"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


13. 12

here is chapter 12 my lovelys ! OH and heres yours daily reminder from me

1. you are beautiful

2. you are worth it

3. you are stong

4. you deserve to be happy

5. you can fight whatever you're going through right now

6. one day you'll be able to say " i made it ''

7 and i will be proud of you !


serenas pov.

"now shall we begin"

2 hours later (practicing the play)

"princess Diana prince Jasper is here to see you"

"send him in please"

"yes princess"

'' hello princess"(prince Jsper says)

"please Jasper call me Diana"

" yes princess i mean Diana " (princess giggles)

"what can i help you Jasper"

" princess i mean Diana, i came here to ask you to marry me"

" oh Jasper im sorry,  icant marry you"

" why Diana, why can't you see i love you"

" i know you love me at your dearest i just can't get hurt again by love, My love is somwething i dont wanna share"

" Diana i can show you what love really is and promise to never break it"

" how will i know you won't hurt me like the others"

'' trust me princess, i will never hurt you''

'' i have to think about this, i need time"

'' I'll give you the time you need, i must be going''

''bye Jasper''

"bye princess" (princess giggles"

" princess Diana your father and mother is back from therte trip"

" thank you"

( princess walking up to her father king Wyatt and mother queen Annabel) 

" hello father and mother how was your trip?"

" good, oh my Diana i heard prince Jasper was here" ( queen Annabel say)

" oh yes mother, sweet man"

" so did her ask you to marry him" ( says king Wyatt )

" i didnt say yes father or no i just told him i cant and need time"

" oh dear, dont keep that boy waiting forever, but whatever you chose will still love you my Diana ( queen Annabel says)

( practice stops)

" that was good everyone now you may clean and head home make siure here tomorrow after school, oh harry and serena may i talk to you two alone please." as everyone left, me and harry had to wait cause Mrs May wanted to talk to us.

" so your wondering why i ask you  two here" MRs May said we both nod are heads.

" okay well i would liek you two to stay more after practice and learn your parts for the musical drama, i have to have you both sing a song together for the show and sing a song for your guys person who is telling them how they feel about each other and also there will be a part for you guys to be kissing"

"okay' we both said, holy shit im kissing harry styles again. this should be good.

Harrys pov

glad to be kissing the girl of my dreams. im gonna ask her out but i don't know how but someone knows serena very well rthen i do.

"hey Zayn, i need your help" i say to him and trying to catch up to him.

" whats up man"

" i need your help on someone"

" sure man whos this person"

serenas pov

Alex and i are heading to my nanas house. i have been staying over there. i havent been home since what happen like a monthe a half again, when my sister fing out she was very pissed off. as for me and alex got to to my nanas i told her i will be back in a bit and that im going back to my house to get my stuff and more clothes for here.

"be back in a bit Alex"

"okay call me if you need anything"

"okay" as i started walking to my parents house lit look like no one was home. good cause them i can pack my shit and leave this place, but i feel like im not gonna get to leave this place as i step inside the house everything is a mess wow dad must had a party or got piss off. i ran upstairs to grab my stuff and hurry up to leave as soon as i can. once i got everything i need, i check one more time to see if i forgot anything as i was checking, i heard the front door slamed. 

"shit" i muttered under my breath.

i thought no one wasn't gonna be home, great what am igonna do i can't stay in here forever. then serena your just gonan have to go down there, and face him im not scared anymore. as im walking downstairs. i seen hm standing there looking at me, then he smirk at me and started walkin g up to me but i ran into the room and lock it and put my chair by the door. he kept banging on the door so much FUCK THINK SERENA.

" oh serena you know you can't hide forever from me you know. you'll never leave this place, i'll make sure your life is like hell bitch, so come out now"

" oh really huh me stuck here, i'll be gonna before you know it and out of this palce away from you"

" you really think that huh, you dont have a life or a career yet your just a normal teenager whos a bitch"

" ha i'll make sure my life is better then yours. truth me im gonna have career then liek you who fuck up your life on your own not me you did that on your own mistakes"

" just watch serena things will come after you"

" no they won't they will come after you" as i said that, i started to grab my stuff and climb out of the window. im gonna have surely gonna have to come back for the rest of my stuff later, once i left i started to walk really fast cause i heard the door opened. good thing i left from the window. now i need to hurry before someone sees me and having alex worrying about me. while i was walking i bump into someone. then i seen green eyes looking at my brown almost hazel eyes.

" serena'' shit hes gonna wanan know why im dressed up like this. serena tell him the truth. no dont cause hes gonan tell someone make up a lie, ugh my head is fucking with me.\

" serena are you okat" harry says worried.

" oh yeah sorry didnt hear you"

" oh okay, why are wearing a hoodlie while hiding your face"

: um i just liek to hide my face you know, well i better get going see you atr school harry"

"okay see you around serena" as he left i startedto walk to my nanas, once i got inside i slide down on to the floor and just scream.

" serena is that you"

'yeah nina its me" i say to my sister.

" okay alex wanted me to let you know she went home cause she needed to watch her sister"

" okay thanks for letting me know, i will be in my room."

" oh and can you watch alee while i go to the store and alee is taking her nap, she just barely fell asleep so she should be out for hours.

" yeah thats fine"

" okay thanks, i will be back in like a hour or so i won't be long"

"okay" as my sister left i went go check on alee, she surely sound aslee. i went in the kicthen to get something to eat but i heard the door bell ring, i went to go look who was at the door but no one. but i open to find a note on the floor, i look to see if anyone was watching but nope. once i got inside i open the note and started to read it.

what you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful - xH

okay this is cute but who is sending me notes like this. i went upstairs to go change but then i seen something on my window, it was another note.

everything has a beauty, but not everyone sees it - xH

someone is in this house and i know it. As i left my room to go check on alee. she was still sound asleep,. then i went to the bathroom and found another note on teh mirror.

beauty is a fragile gift - xH

i feel like im gonna find notes around this house, i think im going crazy. serena just go to the kitchen and make youself something to eat. while i was walking down the hall i seen two notes on both sides of the wall

let me be your hero - xH

i can kiss away the pain and i will stand by you forever - xH

please god let there be another note for me in the kitchen. as i got to the kicthen i see another note but it said the last note.

i can show you what true love is by you going on a date with me - x Harry Styles

holy shit my heart is beating so fast Harry freaking Styles is asking me out. what should i tell i say out loud.

:" i think you should say yes to him cause he right here watching the most beautiful girl think so much and doesn't know what to say to him" i turn to see him holding a rose one rose that is while my favorite kind rose.

" so what you say beautiful"

think serena, this guy surely making you see that hes asking you out so say yes. shut up mind let me make my chose.

" yes" i say to him with a smile.


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