Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


2. Homeroom & Hugs

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally


                                        Ally's POV:


I walk into school, fighting back tears. I see austin taking some books out of his locker while trish and dez


were fighting about god knows what. I walk over to my locker with a fake smile trying to look like nothing was wrong. Unfortunately, austin didn't buy it. The bell rang for first peroid and I tried to leave, along with trish and dez, who actually made it out of the crowded hallway, while austin pulled me back and we stood there in silence. Not until everybody was in their homeroom classes, austin spoke up. "Ally, is something wrong?", Austin asked. I just quickly shook my head and started to leave, but austin pulled me back again. "Ally, c'mon, I know you. Something IS wrong, and I want you to tell me", austin said, shaking his head with a sweet and concerned smile. 


I couldn't resist that. "It's easier said than done", I said, a tear falling down my cheek. I could see austin glance at the tear, a look of sorrow in his eyes. He lifted up his hand and wiped my tear away. Although I could feel the sparks go through me when he did that, I didn't give any sign of any other emotion, other than loss, which I hated. 


"Ally?", I hear austin whisper and I look up. 


"Yeah?", I ask dumbly, forgetting for the slightest second what we were talking about. 


"I need you to tell me what's wrong or I'll to force it out of you." Austin said with a little smirk. "No! I can't tell you, it's too hard." I say. Then I immediately regret it right when austin starting tackling me with the 'tickle monster', which he knew I hated. I laughed nonstop for 5 seconds and then he put me down, me taking a deep breath. 


"Ok, now tell me." He simply and nicely asks. 


"Ok-", I stop myself so I could try to hold back another tear, but it was no use. The tears started free falling down my face as I continued. "On my moms last expedition, she got bitten by a poisonoius snake, and-". I stop myself, now knowing how hard it was for my dad to tell me. Austin looked at me in an empathetic way, which, of course I was surprised at. 


"I'm really really really sorry." Austin says, empatheticly, which again, I was surprised at. He then pulled me into a bone crushing hug, which I would usually back away from, but this time, I needed it, and he knew it too. 


"Are you ok?" I hear austin say from over my shoulder. I try to respond, but I was interrupted by the tears running down my face and the rub on my back. I only started to cry harder. 

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