Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


24. I Do..... Part 5

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally


                                     Austin's POV:


Yay! Ally and I finally get to sleep together! I've always dreamed of cuddling up with her to keep her warm throughout the whole night. I would usually do that with Mr. Bearington, but I know ally will be alot better to cuddle with. 


Now we're going to the beach. I packed everything and took my newlywed wife with me. We held our hands all the way there. Fingers intertwined. I couldn't help but smile. 


When we finally got there, I set everything down and said, "This place is cool." Ally just smiled and said, "Yeah, it is." "So, I have to go to the little boy's room, I'll be right back." I said and ran towards the men's bathroom. As I ran there, I heard a chuckle from ally, probably representing that what I said was cute. I thought it was, and that was sorta my point. 


When I came back, everything was set up. Ally was standing next to it and looking towards the water. I saw her smile. Which, luckily, I've been seeing a lot of lately. That just made me smile. 


I walked over to her and stood next to her, while looking at the water like she was. She noticed me and looked over. I looked over to her too. 


"So," I start. "I see you've set everything up." I say. "Yep. It's the least I could do considering that you carried everything here." She said with that same smile that she was looking at the water with. "Well, thank you." I say and then plop down on the towel on the ground, just like a little kid would. That made ally laugh. 'Oh, so I do make people laugh. Or mabye it's just ally. I don't know. But she was right about the childishness, though. You can't argue about that one.' I thought to myself as ally sat down next to me. 


"Ally, I sorta got a little suprise for you." I say. "Really, what is it?" She asks. "Smell anything?" I say, remembering that time at the lake the day after her mom's funeral. 

Flashback: "You ok?"  I ask."Yeah." She lied. I knew this and so did ally, of course. "Do you sorta get why I like to come here alone?" "Yeah." She answered, a tear falling down her eye. I pulled her closer and she ended up with her head in my chest. I rubbed her back, letting her know that everything is going to be alright. She just stayed there for a long while I rubbed her back. But she let go, to the smell of pickles. I knew her too well. We ate our food while talking about random things in our lives. Besides our family members that didn't make it. But you have to admit it, it was the best date that we've ever been on. End of flashback. 


"You got pickles didn't you?" She asked with a big smile on her face. Clearly, she remembers too. "Yep." I say, taking the jar of pickles out of the beach bag. Ally clapped her hands and said, "Yay! My favorites!" I smile. She continues. "I'm sorry I couldn't get you any pancakes. We are at a beach." She says. "It's ok." I respond, giving her a pickle and closing the jar. 


"Aren't you gonna eat one?" Ally asks, already on the last bite of her pickle. "Na, you know I don't like pickles." I say, shaking my head with a smile. I knew she couldn't resist that. But I was wrong this time. I saw a smirk grow on her face. "I dare you to eat one." Ally said, taking out the jar of pickles. "No, I'm not eating any pickles." I state. "Eat it or I'll start rambling on about something that makes no sense whatever. And I won't stop until you eat it." Ally says, a revenge look written all over her face. I then remembered the time when I read her book and I ended up all orange and sweaty. But I didn't give in. "No." I state, again. But this time standing up on the beach towel. Ally gets up with me. "Eat it!" She says and I say, sorta getting louder with a smile on my face, "No, I'm not eating any pickles." "Do it." Ally says. "No!" I say and then she puts the pickles in my face. "Eat it!" She says, sorta getting louder too. "No!" I say and then I start running around a tree that was nearby. "C'mon, austin, it doesn't taste bad!" She says, with an actual smile on her face now, still pushing the jar of pickles in my face. "No." I state. Ally finally gets to me and she tackles me, causing me to fall down backwards and ally falling on top of me. She giggles and I laugh. "What are we even fighting about, anyways?" I ask ally who was laying on top of me with a smie on her face and mine. "I don't know. Pickles." Ally answered, with a cute smile on her face. I chuckle at what we were fighting about. She gave me a quick peck on lips and got up off of me. I got up after her.


We had a peacful rest of the day at the beach. Then we went back to our suit.  

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