"Remember. If you die in this dream you die in reality" he says.

This is a story about a girl and a dream that becomes too real.


4. He is everywhere

       I walk into the living room. "Hey. Baby!" One of my brothers friends says staggering. I walk close to him. His breath reaks of beer. "WHERE'S MOM?!" I yell. "Don't tell!" Says my brother. "NOW!" I yell. "she isn't home" he says. I roll my eyes. I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. I grab a water bottle. When I shut the door I see him. "Freddy" I whisper. I rub my eyes. He is gone. For now. I walk back to the living room. The drunk has his head in a bucket, puking.  "Don't tell!" my brother yells. I toss him the water. "get him to drink this," I command. He obeys in total fear. The drunk takes a sip of the water. C'MON PASS OUT! He doesn't pass out. I need answers and he needs to stop incase mom comes home. Ignoring the smell, I kiss the drunk's forehead. He immediately passes out. Drunk or not it always works. The rest of my brothers friends look at me making kissy faces. I flip them off and tell them to go home. On the way out they say "that's so hot". I roll my eyes and pick up the drunken 12 year old and toss him on the couch. I tuck him in and make it look like he is sleeping. I glare back at my brother when I finish. He' s so little I almost hate to yell at him. Almost. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING. YOUR 12!!" I yell. "And your 16!" He says trying to be tough.  "Stupid." I say. I calm down a little. "okay. First off, why did he drink?" I ask. "He wanted to impress you by acting tough" My brother peeps up. I roll my eyes, again. "Where did he get the beer?" I ask. "The fridge." he says. I laugh. "yep. Your dead." I say. "HELP ME" He says. "Ill go get some more" I say. "You have to be 21 to buy it!" He says. "Who said 'buy'" I ask. "You SNUCK BEER" He says in shock. "I have 2 in my room but clearly that's not enough to replace the beer he drank" I say and throw my hand towards the passed out boy. "YOU HAVE BEER IN YOUR ROOM!" He says again. "Shut up!" I say. "I knew about the ones in the thing under your couch and Ernie drank those but you had MORE!" He says. "YOU DRANK THOSE TOO!" I say. "No. Ernie did. I just has a sip. " Your dead" I say. I run up to my room and grab my fake ID. I got it for 10 bucks. You never know when you may need one. Like in this instance in particular. I run back down to the front door. I'm greeted by someone. Not my mom. Freddy. My eyes open wide. He hands me a pack of beer. I grab it and run inside. I throw it in the fridge. "You are dead." I say to my brother. "So are you. You got tattoos." James says. "Tattoo" I lie. Oh. That reminds me. I run upstairs and grab a sweater. I put it on to hide my wrist. I run back down. "You are dead." I say and walk into the kitchen. 

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