Misguided Ghosts


3. 0.3

Arriving in LA was so surreal. Luke's arm remained around my shoulder, whilst his free hand dragged along my suitcase. I'd never been to a more amazing city. The lights, the sounds, the people. We drove through busy LA, in 5sos' tour bus. Michael was asleep in his bunk, Calum was eating as usual, and Ashton was literally swing from anything he could. "I guess you to are sharing a bunk?" Ashton asked. "Yeah," Luke replied. "To keep her warm, of course." He winked at Ashton. "Not too warm!" Michael laughed, as he woke up. I shoved him as he pulled himself out of his bunk. "Where's the food at?" He asked. "I'm starving," Luke replied. "Nandos?"
We made the tour bus driver stop at nandos. We huddled into the corner, and ordered as much chicken as humanly possible. "I'm so glad you're not a vegetarian," Luke laughed. He kissed my cheek, and clutched my hand for the rest of the night. 
It sounds stupid, but this is the best time I can remember that me and Luke experienced together. I can't remember much after leaving nandos. I can clearly remember getting into the bus, and sitting with Luke in his bunk. We made out a bit, I don't know where any of the others were. About 10 minutes later, the driver yelled "fuck!" Louder than I'd ever herd anyone about before. The bus swerved, causing my head to swoop around. Luke fell out of the bunk, as the bus rolled over. I could hear the others, but I couldn't see them. Not even Luke. I clung onto the side of the bunk as the bus continues to roll, hanging on for my life. I felt Luke's hand reach up and grasp my waist. As he whispered everything was going to be okay. The bus did one final topple, causing my head to whip against the side of the bunk. 
That is my last memory of that day. 


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