Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


12. Hospitals & Hestarical Cries

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally



                                    Austin's POV:


I got to ally's house at about 2:30. Ally opened the door and I directed her to my car. We drove for at least 2 hours and then we made it to the hospital. We walked in, hand in hand. When we made it to the counter ally asked what room her dad was in. 


"Hi, I'm the daughter of lester dawson and I would like to know what room he's in." Ally said with a sweet smile. But her smile faded when the nurse had a blank expression on her face. "Can I please have a room number?" Ally asked again. I knew this look, and it was not good. "Please?" She said, her lips quivering. "Ally, can I... talk to you outside for a second?" I took her hand and slowly walked outside with her walking behind me. I stopped at a ledge near the window to the hospital. I sat down and she sat down next to me. 


"Austin, why won't she tell me anything?" "Ally," I gulped "that was the same look the nurse gave me when they told me that, my sister died." I went as slow as I could when I said those last 3 words. I know that she knew what I meant because I saw a tear run down her cheek. Then she shook her head. "No, my dad's not dead. He can't be. He was the only other parent I had left when mom died. He wouldn't leave me. He wouldn't put me through any pain. He would be the only one of my parents who would be alive for my graduation, and for my wedding, and for my kid, and for my funeral, and-" She interrupted herself by a big waterfall of tears running down her whole face. "Now I'm an orphan, I have no parents. Nobody would ever want to adopt me. Nobody would marry me because we couldn't pay the bills, I would just die alone, nobody would want me to have a child because they would have no grandparents, nobody would ever love me because I don't have the people that almost everyone else had. You have a girlfriend that you probably want to break up with now because she can't handle herself and she'll be depressed and sad enough to burst out crying and embarrass you, and me." I then embraced her into another hug. I couldn't watch this. 


She was crying over my shoulder when I said to her very strictly but calmly, "Listen, you will get adopted, from someone who does want you, and trust me, many people would. Someone will marry you, you will NOT, do you hear me, will NOT die alone. I'm sure that your child won't mind not having any grandparents, they'll be oblivious to the fact of grandparents. I'm not ever breaking up with you and I'm never, never, never letting go. I love you. I don't love you because of your parents or the fact that you don't embarrass me. Which, if it makes you feel a bit better you already do sometimes." I said the last one with a chuckle. Finally, ally calmed down a bit, and I continued. "I love you because of you. You're yourself. You're not going to let anyone get in your way. You're talented, you're nice, you're cute, you're pretty, you love pickles, you love to write songs, you love to perform, and even though you're not that good at it, no offense, you love to dance." And with that, ally chuckled and brought up her head from my shoulder. She smiled, but I barely saw it for one second. 


"So, are you ok now?" "Yeah, I'm fine, but I probably won't be able to go on any dates that we plan. We probably won't be planning any, so." She said, wiping tears. "You probably won't see me in school either. I'll probably be at my house everyday, I don't think I'm in the mood for writing any songs or performing them. Or eating. I'll probably not have enough money to keep sonic boom open, so we'll have to sell it. I'll get bad grades and never graduate and I'll never get a job and I'll never be retired and I'll live alone and I'll-" I interrupted her with yet another kiss. She wouldn't stop focusing on the bad things and always stayed off the good things, which usually she would do tne complete opposite. I let go and she started sobbing once again. 


"Listen. You're focusing on the wrong thing. Which you never do. I want your old self back. The self where you would only look on the bright side of things." 


"Well, that person is gone now, austin! So just leave me alone and I'll talk to you when I actually need some advice!" Ally yelled at me, tears still falling from her eyes. Soon enough, we were both in an argument. 


"I'm helping you now!"  


"Well, I don't need any help now, austin!" 


"I think you need alot more help than you think you need!" 


"Well, I don't think I need any help!" 


"Well, I think you do!" 


"What makes you think that!?!!!" 


"Well, let's see, you literally have no parents right now, you're miserable, and we're in a fight for literally no apparent reason!"


"Austin, there's a reason!" 


"Well, what is it?!!"

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