Misguided Ghosts


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I stared into his deep green eyes. His pale skin shone like a star, in the fluorescent sunlight. His hand slowly slipped away from my shoulder, whilst his waste also pulled away from mine. His icy breath no longer pressed against my warm checks. His perfect smile, shattered into a thousand pieces, leaving nothing but a blank canvas. I kissed his white forehead, leaving a red lipstick stain imprinted on him, like my own personal mark, showing he was mine. My property. That I had control, and that no other girl could have him. As his lanky body hit the floor, I knelt down, clutching his hands between mine. He stared aimlessly back at me, almost as if he was clueless to what was going on. He slurred a few words, none that were recognisable. He pulled his hands away from mine, and edged slowly away from me. I pushed my blonde hair behind my ear, and took out the ruby earrings he'd brought me for my birthday the previous year. I clutched them in my right hand, before throwing them at the ground in front of him. He stuttered the words "I'm sorry" several times, before trying, and failing, to stand. I stared emotionlessly back down at him. I'd never felt a huge amount of pain in my life. But what Luke Hemmings had done to me felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chests, and repeatedly stamped on. Like a thousand knives had been shot into my back at once. The man I loved had become the man I despised, within a matter of days. "Sorry." I said. "Sorry can't fix what you've done."

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