Misguided Ghosts


2. 0.2

"Babe, come downstairs! You're eggs are done!" Luke yelled up the the stairs of our small house. It was rare that Luke was home, so when he was home we savoured every little moment. I walked down stairs in the front room, so see Luke stood with eggs, bacon and a latte, wearing nothing but his pink hamburger boxers. "You dick." I laughed, kissing his cheek. "Thank you, babe. Where did you get those?" I asked, pointing at his underwater. "Never let me and Michael go shopping together." He laughed. "So, eat you're breakfast, then we're gonna go to town. You can show me around." He kissed my forehead, before going to have a shower. 

I'd met Luke when I was 16. I lived in Bristol, in the south west of the UK. Luke was doing a meet and greet with 5sos, before his band had really grown into what they are now. He followed my Twitter, and I kinda stalked him a bit. Okay a lot. But eventually, Luke messaged back. I was so thrilled to read that message. Just a simple "hey." And I melted like butter. We talked for weeks, months. Eventually, he asked me to meet up with him. We went to nandos. I know, nandos. But it was perfect. I guess from there, we just hit it off. We started dating, and here we are. Two years down the line, I couldn't be happier. Just me and Luke Hemmings. 
Luke finished his shower, and came downstairs wearing black skinny jeans and a hoodie. "You look amazing." He smiled at me. I was wearing jeans and my Greenday tshirt, nothing special. I blushed. He put his lanky arm around my shoulder, and walked with me out of the door. Bristol was a big city, but nothing compared to some Luke had seen. I felt almost embarrassed to live here. Luke had travelled to cities filled with life and culture. Bristol was the opposite of this. Yet he still seemed amazed by his surrounding. He'd tip every busker we saw, and go in every shop he saw an outfit he thought would look cute on me. I hated him buying me things, I always felt so guilty. "No, Luke. I have hundreds of dresses. I don't need anymore." I laughed. "Alex, I never get to see you. Let me get it for you. So j can show you off in it." He said, pushing the navy blue dress over to the cashier. "Luke, I swear, no more. Primark has almost lost its stock!" I laughed. Luke shrugged and guided me out of the shop. "Oh my god," he yelled. "This place has a nandos!" He ran over the road like a child who'd just seen Santa. "Babe, let's get food." He pulled me inside, and sat us on a table at the back of the restaurant. "I don't know why you hate this place so much, Alex. It has everything!" He laughed. "It sucks Luke! I can't wait to leave!" He looked at me, with confusion. "Why don't we get a place together? Any where in the world. And it'll be our place. Forever." He kissed me, and I smiled. "Luke, I don't care where we go, as long as we're together. I love you." "I love you too, Alex."
When we got home, the house looked emptier than ever. Luke's stuff was all nearly packed into suitcases and stacked against the door. The small amount of time we had together almost made me forget that he would be leaving again soon. "I wish you could come with me Alex." Luke cried. "I'm gonna miss you so bad." He put his arm around me, and held me close to him. "I wish I could come too, Luke. But you'll see me in six months. And I'll wait forever, if it meant we could spend time together." He kissed me, and stared into my eyes. "Alex, just come with me for a few weeks? I know you're not ready to leave for too long-but just a couple weeks in America. Like a holiday, I guess." I didn't know how to respond. I was only 18, and I'd never had much independence. "Two weeks, Luke. If I can sort stuff at work. And I'll have to pack and," Luke cut me off. "I've already sorted all of that. You have the whole month off, and all your stuffs packed with mine. I'm so glad you're coming Alex. This is going to be so great." He smiled at me, his eyes looking brighter than ever.
I'd never been on a plane before, so the drive to Bristol airport I was so nervous. Luke grasped my hand. "Babe, you'll be fine. We can watch a film or two, and the flight will be over in no time. You'll love LA." He smiled at me. "I can't wait Luke, honestly I can't. I'm just a bit nervous that's all." We arrived at the airport within 20 minutes. Luke carried my suitcase to the baggage area, and held my hand up to our terminal. As soon as our flight was called, Luke pulled me towards the terminal, smiling like crazy. "Come on, Alex. Let's go." He looked so excited. We sat in our seats, and he immediately put his lanky arm around my shoulder, and pulled me close to him. "Fancy watching 'Hancock?' Will Smith, Alex. Think of Will Smith." He giggled. I must have fallen asleep half way through the film, because Luke woke me up about an hour later moaning how I missed all the good bits. "Sorry, babe. I guess I was tiered." He smiled at me. "You look perfect when you sleep. I can't wait till we get there, Alex. Go back to sleep, it'll pass time." He kissed my forehead, and sang to me until I fell asleep.

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