the rail ( whatever its called) they started to push her then i started to go after them. " I'm sorry sir but you can't go back there only family " " I'm sorry harry i know you wanna be with Rena but she will fine, you would wait in the waiting will alee for me while they ask me question and i go back there, i promise you i will let you back there when everything clam." when Nina said that i went to go sit down with alee. " aw you mi Tia's boyfriend' when alee said that with her cute voice. " no but i will soon " " you know my Tia always talks about you with my mummy" when alee said that i was surprise what alee said that Rena talks about me. " oh really like what" " like your sweet, funny, cheesy sometimes. and that you care for others, have a good voice and great smile and pretty eyes a dimple. she even said that you were a great kisser too." when she said that i started laughing. " that's what your Tia said" " yup that's what she said" when alee said that i seen Nina walking over here to us. " so how's she doing'' ' she doing just fine bur they said that she had a panic attack and also she will be out for a couple days from the black out and pills they gave her" " I'm sorry to ask this but has she had this before" ' yeah she had when she was young i can't tell why cause its not my place to tell you, i think it would be good if she did. that's if she does tell you, she never told anyone about mine and her past but her two best friends do know and that's Zayn and Alex." " oh okay" " Harry i think you should go home and tell the others that Rena is the ER but fine and won't be coming to school for a couple days" ''no im fine i will just go home and grab some clothes to stay here till she wakes up" " okay and harry " " yeah'' " thanks for making my sister happy and trying to help her with her problems" " your welcome and i really care about your sister" when i said that Nina smiled at me and i started to leave to go to my car and call the others to let them know what happen and go home and grab some clothes. . . . . . . . . . . . . its has been two days now and Rena hasn't woke up yet they said that she won't wake for another couple days, the gang were worried about Rena and came to see her but she wasn't wake they ask why she wasn't wake. i told them why and zayn and Alex told me the last one she had was 11or 12. right now I'm on my way to Rena's room i just left the cafe to get something eat, Nina had to go back to work and drop off alee at Alexandra who offered to babysit alee and i told Nina not to worry that i will be here her sister wakes up. i sat on the chair and started eating it 4 in the morning and I'm very tired, my eyes started to get heavy i just drifted off to sleep. while i was sleeping for don't know how long, i started to hear movement and hear something groaning. i started to flutter my eyes open right there and then the most beautiful girl woke up. i smiled and smiled back at me. " hey your awake" PRESENT still Harry's pov. " i know you might be ready to tell me why you had your panic attacks and stuff I'm not gonna push you to tell me or anything when you ready to tell me i will be here and ready to listen" " okay" she said with a low voice. " here has water to help your voice" "thank you" '' i know your in the hospital and stuff but i can't take it no more so i have tell you now its has been trying me nuts'' " okay'' she gave me that worried look but change it to a smile. " Rena i know this might be soon and stuff and crazy but what I'm trying to say is i really like you so much your beautiful and gorgeous and special and i hate it when someone else makes you smile when it could be making you happy and laugh so what I'm trying to say is Serena Eleanor Torrez i would like to call you mine as my girlfriend" Serenas Pov. ''so what I'm trying to say is Serena Eleanor Torrez i would like to call you mine as my girlfriend" when these last words left his mouth i didn't know what to say but i do wanna be him because he makes me happy special, he wouldn't push me to talk to him about my past. that's what i like about him. " yes, yes i would love to be called yours" when i said that me and smash are lips together. I'm sure one happy girl.
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