I cried out, causing Alfie to rush into the bathroom. I looked up at him, tears streaming down my face.

"Are you serious!" He said, turning off his camera whilst looking down at my hands.

I just sat there, nodding silently.


4. Morning//Zoe

I woke up all of a sudden, instantly forgetting what had made me jump. I lay back down, slowly resting my head on the pillow and looking to the side to see Alfie, fast asleep. As much as I tried I couldn't fall back to sleep, and seeing as it was almost seven o'clock I decided to drag myself out if bed and down the stairs.

I walked sleepily into the kitchen and called out to Nala. I heard here feet padding along the floor, along the gentle clang of her short claws. I rustled the food bag making her excited and poured the food into the tiny bowl.

I then opened a cupboard and got out a box of chocolate Krave, and poured as much as I could into my bowl. I then walked over to the fridge and got out the milk, and all of a sudden 15 was back in my mind. Wait... Was it 15? I ran up to the bathroom and sat on the loo.

Nope. 16. Definitely 16.

All of a sudden a wash off sickness and dizziness came over me and I quickly got off the toilet and bent over it. I gagged, but nothing else happened. I got myself up, looking in the mirror and rubbing my forehead. This was ridiculous. I was so stressed out and worried I just needed to get that test as soon as possible.

I went back into the kitchen and got my cereal, taking it into the Living Room. I sat down and placed my bowl on the coffee table, going to grab the remote- only to see it wasn't there.

I spent ten minutes looking under every pillow and the sofa and the table to see where it was. I went into Alfie's study to see it sitting on his desk. God it really annoyed e when he didn't put it back.

I eventually went back to sit on the sofa and put the TV on, beginning munching on my cereal.

About an hour later Alfie came down, as I was finishing off my third bowl of cereal. He was in his pyjamas still, whereas I was all dressed and ready to soon make and exit. He called out to me when I was away with the fairies, making both me and Nala jump. Her adorable eyes widened and I was shaking a little. He started talking to his camera, doing the usual greeting. He came to us and sat down. He began to ask me what I was doing today.

"I'm going to go into town to pick up some stuff from Boots and I might do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping too," I said, making a huge effort to smile.

He then started talking to Nala, sitting on the floor as pointing the camera at her little sleepy face. I went over to feed the Guinea Pigs, as they were scratching anxiously on their cage. I then went to grab my coat and walk out the door, as Alfie followed me. He cuddled up from behind and we stood there a moment, swaying from side to side. I eventually had to go and Nala was going nuts so he kissed me and I walked out.

The cool ocean breeze instantly hit my face, making me recoil as it was colder than yesterday. I walked along the path to the car, sliding in it as it unlocked. I started up the engine, pausing as another wave of sickness hit me. I held my breath, making it go away. I was left with indigestion, which in hindsight is better than puking everywhere. I took out some tablets from my bag and took them, swallowing hard to make them go down. I then started the car up and drove away, paying as much attention to the busy Saturday morning road as I could.

I reached town at about half ten, making my way to TopShop first. I was trying so hard to avoid the big blue Boots sign, but it was damn near impossible. I hurriedly entered the clothes store and started looking at the tops. Then it hit me, if I'm pregnant I'm going to get bigger. I can't shop here. There's no point even buying clothes. Well, maybe I can just get this scarf.

As soon as I payed for it I exited, once again being swept by the wind. There it was, standing in front of me, Boots. I held my breath and made my way in. I kept my head down as much as I could, making my way to the health section. There stood a long row of pregnancy tests. There were so many different ones and a feeling of daunt came over me. I felt like crying, I couldn't do this. Yes I could. Pull yourself together for god sake Zoe it's just a stick that you pee on, except two minutes later it comes up with a + or -.

I walked slowly along, looking up and down until a saw one that looked good enough quality yet simple. My hand got nearer, and I saw that it was £18.99. I didn't really wanna buy two, and seeing as it was good quality I thought that one would do a good job. I also thought I would go to the make up section while I was here, picking up a new Baby Lips, and a matte foundation. A new berry selection of nail varnishes caught my eye too, so I picked up a 'Cherry Blossom' and a 'Deep Red'.

I then approached the counter, edging slowly up the queue. This is it. Now I need to buy it. I placed it down, immediately rummaging through my bag to find my purse. I disregarded any looks as if to either say "Good luck" or "Unlucky". I wasn't too sure which was which so I didn't bother trying to suss them out.

I felt a little bit sick again, so I went for a walk. I pulled out my phone, thinking I needed to text someone. I wanted so badly to text mum, but she just wasn't reachable. I thought about all my friends, had any if then been pregnant? Not Tanya, not Alfie's sister... Louise! God thank god Louise! I hurriedly searched for her contact and started typing as quick as I could;

Chummy need to talk ASAP xx😫💕

I found a bench and sat on it, waiting. Te two minutes it took her seemed like two days. I just needed to talk to her, so bad.

Here chummy, sorry Darcy was squeeling xx

I thought about how I was going to word this text. Should I tell her straight up or tell her that it was a bit serious before she went if thinking I had met One Direction or something.

It's um... Quite a serious thingy

I waited, while her text bubble kept going '...' Then I saw;

Call me xx

So I did so, shaking as I scrolled through to find her number. As soon as I found it I called, and she picked up five seconds later.

"Louise- Lou," I burst into tears.

"What is it chummy?" She said, worried.

"I-i think I'm-"

"That's it come to mine immediately."

"I can't I'm all the way in Brighton!" I stuttered.

"Then just tell me!"

"I think I'm pregnant."

I burst into tears again, mascara smudging as I got sympathetic looks from passers-by. Someone offered me a tissue, and I took it appreciatively, wiping my eyes.

"But you said you guys.."

"I know but I'm-" I paused, lowering my voice.

"Sorry chum I can't hear you?"

"I'm sixteen days late!" I whisper-shouted.

"Ohh, well then you should take a test really."

"I bought one but-" I broke into another round of tears, wiping once again with the tissues.

"I'm scared Louise. I dunno what Alfie will think and like we just got Nala and I don't think financially we are unstable but we only just moved in together and we aren't even married!" I finished.

We went on talking, ad eventually we and to the solution that Louise was going to come down with Darcy and stay the night. I was sure Alfie would be fine with it, and I needed to talk to someone. Desperately.

At around half four I got a text from Alfie just as I was getting in the car to go home.

Zoe where are you?

I text back quickly, forgetting how long I had been out.

Really sorry! Ended up on the phone with Louise! Btw I hope you don't mind but Louise and Darcy are coming round tonight xx On my way home now xx

I then got in the car and drove away.

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