"your voice is like a angel"

"I'm no angel with no wings"

"why not"

"cause someone has to help me build my wings up again" as I tell him then everything went quiet.

But the only thing she was good at was to fake a smile for everyone.


2. 1.

Serena's P.O.V.

I woke up in middle of the night by yelling  from downstairs, so I went to check what all the yelling was about, once I got downstairs it was my parents fighting about how we don't have money in the house. Well hello of course we don't you guys always spend it on drugs or beer. I wish my parent were the parents I dream of but that cant happen cause they are the parents that hate me sometimes. I heard a door slammed meaning my dad left to go out to a bar and get drunk again and maybe try to come out me again. When he left I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I went in the kitchen and saw my mother sitting down on the chair for a minute, surprised she hasn't fallen or stumbling off the chair. I thought she was high on drugs but she wasn't because I never heard her ask me anything, but that's when she spoke up.

"what are you doing Serena" she said while drinking her water

"I woke up by the yelling of you and my father downstais so I wanted to know what was going on, because you guys are always busy being drunk and high." I tell her and she looks into my eyes, deep in thought.

"well im sorry that we are not the greatest, we never wanted this life for the both of us but we had no choice to give up on you guys"

"Well it's to late to apologize cause you guys already gave us up by doing drugs and drinking." The way she looked at my with her bags under her eyes. This isn't my mom that would kiss me goodnight and tuck me in. This is the mom that didn't give a damn about my sister and I.

"Goodnight I have school in the morning and its the first day of school tomorrow and I don't want be tired and don't look my very best  tomorrow." I say to her as I exit the kitchen. I went straight to bed and go back to sleep.

I was woken up by the sound of my alarm I hi the snooze button and I stumble off my bed. I walk to my restroom to wash my face, I get my tooth brush and my tooth paste out, as I wash my teeth I think about how my terrible summer was.  I decide to wear my red and black flannel with my favorite shirt that says "this time im ready to run" with my demise shorts that are rip everywhere with my white converse and red beanie. I thought leaving my hair normal with my wavy curls. I get my makeup bag and get the mascara, eye liner out. I apply very little make up because well I don't want to look like a slut. I grab my bag and toss it on my shoulder and head downstairs to see my dad passed out on the couch.

Once I walked out the door I started walking to Zayn's house, I wait for him outside and walk with each other like we always do. Zayn is like my other half, Zayn and I can never get away from one another because we are so used to seeing each other and hanging out, fooling around with teachers and ditching classes.

As soon as I got to Zayn's house I see Alexandra was already here cause she was walking around and waited for me to arrive at this house, I walk up to her to knock on Zayn's door. Alexandra and I been close friends since we were around 9 or 10 and look at us we are still friends.

"Hey Alex!" I say to giving her a tight hug.

"Hey Rena" she says, giving me one back too

"So.. are you ready for a new school year?"

''Always am, am I right?"

''Of course you are, what if this year is different though Rena, what if you met a boy at school but he was new and he bump into and you drop your books and see green eyes and dimples and curly hair as he picks your books up for you'' as she tells me, quiet a imagination she has. I chuckle at the little but cheesy joke.

"Alex, you know me so well. But I will soon have that dream boy one day, maybe." I say to her

"But what if it does happen? I'm like a.. psychic, I know you don't believe in happy endings nor prince's but he will come one day I know it just keep your eyes open." wow this girl knows me very well I'm so glad to-

"Hey guys ready to go" as Zayn's says while he opens the door and interrupts my thoughts.

"Yea, lets go cause Alex is going crazy again." I laugh while Alex gives me a death glare.

"Ha-ha.. but, hey I'm not going crazy I might be true about this Rena"

"okay whatever you say Alex"

"but just watch its going to happen"

"Lets go you two, we don't have all day and we don't want to keep the rest of the gang waiting" Zayn tells us while Alex and I keep messing around and argue.

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