"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


16. 15.

serena pov.

today i decide im going back home to get the rest of my stuff, if hes there i will fight back if i have to im not scared anymore okay im lying im so scared of him but sooner or later im gonna have to face him. i just can't run away from my problems. what did i do wrong to him to make him hate me that's the question that has been in my head for so long. i asked my sister if i can take her car, well im almost 18 in 8 months. im on my way to the house right now, all i have to do is be in hurry and grab my shit and leave. i have practice for the play soon and i need to be here at 3:30 and its only 2:10 . when i got to the house i unlock the car and grab, when i got inside the house, i knew someone was here because i know the differences of the smell of the house, its not the smell of beer its the smell of drugs but it doesn't smell that bad. while i was walking upstairs i hear my name call.

"serena i know its you honey, please dont be scared. im getting help, i will be going to rehab. please baby mommy getting help, just please come me."

"why should i, and should i know your not lying to me huh. i can't even trust anyone as much because im scared they would lie right in front of my face."

' im not lying i can even show you the paper, to show you im not lying"

"then show me them right now" i say in anger because i didn't know if my mother was lying or not.

" okay come me then" when she told me to come here i did, i saw the paper on the bed and grab and read . she was right she getting help. when seen it i started to cry.

"baby im gonna get the help i need to stop this, im hurting you and your sister, i know your sister with your sister i think its best if you move in with her, i dont want you living here. im also leaving your father. its not helping both of us baby" 

" thank you"

" you need to hurry before your Father comes back and finds out you were here. he doesn't know where your staying i know your staying at nanas your sister told. i called her and told her im getting help and i want to be in your and sisters and that granddaughter mine."

" mom you be the best grandmother and mother, i know it but i know your gonna work hard to get help" when i said that both of us were now crying.

" your so like me nena and i know your gonna make that dreams of yours happen, truth me baby i know you wanna be a singer and im proud of you finding something you love. that was mine dream too but your father thought it was stupid and it wasn't a career. then he made do drugs and drink and then i ended up pregnant with your sister"

" mommy im already planning my dreams and almost here. soon the world will know who i am"

" im proud of you baby"

" but there's something im scared of and its love im scared to be hurt and find real love, im afraid he won't like me for me"

" your sister told me about that boy and she told he's a sweet boy and treat you right, but im gonna tell you is let your heart make that choose not your mind baby because nena your mind is telling yo uthe qrong choose nena"

" thank you mama well i better get going before here comes and trys to hurt me i love you mama" when i started to walk to my sisters car with my stuff i look at my mother whos waving bye, i wave back as i got i buckled myself. i didn't put the keys in or anything i just then started to cry cause everything around me is fuck up and my life and like hell but im starting to learn from my mistakes and getting better at doing things on my own. soon i will be 18 and looking for a place to live on my own and gradation is in 10 months. i need to get my life straight if i want to have a career. im gonna work hard to make it happen. i need to play my piano like now. when i got home i went to my room where my grandparents had my piano i would play, when iwas young.

when i was yonger by liz lawrence

When I was younger 

I told my mother 

"I say, one day I'm gonna make you proud" 

Now that I'm older 

It's so much harder 

To say those words out loud

You're growing taller A little smarter 

And one day you're gonna leave home 

Oh, will you look like your mother's father

Oh, when you are fully grown?

Ooh ooh oh oh oh oho ho...

When I was younger, I asked my father 

"Why are we so human?"

Now that I'm older

I think I figured it out 

We're just doing what we can

Oh ooh oh oh... Because I won't 

I won't let you down 

I won't let you

I won't let you down, oh now 

I won't, I won't let you down 

I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't, I won't let you down

When I was younger, I told my mother 

"I say, one day I'm gonna make you proud"

when i finish the song, i went to go get some water and i got a message from someone but i didn't see who texted me.

(unknown number)

you really think you can hide from me forever rena xDaddy

when i see the message i drop my glass of water and all you hear is shatter of the glass. no no no this can't be happening now i thought he didn't know where my nana lives but hes following me everywhere i go, holy shit he was following me when i was going on a date with harry. i felt like someone was watching us that night and but i thought it was just me but no it wasn't it was him. who's following me and watching what im doing. 

"What am i gonna do" i muttered and breath heavily.


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