Getting even (bxb)

Payton, a successful manger of an entertainment company, was in need of an assistant for him and to help the receptionist. A man named Derrick comes to apply and gets the Job. Payton then discovered that Derrick was his high school bully. Derrick made Payton's life a living hell and Payton wants to do the same to Derrick...

(Sorry, I'm not good with description ;__;)
FYI: The chapters are going to be short, and updates are going to be slow.

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1. ~~Preview~~

As I sat down at my desk, I heard a knock from my door.

"Come in," I announced. My receptionist, Miranda, walked halfway to my desk.

"Sir, another interviewee is here for the 'assistant' job," she reported.

"Ah, bring them in," I waved. She nooded and walked to the door and whispered something. In came a man who looks like my age, fairly handsome with blond hair and a growing beard.

"Hello," I held out my hand and smiled.

    "Hi, my name is Derrick Clay and I am Here for the assistant position," he introduce himself. His name and face is very familiar.

"Please, sit down," I told him printing to a chair in front of my desk. Throughout the whole interview, I was trying to think of when I could have met him.

"Alright, you know what? I'm so desperate for an assistant, I'll hire you right now," I smiled. Derrick smiled and immediately shook my hand.

"Thank you, sir! You will not regret this decision. When can I start?" He said.

"Well, if you like, we can start orientation today and you can begin tomorrow. How does that sound?" I questioned him.
    “I would love that, sir. Thank you so much!” he practically screamed. I gave him some information and a paper for him to give the receptionist. He thanked me a couple more times before skipping out of the room.
    “He really needs to control that excitement,” I said to myself. I studied at his resume that he gave me. I pulled out my old yearbook and looked for his name. I turned to the page and there he was. His name with the face of my bully. Derrick Clay. I thought I finally got away from him. I wonder if he remembers me...


Hello~ I'm starting this new story and I really want your opinion on this so far. ~~Please Comment~~ I really want to know what you think :) *Kiss* *Kiss*
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