"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


11. 10.

hope you'd guys enjoy reading !

serenas pov.

"so Rena me and the girls and the boys are going clubbing, would you wanna go" says Alex.

" well sure why not I have nothing else this weekend and since its Friday, I think I can have a little bit of fun."

"okay good Rena cause even you said n I was gonna still drag you anyways'

"omg Alex really"

"yes Rena, all you do is homework, study, and stay home, you gotta have a little bit of fun and you got stop with that innocence self of yours cause girl we all know your wild" as Alex say.

"that's not true" I try to say in a serious tone.

"see Rena your trying to make it in a serious time when your about to laugh"

"you surely so know me very well''

"well duh I'm your best friend" she says in a duh tone.

"really Alex I didn't know we were best friends" I say joking around.

"your to funny Serena Eleanor Torrez"

"well that why I'm your best friend Alexandra Lopez" as we laugh together while walking to class.

"lets go to the mall after school and look for outfits for tonight"

"okay then"


me and Alex are now going to the mall, Alex said that she heard harry and zayn talking. she said that zayn invited harry to go clubbing with us. she said I need to look really hit for harry.

"Alex I'm not even going out with him and you know I'm still not ready to date"

"Rena your yourself down this guy really cares about and he's trying to make you his" as she tells me while looking for a dress.

"but Alex I'm just scared that if he hurt me like my dad"

"Rena you can't always think someone is like your dad and I seem you and harry have been hanging out a lot lately, is there something your not telling me." as Alex said those word then I remember the kiss.

"Alex promise me you will not freak out or scream if I tell you something." when I told Alex about the kiss she freak out. when I told her not freak out or screams, and look what she does freaks out. I'm at her house getting ready for the club. I decide to curl my hair and I'm wearing heels what are black, and I'm almost wearing a half cut too with a skirt that's showing a little bit of my stomach. I put a little bit of make up on too. not much you know.

"hey Rena ready to go" says Alex finishing putting her shoes on.

"yeah I'm ready to go have fun" I say smiling.

"or just to go have fun with harry you know what I mean"

"one Alex you think dirty to much like Blake, no wonder you two are perfect for each other."

"lets go" as she says laughing. as we got to the club, I seem Zayn Perrie, Liam, Anna, Louis, Eleanor, Niall, Hannah, and Harry and Blake all together waiting for us.

"hey guys"

"finally your here, I have been waiting to get my drink on" says Hannah.

" you guys could of had gone inside you know"

"yeah but Perrie, Zayn, and Mr. harry over here wanted to wait for you guys"

"well now were here Hannah, now you you and Niall can get drunk and suck each others faces" as I say that everyone started laugh. when we got inside we found a table to sit and drink, once the boys sat down and as I was about to but I was stop by the girls pulling me to go get drinks with them and go on the dance floor.

"how can I help you ladies" says a man behind the bars.

[perrie] "I want a Vodka lime''

[hannah] "a vodka strawberry"

[eleanor] "vodka chocolate"

[anna] "vodka raspberry"

[alex] "vodka mango"

[serena] and a vodka cherry"

"wow all vodka but different favors right on it" while we were waiting, I seem harry staring at me. so I decide to wink at him and give him a little smirk.

"ladies here are your drinks."

"thanks" we all said.

as the guy who gave us our drinks we went out on the to the dance floor and us girls started grinding on each others then in the corner of my eye I seem harry watching me move. I can tell his hands are sweating cause he keeps rubbing his hands on his pants. while I was dancing I felt two hands on me so I turn around to see a guy who look in his 30s.

"can I help you sir" I say as clam.

I would like to take you home doll and take that beautiful dress off of yours" he say giving me me a smirk, ugh what's up with older men giving me a dirty smirk.

"sorry but I'm taken and my boyfriend wouldn't like knowing a is touching me and trying to take me home" I say to him with a serious tone and clam tone.

"well honey, it looks like he's not here and wouldn't mind me talking his girl home"

"I don't think I would like you talking my girlfriend home old man" I turn around to harry mad, his eyes are not the bright green no more there the dark shade of green.

"well sorry Manu I just saw her by herself and thought she was alone"

"well she not and now you can leave me and my girl alone" he said I was his girl but were not dating but he was helping me from that guy back there.

"are you okay babe'


"oh yeah" I say smiling at him for saving me.

"oh I forgot to say to you early you look Hermoso (means beautiful) when he said that I started to blush hard.

"how you know, I thought you don't Spanish"

"well I don't I just look it up and practice on that for you" omg here comes a other blush.

come on let's go dance or will you dance with me"

"yes I will"

"promise not to run away''


I can't wait to sign up with him for the musical drama.

"are you coming love" I didn't hear him call me to dance.

"yeah" I say smiling to him while looking at his green eyes as he looks at my brown eyes that turn to hazel eyes some time.

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