Do you what it feels like to get hurt by the one and only person you love and trust? Do you know the pain and suffering you go through because of it all? Do you know that with all of that there are scars left inside your very heart because of all the pain? Diana, a 17 year old high school girl had been through this and a whole lot more but will she ever be able to forget about it and move on? Will she ever fall in love again or will she hold on to the awful memories she had from her past relationship and swear never to love anyone again? Will she ever be happy again, will she ever have a normal life again?


2. Chapter 2

Diana’s POV

“What is wrong with you?” A raspy voice asks from behind.

He has me in a tight embrace from behind. His arms are strong and long and can fit all the way around my waist so there’s no escaping for me. He holds unto me tightly if in case I try to escape. We are still on the cliff and I hear the sound of the waves crashing from beneath us.

“What’s the point in living, I’m useless anyways.” I bend my head down a bit and look to the ground.

“There are a lot of things in living. Actually God gave us life to live it not take it. When He’s ready He’ll take it away from us and I don’t think that’s anytime soon.” He whispers in my ear.

“But you may have things to live for but not me.” I reply.

“Why not you, love? What’s so bad about life?” He pulls me closer to his body.

“Well I just hate my life…”

“I know what happened to you and I know you can’t just forget about it just like that but think of your family you have to live for them right? What will your parents say when they find out about this.” He hugs me even tighter and I feel so warm in his embrace, he’s such a sweet and loving guy.

“My parents are dead.” I say below a whisper.          

“What?” He shouts a little.

“My parents are dead.” I repeat in a murmur.

“What do you mean?” He inquires sounding shocked.

“The week just before the incident took place they got into a car accident and they got badly injured which ended in death…” I cover my face with both of my hands trying to hold back the tears.

“Hey its okay I’m here for you.” He moves his hand to my face and wipes away the few tears that leave my face.

I turn my body so that I’m facing him and bury my head into his warm chest. He rests one of his hands on my head and the other slowing rubbing my back.

“Okay love let’s go pack your things.” He suddenly lifts me up bridal style.

“What are you doing?” I lock eye contact with him for a minute but then manage to break it and stare at the night’s sky instead.

“Well you are underage which means you can’t live in a house all by yourself without a legal guardian. So since your parents aren’t here anymore you’ll be staying with me.” He gives me cute smile and I can’t help but smile along with him.

“Yeah but…” I’m cut off by him.

“No buts love unless you want to live in an orphanage.” He starts walking away from the cliff and the further he walks the less I hear the waves crashing against the cliff.


“So here is your room.” He lays me gently down on the bed.

He sets my bags down on the floor. We went to the house to get my stuff and everything else I would be using for my stay here with him.

The room he puts me in is a lavender colour and it’s really big. The bed is in the middle of the room and there is a desk next to the window. I think I might like it here.

“Well I’ll leave you now to get your things unpacked or do you want me to help you?” He walks to the door and waits for my answer.

“No it’s okay I can manage thanks.” I get off the bed bend down towards my bags to unpack just as he disappears through the doorway.


“So are you hungry?” He asks as he sees me appearing from the doorway. “Call me a chef because I can prepare anything for you.”

Okay so I should introduce you to him. Well his name is Harry Edward Styles. Although we don’t know much about each other I do know that he is a songwriter and one of the richest guys in town. He owns this mansion that he’s staying in now and a lot more of other stuff. But for him being so rich and all he is a very kind and humble guy. I know I have only known him for a month now but it seems like we have known each other for a very, very long time. And I just don’t know why but I feel I can trust him somehow.

“Okay how about you get me an extra cheese pizza with extra pepperoni and pineapples Chef Styles?” I joke and he can’t help it but smile.

“Coming right up Miss…Miss…uh what’s your surname again love?” He asks while tying his apron.

“Styles.” I walk up to the counter and take a seat.

“What?” He looks up from what he’s doing and focuses on me. “What did you say?”

“Styles. I’m kidding. It’s Diana Cullen.” I smile at him while pulling out my phone.

“Well someone’s in a good mood now which is great.” He searches through the cupboards looking for pots and pans.

“What are you cooking Harry?” I ask when I see him putting up some water to boil.

“Wait and you’ll see what Chef Styles has in store for you Miss Cullen.” He winks at me and I don’t know why but I feel myself blush.

Gosh why did I do that? I don’t want to fall for him so why am I blushing just because he winked at me? I sit there mentally arguing with myself over Harry while I wait on him to finish cook. I unlock my phone and log unto Twitter; it’s the only thing I can think of to do in the meantime.

“Uh Diana I know we don’t know much about one another so why don’t we get to know each other better?” Harry questions while turning the pot.

“Okay.” I answer scrolling through my timeline.

“Well let’s play this game called 21 questions.” He suggests and I nod my head in approval.

“I’ll go first with an easy question. Uh what’s your favourite food?” He gets two plates from the cupboard and sets them down on the table.

“Hmm I’ll say chicken.” I answer my first question.

“Okay good choice, second question. What’s your favourite subject?” He hands me a plate of pasta and comes to sit on the stool right beside me.

“That’s not an easy question ha-ha. I’ll say maybe Music or Art.” I take a taste of the food Harry has placed in front of me which is delicious.

“Okay cool, third question. What’s your favourite colour?” He asks after taking a bit of his food too.

“Um I’ll say blue or purple.” I reply and lock my phone while placing it on the counter.

“Okay now your turn. Where are you originally from, England? You have a British accent.” I take a sip of my juice which he placed on the counter for each of us. 

“Yeah I’m from a small town called Holmes Chapel Cheshire in England.” He replies after taking another bit of his food.

“Oh okay second question. What are you most afraid of?” I inquire with a raised eyebrow.

“Losing you no I-I mean spiders, no snakes.” He rubs the nape of his neck in a nervous way. Okay that was awkward but I’m quite certain I heard him say he was afraid of losing me.

“Alright next question, are you a virgin?” I can see this question hits him off guard because of the look he is wearing on his face.

“Erm no, okay your turn again.” He says after taking a drink of his juice.

“Yeah um why did you take me to stay with you? I mean we barely know each other and stuff so why…?” I look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Well first of all I know you’re not old enough to stay in a house by yourself, actually you’re not legal. Second, I don’t want to risk you trying anything dangerous like what you were about to do tonight. And third, it feels like it’s my responsibility now, that you have no legal guardian with you, so I feel like I have to protect you somehow.” He glances at me to see my expression, which is a bit shocked at what he just said to me.

“Oh,” Is all that leaves my mouth.

We continued with the game until we finished our dinner then headed to our rooms for the night.


~ “Harry what are you doing?” I scream at him as he throws me on the bed.

He doesn’t reply he just continues with what he’s doing. He tries to unbuckle my pants and when he does, tries to get himself inside of me. He is already naked and is trying to get me naked too. He finally does and again tries to insert himself into me by force and this time he manages successfully. I let out screams, one after the other as I struggle to get him out of me because the pain is unbearable. ~

I gasp and let out a sigh of relief as I sit up from the bed. Dream it was only a dream, I try to convince myself whilst trying to rid my off of my strange nightmare. I stare up at the ceiling and fall back down on the bed, lying on my back. The room is dark indicating that it’s not yet morning and I still have to catch up on my sleep. I haven’t had a peaceful night of sleep since the incident took place which was almost a month ago. Every night is a new and frightening nightmare, one that always keeps me awake at night. I wouldn’t have gone to sleep tonight, I would have just waked the whole night and done something to keep myself occupied but I needed to sleep because I hadn’t had a proper night in a while.

You might think that after having a nightmare about Harry I wouldn’t want to go near him right? Well since he’s the only one I can go to I wouldn’t exactly mind, I just need to have a good night’s sleep.

I get up off of the bed and rub the sleepiness out of my eyes and walk down the dark hallway to Harry’s room. Without knocking I open the door and peer inside. He’s on his stomach sound asleep. I walk inside closing the door shut behind me. I glance at the digital clock on the wall which reads, 2:53am. I shiver as I feel the cold AC in his room hitting my skin. I am wearing a short black nightgown and my legs are exposed which makes me tremble and want to get under the covers with Harry so badly. I do just as I urge to. I climb into the bed, it creaking from my body weight and get under the covers with Harry.

“Harry?” I whisper and shake his shoulder a little to wake him.

“Uhh…” He groans, sounding upset at me for waking him.

“Harry, can I sleep here tonight? I had a nightmare and now I’m scared.” I turn on my side to face him.

“Uh yeah sure, care to tell me about the nightmare?” He asks in his rather deep voice, sleepiness in his every word.

“Thanks. Maybe tomorrow if I remember.” I sigh and make myself comfortable.

I don’t think he heard me because I can hear him slightly snoring. He fell asleep already? Wow.

I turn on my side making myself comfortable and soon after drift off to sleep. 

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