Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


22. I Do.... Part 3

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally



                                    Ally's POV:


I just got married! Yay! Now Austin wants to talk about our honeymoon. Ooooh, yay! Again! 


"Well, I was thinking we could go to Hawaii. That is the most romantic place on earth." I said as we started slow dancing to the song that was playing. We both picked the songs that were going to be played. "Maybe. I just want a romantic getaway. I don't really care where we go, I just wanna be with you." Austin said. That made me blush dark red! "Ok. So are we going to Hawaii or not?" I asked, still blushing from what he just said. "Sure." He simply said. I smiled. Then Dez made a toast. We both looked over to where he was, with everybody else surrounding him. 


"I wanna make a toast. To Austin and Ally. They have always been there for eachother no matter what the problem was. They have always treated eachother like gold. I always thought that they were perfect for eachother ever since they met. I was there. Austin was just some delinquent drumming on the drums with corn dogs," Austin interrupted him. "Hey!" "Sorry, let me finish." So Austin calmed down and I pat his back. "and Ally was just some girl who loved following the rules-" I interrupted him. "Hey!" "Sorry, again, but my point is. You guys have grown alot since then. And I always thought that you guys would end up together. And here we are, at wedding of Austin and Ally. I love you both and I hope you have a really great life together. Sincerely, 'the love whisperer'." Crowd: 'Nobody calls you that.' They all mock. Including me and Austin. "Thank you, Dez. You've also matured a lot since we've met too." I said. "Thank you and your welcome." And with that, he left the stage.


Austin and I sat down. "So, now you have parents." Austin said. "Yep, and I owe it all to us." I said. He just smiled back at me. Then Aus- I mean our parents came over to us. 


"Hi, guys! Are you enjoying this?" Aus- mom asked. It's gonna take me a while to get used to that. "Of course we are, it's a wedding." Austin said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, which it was. "Yeah, we're having a great time!" I said, agreeing with Austin. "Good." Our mom said, and then our parents walked away. 


"So, are you having fun?" I ask austin who just smiled and said, "Yes, I'm having alot of fun. Considering it's my wedding and I'm getting married to you." He said and I gave him a quick peck on the lips before I got up and went to the bathroom. That was the best conversation we've ever had. 

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