Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


17. Families & Foster Homes Part 3

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally


                                       Ally's POV:


You've been warned. What does that mean? My life is already bad enough, now I've been warned. For what? What did I ever do? To her? To deserve this? To deserve having no parents? To deserve having a great boyfriend? All of these questions ran through my head as I saw the police come over to the foster home and arrest Julia. I need my phone. I need to call austin. I walked over to Victoria and asked her. 


"Um, excuse me, Victoria, can I please have my phone back?" "Yes." She answered. I was shocked. 


"Um, not that I wanted this to be hard, but, I thought this was going to be alot more work. I mean, you literally let me get beat up and you're the administrator here. I thought you would be more tough on me." I said, careful not to get into any trouble. "Sweety, I'm the one who called the police. I couldn't stop her because I would get seriously injured. And if I did, then I wouldn't ve been able to call the police. I told her that if she does something like that one more time I'm calling. Do you understand?" She explained. I took a minute to devour everything she just said. I finally nodded. "Um, random question. Am I allowed to have any guests over? And by guests I mean my boyfriend, he's kinda the only other person I have left."


"Oh, sure. Go ahead and call him if you like." She answered. "Ok." I simply said and then went to my room where I saw Melody on the bed curled up in a blanket and rocking back and forth. 


"Are you ok?" I ask as I sit down on the bed, beside her. "No, I don't have any family, I don't have any friends, I've never had my first kiss, I never had a boyfriend-" she stops herself and I rub her back. "Hey, I have a few friends, maybe they could be yours too." I answer, even though it wasn't a question. "Yeah, right. Like they can come over to a place that's like 130 miles from there." She says. "You know what, we're gonna have some visitors. I'm gonna call my boyfriend over and my friends. I'm sure Victoria won't mind if we have a little party, considering that we don't have any family. How's that sound?" "Good I guess." She answers. I then call austin who is on my speed dial. (Austin, Ally)


"Hey! Are you ok, I just saw on the news that Julia got arrested for abuse. On you. You ok?"


"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just wondering if you want to come down. I know it's only been like two days, but I miss you already and the girls here are in a funk. And yes, this is a girl foster home, so don't get any ideas."


"Ok. I'll be there. What time?"


"Any time will work, but around 3:30." 


"I thought you said that any time will work?"


"I mean, any time will work around 3:30"


"Ooooh. Ok. I'll see you around that time then."


"Great. Oh, wait, do you know where it is?"


"What's the name of the place, I'll look it up."


"Brooksville All Girls Foster."


"Ok. Bye. Love you."


"I love you too."


"Ok. Bye."




I hung up, took out my book, and started to write in it. 


Dear diary, 

      I've been getting all worked up over everything that has been happening. But I just now realized that it happens to be all a sign. You never know what sign it is, but when you make it through everything, you figure it out. I still have alot to figure out, but I know where I'm getting at. That's why I wrote this song:


Hey, I've been having a real hard time to get your attention. 

But no one ever listens to me. So what's the point? 

I've been waiting for an explanation. Why this is happening to me. 

Yet, no one ever tells me. So what's the point? 


Have you ever been stuck in the middle of a situation and you don't know how to get out?

Have you ever been seen tangled up in a mess that you can't do anything about? 

I have seen the world, look straight up in my eyes and says there's a way to get out, but I don't know what it is. Now, have you? (A/N I wrote that. I hope you liked it.)


I stopped writing when I heard a little voice come from behind me. I turned around and I couldn't stop looking at the cute little girl in front of me. "Hey, I'm ally, what's your name?" I asked, very sweetly. I didn't want this little girl to think I'm scary. "Sarah." She answered, sheepishly. "Well, hi, Sarah, welcome." "Thank you." "No, problem. When did you get here?" "I think 5 minutes ago." She answered, shyly. I couldn't get over how cute she looks. "Oh, I got here yesterday, so it looks like we're both new huh?" "Yeah." She says. I smiled. I couldn't help it. "Are you sleeping in here? We have an extra bed for you." "Sure." She answered. I took her bag and put it on the bed beside mine. That bed used to be Julia's, but now that she's gone, me or Sarah won't have to worry about anything. 


"Thank you again." She says. "Hey, we're all friends here." At least now we are. I thought after I said my sentence. "Hey, what were you writing just a few seconds ago?" She asked. "I was writing in my diary. It's also my songbook. It's where I write songs and write about what's happening in my life." I answer, careful not to let out any of my secrets, considering I'm a rambler. 


"Oh. I bet you don't want anybody reading it." Did she just read my mind? "Um, right, right, I don't. My boyfriend read it once and he thought I had a crush on him, but I at that time, I had a crush on someone else. That someone else is someone who has the same characteristics as him." "Oh, hey, your life is interesting, can I hear some more about it?" She asked. "Sure." I said. 


We spent an hour talking about our lives. Right until we both got to the topic of our parents, I changed the topic. "How old are you?" "I'm 7" "Oh. I'm 18." "Wow." She answered, clearly impressed of how old I am. I then looked at my watch. 3:10. I had to get ready to see austin. "Listen, I had a really great time talking to you. You know, you're really mature for your age, and cute. But, I have a visitor coming over and I have to get ready." "Ok. Who is it?" "It's my boyfriend. He's visiting for a little bit." "Ok. I'll give you some room to change." "Thanks, but I'll just go into the bathroom." I answered, taking my clothes off of my bed and going into the bathroom. I put on a striped shirt with turquoise skinny jeans. (Same outfit from tunes and trials, the mall scene) 


When I got out, I heard a ring at the door. "Just in time"  I said to myself as I walked to the door. I opened it with a huge smile on my face, it was austin, and the next thing I knew, we were in eachother's arms. We finally let go and I said, "I missed you." " I missed you too." He replied back. "Come on in." I said as I gestured my hand to the inside of the foster home. He then stepped inside and I suddenly felt cold. I then remembered that it was the month of December. 'Great, I'm in a foster home for Christmas.' I thought, sarcastically, as I closed the door to make it warmer. "So, this is the place, huh?" Austin asked, a little on the downside about it. I couldn't blame him though. I've only been here for 2 days and I hate it already. I hated when I walked in, just like austin. "Yep, this is the place." I answer not sure if I'm on the upside either.


I walked in behind him and sat on the couch. He followed and sat down next me starting the conversation. "So, how's it like here?" "It's ok, I guess. I mean, everyone else here has gone through what I've been through, so, I'm not alone." I answered, honestly. "Cool. Speaking of all the girls here, where are they?" "Oh, they're in their rooms, they're always in their rooms." "Oh." "There's this new girl who's sooo adorable. She's 7 years old and she just got here today. I told her about you and she's been wanting to meet you. Do you want to meet her?" "Sure" Austin replied. So I got up from the couch and walked over to my room. I gestured austin to come with and he did. When we got there, I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Melody answered. I knew it was her because she didn't sound like a 7 year old. "It's ally, there's someone I want you guys to meet." I answered. In the next 5 seconds I saw the cutest face looking at me and austin. And at the same time, austin and I smiled. "Sarah, this is Austin, and Austin, this is Sarah." I introduced them. "Hi, Sarah." Austin said, awed at how cute and adorable she is. "Hi." She said. 

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