"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


15. 14.

Hey lovely ! here's your daily reminder from me :

Keep going.

no matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself "there's no point to carry on," no matter how many people tell you that you can't do it - Keep going. Don't quit.

don't quit, because a month from now you will be that much closer to your goal than you are now. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Make today count.


serenas pov.

yesterday was the best date ever and a little funny, i still can't believe he would do that for me. He's so much of a sweet heart.

flashback on date

"so where are you taking us Mr. Styles" i say to him and smiling.

" you'll have to wait and see Mr. Torrez" he said smiling wide and his dimple showing. aw his dimple is so cute on.

"Thanks i my dimple is cute on me" when he said taht my eyes pop out, did i just say that out loud.

" yes you did"

"omg i have a bad habit of doing that sometimes"

"its okay i think thats cute and you are surely blushing really good, i would love to see that blush all night beautiful" he really is making me blush super good. while harry was driving to the place we where going i notice we weren't in town no more, it look like we are out of a field.

" are you gonna kill me instead of going on a date with me' i say while laughing.

" now why would i do to a girl like you who's to beautiful to die out here"

" omg you are making it seem like it''

" if i wanted to do it i already would of right Rena"

" so true Mr. Styles" i say laughing again.

" okay maybe i would kill you if you stop with the last" when he said that i started laughing really hard and i decide just to say his last again just to annoy him.

" got it Mr. Styles"

"really" he said trying to hold a laugh out of his mouth.

'' you know you wanna laugh harry, you cant hold it in forever' i say trying to make his laugh to out. right when i said he started laughing so then i join him with our laughter. when we stop laughing i started staring at him for so long that i didn't know that we stop. i look around and see that we were in a small little town, then harry came by my door and open it for me and took my hand. i smile at him and he smile back, i was about to ask him were we are but he beat me to it.

" i thought it would be cute to have a date here at a small town and walk around to go to the fair, and thinking maybe you like it. hope you like it, i know its chessy and stuff but its every girl girls dream so ya"

" harry dont worry im not liek those other girls who wants a perfect, she just rather be in normal clothes and go to a fast food for a date" i say too him who now smiling big cause of what i said.

" well shall we go to are date my love"

"we shall go to out date Mr. Styles"

"i still meant what i said in the car"

" aww you can't kill me yet, im on a date with a cute handsome man"

" oh really and who is that"

" YOU ! " when i said that he started to blush, yes i got him for the first time.

(after dinner)

'so were else are you taking me Mr. Styles, you said you wantedto walk around, i would love to know were your taking me next"

" im taking you to a speical place, i think you will like"

'' do you take all the other girls to that speical place"

" no but im only taking a girl who speical to me and her being the first girl to know about it" when he said that i started to blush, hes has been making me blush all night. He said i look cute when i blush. and even when he said i blush even worser. when harry told me i was the first to go to the palce i felt liek he wasn't lying, but i just feel liek he kinda is in a way.

" we're here'' i look around and seen a waterfall in the night sky. wow it was beauitful. you caould just see how it glows in the night.

" wow harry this is really beautiful"

" i know it is, just like you" oh no here it goes again.

" your blushing again for the thousandths time, i wonder who that person is" i turn and look at him and smile.

" well the person as curly like you a dimple and beautiful green eyes and his name is Harry Styles."

" wow i didn't know that was me'' when he said that i giggled. he started walking up to me and was about to lean and kiss me and so was but then my heel made trip over and made me fall and harry too but harry went the other way of falling, his whole body went stright to the water. when i look up and seen harry in the water i started laughing so hard nonstop. he look at me with a death glare but just started laughing cause what happen to him.

"i am so sorry, i didn't see where my heels where going. and they are a pain in the foot when i wear heels"

" its around love and i think i was shoes in the car that i can give to u that dont fit me no more'' when he got up, he told me its almost ten and he didn't want my sister hating him if she ends up grounding me.

" here you go love" when gave me the shoes he lean in and kiss my cheek.

this is the best night i ever had so long.


when that happen i couldn't stop laughing, and harry gave me his old converse that were black. when i got home my sister asnwer the door and seen a wet harry and a dry serena. she ask what happen and i told she coudn't stop laughing to that night. my sister help harry dry and told him that she wouldn't mind washing his clothes. andgave him her boyfriends clothes, oh yeah by the way my sister got a boyfriend. i think they are cute together. im on my way to Mrs. May class for practice, and she wanted to talk to me to about my song i need to do.

" hey Mrs. May"

" oh honey call me, Jen"

" okay well did you wanted me here to talk to me about my song for the play"

" oh yes honey, i was thinking the song for you to sing should be halo" wow she wants me to sing that song. that song has so much touching to it. if she wants me to sing it then i will cause i love that song.

" i would love to sing halo"

cant wait to do this play but at the same time so nervous but i know i can do this.

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