1. Autumns POV

So this morning I had to go to school, ugh. I got up and ate chocolate chip waffles with a cup of fruit and orange juice. I went and my room and put on my new Luke Hemmings shirt that said YOU COMPLETE MEss in bright pink, then I put on my mudd jeggings from kohls. Next I put on my leopard print grey sperrys. For my hair I just left it down. When I got to school I walked to the cafeteria and talked to my friends about my boyfriend, Austin until the bell rang. Like you know, usual stuff like he's so cute, he's so sweet stuff like that. When the bell rang I walked to class with my friend Nicole and then I got to my locker and unpacked. When I got in the class room our teacher wasn't in there so we all got up and started talking me Austin and my friend Kendra were looking at the globe to see how far away Australia was from us because me and Kendra LOVE 5SOS. Me and Kendra went and sat back down in our seats, I have to sit beside of Austin's annoying best friend Jordon. Austin sits diagonally one seat in front of me so he got up and started talking to me and Jordon. Austin turned around and shouted "Oh crap Mrs. Sigmon is coming!" He then backed up and sat down fast and slipped and hit his head on the table. Jordon started laughing so I popped him in the back of the head I jumped up and asked Austin if he was ok and he ignored me and walked out I started tearing up and Mrs. Sigmon walked in and said what's wrong with Austin and we told her he hit his head.

Sorry about the short chapter guys I hope for the next one to be longer but idk. I don't really know when I'll be making the next chapter because of school ); ugh.

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