Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


9. Funerals & Very Sad Speeches

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally



                                       Ally's POV:


Today was the day. It was my mom's funeral. Everyone was there. They came into town for the funeral. I hated the idea of it. I hated being there. And clearly, so did austin. 


"Austin, what's wrong?" I ask him, trying to keep my mind off of my mom, even though we are at her funeral. Then I remembered that his sister died. 'Maybe his sister's funeral was here.' I thought as my possibility. "My sister had her funeral here. I don't want to be reminded of that day." I was right. "Well, this time it's not your family member, it's mine. So you don't have to think about that." I said as I took in a deep breath trying not to cry as I said that. Then he looked at me with that empathetic look that I've been seeing all week. 


I had a speech prepared. Austin told me that if I couldn't present it then he would do it for me. 'Seriously, isn't he the sweetest boyfriend ever!' I thought, again. I also brought my songbook that she gave to me when I was 9 years old. I would take my most precious song and give it to her. 


Then trish and dez came over. To my surprise, dez wasn't wearing a colorful tux, he was wearing a black and white tux, just like every other male person here. Which also made me happy because he was wearing the color in honer of my mom. I was wearing a black dress too. I've had the dress for a long time. Mom bought it for me. She told me to wear it at her funeral, which I didn't know would come so soon. 


My dad was over looking at my mom, putting a very beautiful bouquet of flowers right next to her, he blew an imaginary kiss to her, and then he finally came over to me, austin, trish, and dez. He gave me a big hug, which come to think of it, I've been getting alot of hugs lately.


We all sat down in the same row. It went, my dad, me, austin, dez, carrie, trish, jace, elliot, dallas, my dad's parents, my cousins, my mom's parents, my mom's friends, austin's parents, trish's family, dez's family, chuck, kiera, my dad's friends, and brooke. Good thing brooke was at the end of the row, or things would've gotten ugly.


It was hard watching the ceremony, so I just layed my head on austin's shoulder while he put his arm around me and put his hand on my hand that was laying on my lap. I jave to admit, it was very comforting. 


My dad went up to speak. It was hard hearing his speech. Soon enough, it was my turn to present my speech. My dad reassured me that everything was going to be ok, just like austin did at school. 'Wow, everything that had happened all this week is happening now.' Austin and I walked up to the stage where my mom was held in her coffin. I quickly took out my song and put it on top. "I love you". I whisper. I knew austin was standing next to me and heard the whole thing. Which I liked because if i started bawling, then he would be there to hug me and tell me that everything was going to be ok. Which I've grown to like in 4 years. 


I walked over to the microphone with austin standing in the corner of the stage giving me a sweet and loving smile.  Then I started presenting my speech. 


"Hi, everyone. I'm pretty sure you all know that I'm the daughter of Penny Dawson, ally dawson. She may not be here anymore, but I will always be her daughter and I will always love her. I had a great year. I got signed by Ramone records, I was nominated for 'best debut album', I went on tour. Before all of that happened, I had horrible stage fright. I would write songs and have other people perform them." I looked at austin. "Others such as austin moon, who has also been there for me ever since this started." I looked back at the audience. "My mom helped me conquer my stage fright, she's the one who got me here,-" I was now on the verge of tears and I looked over to austin again. "She's the one who convinced me to get on stage and perform the duet,  the duet that changed my life, the duet that made me realize how much I was in love with austin, the duet before we shared our first kiss. And then came our second, then came our third, and then our fourth." I was now tearing up. "I wouldn't have a career or a relationship without my mom. And, when I heard she got bitten by a poisonoius snake, I-" I burst into tears. Austin ran over, hugged me, whispered, "come with me". He let go and grabbed my hand, and took me off the stage. 


We ran out of the place. I was still crying. We ran to the lake and sat on the grass around it. It was beautiful. But I still didn't know why we were here. 


Austin put his arm around me and I couldn't stop crying so he pulled me into a hug instead. "Austin?" I ask still sobbing into his chest. "Yeah?" " Why did you take me here?" I ask pulling my head up from his chest. "Well, I had to present my speech at my sister's funeral too. I didn't make it through my whole speech either, so my dad took me here. It calmed me enough so I could make it through the rest of the ceremony. I've never told anybody this, and nobody knows, not even dez-" "Are you sure he doesn't know?" I asked with a little chuckle, my tears clearing up. Austin just smiled. "This, I'm sure he doesn't know. Anyways, I make up excuses to come to this place. It's really beautiful, no matter what time it is. I've thought about taking you here for a picnic, there's never any flies around, so we would be able to eat." I laugh at his way off topic add on and he continues. "But it seemed too personal, it brought back too many memories." "But you still come here?" I asked, smiling at his confusing statement. "I mean for anyone else who comes here, because my dad was here with me, I wasn't here alone. All those times I'd visit I was alone." "Well, I guess I'm your first visitor. And I'm glad I am, your dad has good taste. This place is gorgeous." Austin nods in agreement. 


                                       Austin's POV:


I nod in agreement with a small smile. Ally started rambling on again. "But, what about my mom? I can't just leave her ceremony, that would be dishonest and disrespectful and rood and dishonering and even though she died, I still want to support her and be there for her and honer her and live for her and-" I interrupted her with a kiss. She accepted right away as if she wanted to even though she said on our way to the ceremony that she wasn't in the mood. I couldn't stand listening to her ramble on, especially when the thing she's rambling on about is the death of her own mother. I also enjoyed the kiss. Why wouldn't I? I started it. We kissed for at least 1 minute until I pulled away, remembering that we were at a funeral. Ally looked disappointed after I pulled away, either because she didn't want to go back to the funeral or she didn't want the kiss to be over. I didn't want either of them, but I knew that we had to take a breather. "What was that for?" Ally asked. I could tell she was still hung up on the kiss. "You talk alot when you're upset, mad, or excited and you're really annoying when you do it. But in a cute way. The only way I could  get you to stop talking was to kiss you." Ally just laughed. "Mission Accomplished." I chuckled at her response. 'cute' I thought. "Are you ready to go back inside now?" Ally smiled. "Yeah."


We walked back inside. Ally was alot calmer. I was glad. I didn't want to see her so upset. The rest of the ceremony was ok. Ally was too. Even when the officiant pronounced her mom in R.I.P. I took ally home and she gave me a quick hug and kiss before she went inside. I went home afterwards, too. I collapsed on my bed falling asleep 10 minutes afterwards. 




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