"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


12. 11.

hope you enjoy this chapter ! stay strong and just be youself beautifuls !


serenas pov.


me and harry decide to sign up for the musical drama.they said that they want us to sing on our own cause they want to see how good we are. well lets just say we made it and were on a way to the theater. as we got there we didnt know we will be seeing the gang all together. this should be good why they are here, see what story they have come up with.

" hey guys" as i say while me and harry walking up to them who are getting things done and practicing and dressing up. they all turn there heads and drop everything what there doing and looked at me and harry with wide eyes.

'' do you guys wanna tell me why your here" then zayn spoke up.

" well we all have different stories here"

" yup cause you better start explaining to me like now"

[zayn] well since im talking and no one wants to explain then i will, well it all happen 2 weeks ago. i was being stupid and decide to fuck up the boys bathroom and they found out it was me so they told me to chose like get kick off the football team (soccer) or join the musical drama so i decide to join the musical drama" as zayn tells me then i look at alex then she sign.

[alex] '' okay as for me i got in trouble for being late 10 times so they made me sign up."

[perrie] " i try leaving school again to just go shopping with friends like 6 times."

[blake] " i kinda got sent here cause i was listening."

[anna] " was talking on the phone.''

[eleanor] " curse the teacher out." eleanor smiles proud that chick.

[liam] " was being to good in class and just got sent.''

[hannah] talking back and didnt give a crap" of course you would hannah i say in my mind.''

[louis] " being my sassy self."

[niall] '' eating food in class.''

'' cant believe you guys'' then zayn spoke up again.

'' wait why you guys here'

'' we both decide to join cause Mrs. May thought we would be good for it''

'' what the hell and you guys didnt get in trouble and also not force to do this''

'' nope '' me and harry say

'' you guys are one lucky bitches'' says alex.

'' well we stay out of trouble''.

'' thats what you think serena'' as alex said that, i was about to speak but someone started talking.

'' okay kids, enough talk we a show to put on less than 2 weeks'' i knew that voice.

'' Mrs. May what are you doing here'' as me and harry said at the same time.

'' well serena and harry i am the musical drama teacher''

'' that is so cool Mrs. May, so whats the musical about'' we say.

'' ell you guys are gonna be telling the story by music and talking. its about two people being in love but the other person afraid to be loved and get hurt and also trys not to open up to the person she loves when hes trying to love her. so lets get to work shall we.

'' i also got the peopel who will be playing as''

"harry you are playing as prince jasper from england and also lover"

"zayn you are playing as king wyatt who rule londan and father to the broken princess"

'' perrie you are playing queen annabel the wife for king wyatt''

" alexanrda you are palying as princess elizabeth the daugther of wyatt and annabel and sister to the other princess''

" now my sweet dear serena this my favorite part for you, i thought you would fit this the most. you are palying as princess diana the first daugther of wyatt and annabel''

'' why did you chose me as princess diana'' i say to Mrs. May.

'' i think of her as you hun. she loves to sing and hang out with her friends. thats why i chose you as her.''

wow she thought me as someone special like princess diana i hope i do good as princess diana.


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