"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


14. 13.

Hey guys ! you should read my best friend book its called "jesse" read it its on her profile @stephyyyy99 on wattpad


serenas pov.

wow is i can say cuase just a few hours ago i got ask out to go on a date, Harry left to go home cause his mom needed him and he said our date is tomorrow. He even said to look sexy, what are you planning Mr. Styles. i text alex what happen earlier. She said that she knew but didnt find out the day before. she gonna come over tomorrow ansd help me look nice for my date with harry. Wow who else knows about this. When my sister got home she seen harry walking out of the house and look at me like his he the guy were talking about look. i give her the nod saying yes.

from: Harry

change of plans love, i decide to have are date like in 3 hours hope your ready for it xH

to: Serena

holy shit ! i dont even know what to wear now thank you for letting me know Mr. Styles!

from: Harry

your welcome love :) and seriously whats up with you with last names xH

to: Serena

i just like your last name and dont worry i do it to the boys too ! well i better get going so i can call Alex to get her butt at my house to help me find something to wear for our DATE !

from: Harry

bye love xH

to: Serena

bye Harry

HOLY SHIT IM GOING ON A DATE WITH HARRY IN LIKE 3 HOURS. Alex you better pick up your phone cause i need your help.

(P/C talking)




" you need to get your butty at my house like NOW"


'' harry change are plans to have to have the date in like 3 hours alex"


' your the best alex"

( end of talking on the phone)

when me and alex got done talking on the phone, it didnt take her like 3 minutes to get here. right she help me find something to wear and she watching me freak out cause i got like hour half life for my date with harry.

" i got it why dont you wear this dress i never wear, i was suppose to wear this last year but i didnt like it on me so i just throw it in my closet and brought it with me i left it in the car so let me go get it for you"

"thank you alex but what shoes am i gonna wear with it"

" oh honey dont worry about that your sister is on it" i heard my sister say by the door.

"here are the shoes you can wear" she gave me her light mint green heels her favorite ones wow.

"but there your favorite"

i know but my little sister needs help on needing shoes"

"thanks sis"

"your welcome amor"(means love)

"here it is, lets get you ready before that date of yours get here. shall we"

after alex brought the dress in, she started doing my hair and curling it and gabbing two pieces of my hair and braid it and pin it in the middle of my hair. wow i really look so beautiful.

"wow look at you all beautiful and ready for your first date"

" oh shut you guys, please dont cry cause you guys are making a fool out of yourself" once i was saying that i heard the door bell ring, holy shit im about to leave to on a date with harry styles. NOW IM FREAKING OUT REALLY GOOD I NEED TO BREATHE IN AND Out.

" omg Serena breath in and out okay honey Alex went to go answer the door, you are gonna be fine. its just a date, nothing will happen i hope not that's for sure"


" BE DOWN IN A MINUTE" i say to Alex who's downstairs maybe talking to harry.

"i don't know I'm so scared about this Nina"

" Rena i want you got out there and have a great time on your date okay and when you get home, you tell me all about it and how it went." as she tells and i look at myself in the mirror to make sure i look okay before i go downstairs. i leave my room and i seen Alex sitting down on the couch with harry with his head turn around.

" here she is Harry" as harry heard my name he turn his heard and his eyes went wide and started to smile at me big. i smile back at him.

" wow um, you look um Beautiful" he said nervously.

"thank you"

"well shall we go my lady" as he said that i giggled.

"make sure to have her home by 10" i heard my sister, omg really sis i give her that look. then she give me yes im making sure you come home safe look. ugh sisters these days. when me and harry left my house, and walk to his Range Rover, he open the door me. hes so sweet. thank the lord i didn't say no to this handsome. he ran around to go to the driver side so we can leave to are date.

" so where you are taking us Mr. Styles"

" you'll have to wait and see Ms. Torrez" he said smiling and show his dimple.

this night is gonna be the best, night of my life.

Unknown Pov.

she really thinks i don't follow her where she goes, i know she doesn't want do nothing with me but im gonna make sure her life is a living hell but first i need to get rid of curly guy who's keeping her happy. well soon she not gonna be happy when she finds out about Mr. curly secret soon.

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