Getting even (bxb)

Payton, a successful manger of an entertainment company, was in need of an assistant for him and to help the receptionist. A man named Derrick comes to apply and gets the Job. Payton then discovered that Derrick was his high school bully. Derrick made Payton's life a living hell and Payton wants to do the same to Derrick...

(Sorry, I'm not good with description ;__;)
FYI: The chapters are going to be short, and updates are going to be slow.

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2. Chapter 1: Does he remember me?

    I couldn’t sleep that night with the thought that I hired my high school bully. I walked into the building with Derrick waiting for the elevator to our floor. I sighed and walked towards him. With each step I took closer to him, the more regret I started to feel.
    “Good morning, sir,” he said with a smile. I sighed and mumbled, "morning". The elevator door opened and he let me get on first. He walked in after a couple others and stood near the floor buttons and pushed everyone's floor number. As the elevator stopped, I looked over to him to see if he is getting off first. The doors opened and as he looked over at me, I quickly stared at the door and started walking out.

    "Good morning, sir," my receptionist greeted me, "I already put your schedule on your desk." I smiled and chatted for a little bit before Derrick got to my office. I waved goodbye and continued to my office. When I got there, Derrick was already there. I sighed and walked to my desk to get my schedule, but it wasn’t there.
    “Derrick, have you seen my schedule that the receptionist left on my desk?”
    “I have it right here, sir,” he said  holding up his clipboard with the paper on there, “  It says here that you have a meeting in two hours and the sound department needs your approval of something later in the day.”
    “Okay, remind me about the meeting in a hour and please bring me the forms at the receptionist desk please,” I asked him. He nodded and left my office. As soon as he left, I let out a deep sigh of relief. I’m not sure how much of this I can take.



    After the meeting, I walked down to my office where with Derrick behind me, following.
    “Is there anything else that I need to know that is on my schedule?” I asked. I heard him flipping through some papers and saying “Umm” over and over again.
    “Well, it says here that you have a meeting with someone after work in your office, but it doesn’t say with who,” He said.
    “That is strange. I never had these kind of ‘meetings’ before,” I responded. He shrugged his shoulders.
    “It must be important to be a secret,” he mumbled.

    Time has passed bye and one-by-one, people said goodbye to me as they leave for the night. 6 o’clock turned to 7 o’clock, but still no one showed up.
    “Maybe I should just go home and go to bed,” I said to myself. I started packing my things up until I heard my door open. I quickly turned around and saw Derrick.
    “Oh, Derrick. Its just you,” I said, “Is everyone gone by the way?”
    “I checked and double checked, no one is here,” He replied.
    “I see, I guess this mystery person isn’t going to show up,” I said with a little laugh.
    “No, the person is here,” he said. I squinted my eyes to question what he just said.
    “What do you mean? I thought you said everyone left,” I reassured with him.
    “yes, no one but us two,” He said while closing the door, “You see, I wanted to talk with you.”
    “If you wanted to talk, then lets talk. There is no need to make up a meeting and to keep me after work for,” I told him with a stern tone.
    “Whatever, but hear me out,” he started walking closer to me, “Do you… remember anything about high school?” I took a deep breath.
    “Well, I-I don’t remember much-”
    “I bet you do, but you are just too afraid to admit it. Unless, you really don’t remeber me… Of course that would be a little weird to hired.. y'know… your high school bully,” he chuckled. My eyes widened as I stood there in silence

    "Don't tell me you don't remember... Or do you?" He questioned. I didn't respond back to him.

    "Wow, Payton. I'm impressed with you. You, being so successful with your business, having a fancy car, and then you hired me," he went on, "But that's not all. YOU are still afraid of me, aren't you?" All I could do was stand there. I am still afraid of him. I don't know what he he is going to do, but I hope its nothing too bad.

    "You sure are taking a long time to think, aren't ya?" He slowly walked closer to me until we can both feel our nostrils blowing air out.

    "I have been waiting for you," he whispered.


To be continued....


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