Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


14. Mornings & Make-ups

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally



                                   Austin's POV:


I didn't want to see what that mean kid was going to do to ally. Much less, did I want it. But, we had a fight. She said that she could deal with this problem herself. I wanted to see her try. She hurt my feelings when she made that speech. She said that she was done with 'us' alot. I'd say that she said that as many times as she insulted me. I get that she was really upset, but she shouldn't make me feel bad. I mean, I didn't see one look of guilt in her eyes until I started tearing up. So, anyways, she kinda owed me. And now, we're even. 


I walked over to trish who already knew the whole situation, in which, ally told her. "How could you just let that happen?" She asked. "Listen, as much as I didn't want that to happen, I had to get even. She said that she could deal with this herself, so I let her. And now she knows how hard it is." "Wait, did you plan for that kid to beat her up, just to get even?" Trish asked. I was stunned by the question. "No, you really think that I would do something like that?" "Sorry, I was just wondering." "It's fine. Do you guys want to make sure she's ok?" "Yes!" Answered trish and dez in unison.  "Ok." I said, walking towards ally. "Ally, c'mon, I know you're awake, c'mon, wake up. " I said shaking her. But she didn't wake up whatsoever. Now, I was worried. I started shaking her nonstop, as hard yet soft as I could. "Ally! Ally! Ally! Wake Up! C'mon! I know you're ok, just get up." I turned my head up to dez and trish. "Guys, I think we've got a problem." "What do we do?" Asked trish, worriedly. "Oh! Why don't we call her parents?" Asked dez, completely oblivious to what had happened. "She doesn't have any!" Yelled trish and I in unison. "Ohhhhhhh" said dez. "Let's call an ambulance." I said, worriedly and and annoyed. "I got it." Trish said, taking out her phone and calling an ambulance. "Ally, listen, I didn't want this to happen. I just wanted to get even. I didn't plan for this guy to come, but it just happened, and I thought it would be the perfect time to get even. Considering I was just trying to help you and you straight out insulted me. I just wanted you to see that it's not as easy as you thought." I then heard the siren and saw a stamped of nurses and doctors come rushing in. They put her on the stretcher and into the ambulance. "Can I please ride with you?" I ask one of the doctors. "Are you related to her in some way?" "No. But, I'm her boyfriend." I reply, even though she broke up with me. "Ok, go ahead then." He says back, pointing to the back of the ambulance. I walk in and see ally on a bunch of chords and a heart beat measurer. My heart dropped when I saw this. I sit down and put my hand over her hand that was free from chords. I didn't say anything, but I stayed like that for a whole ride. 


20 minutes later, ally woke up. "Hey, how are you?" "I'm ok, I guess. Where am I?" Ally asked wiping her eyes to wake up. "You're in a hospital, you got beat up at school not too long ago." "Oh. By the way, why didn't you stop that guy?" Ally asked. "Don't you remember that fight we had yesterday?" "Oh, yeah. I'm really sorry about that. I should've known that I couldn't ve handled it. Again, I'm really sorry." Ally apologized. "It's ok. Just the fact that you know how hard it is, is good for me." Ally smiled, for the first time ever since her dad died. I smiled back and we took a long hug. Until the foster care administrator came in. 

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