I cried out, causing Alfie to rush into the bathroom. I looked up at him, tears streaming down my face.

"Are you serious!" He said, turning off his camera whilst looking down at my hands.

I just sat there, nodding silently.


1. Planning//Alfie

I walked into the living room, to find Zoe lying peacefully on the sofa. I couldn't tell if she was sleeping or just lying down, but she looked so perfect. I went over to her and got under the thin blanket, cuddling up to her. She quickly snuggled up to me, head going into my chest.

"Zoe, we need to plan our videos, remember?"

"Later," she mumbled, head still burrowed in my chest. "I'm comfortable."


I tightened my grip on her, snuggling my head over hers. I felt so protective of her when she was in my arms like this.

About an hour later we had managed to get up, and had notepads and pens all over the place. On top of our notepads were often sticky notes giving ideas as to what we were doing within a certain video. I had yellow sticky notes, she had pink.

I got up to go into the kitchen, and called out to Zoe to ask if she wanted a coffee. She wanted a gingerbread one, especially as it was leading up to Christmas. I decided I would have one too, because they tasted amazing. I bought the two coffees into the living room, to find Zoe curled up on the sofa drifting off again. I shook her, making her jump and then thump me with a pillow. I just laughed at her reaction.

We got back to planning, and then seeing as she had drifted off again despite the coffee, I decided to pick her up and carry her upstairs into the bedroom. I lay her down on the bed picked up the covers, carefully putting them over her and making sure she had enough pillows. After being satisfied that she looked comfortable enough, I went downstairs and into my study.

I switched on my left hand Mac, and then did the same with the right hand one. I opened up the YouTube editing app on the left one, and then YouTube on the right. Then I thought I would look through the comments from yesterday's daily vlog. People were saying that me and Zoe should do a Girlfriend Tag video, and some people were just saying things like "Nice video x" or a particular fangirly girl said "LOVE YOU ALFIE💘💘". I loved it when people said things like this, not because of the 'fame' or anything like that. It was just nice that they were being positive.

I decided as I was doing this I would switch the TV on. The only thing I could find to watch was Friends, so I put that on at a low volume in the background. I decided that I had done editing my daily vlog, so I sat back and waited for it to upload. I would leave it and go to bed, but last time I did that a notification had come up and because I hadn't clicked yes or no because I was in bed, it had deleted it. So now I stayed by it when it uploaded.

Once it was done I contemplated on uploading my main channel video, but then saw that it was 01:38 I decided to drag myself up to bed. I switched off all my computers, and the TV, and headed up to bed. I saw Zoe snuggled up on the far side of the bed, moving up and down as she breathed. I curled into bed and wrapped my arms around her, then slowly fell asleep.

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