Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


16. Families & Foster Homes Part 2

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally


                                         Ally's POV:


Austin and I finally let go. I knew I was going to go to a foster home anyways, so what's the point?


"Ally, Austin said looking straight into my eyes. "Go with her, she'll help you find a great family." "Do I have a choice?" I asked "No, not really." He answered. "Ok." I said. Then I called the doctor and she helped me out of the bed. Then I walked over to the foster care administrator and said that I was ready to go. 


"You're ready?" Victoria asked. I nodded. "Yeah." "Good, let's go." She says getting up. But I just stayed there for a few seconds and austin walkedover to me. "Well, I'll see you soon." "How soon?" I asked. "In about a month or two." "A month or two?" I asked. "It's fine, your birthday is coming up, so you'll be able to get out early." I nodded. "Bye." He said. "Bye." I said, tears forming in my eyes. He then gave me a big hug. I felt my tear go down my face. Austin let go and wiped it off with his thumb. "I love you." He said. "I love you too." I said and then I walked out. 


                                  Foster Home; 4:30 pm

                                           Ally's POV:


"Wow, this place is really cool. Do I have to share a room?" I asked as me and Victoria walked around the foster home. "Why, thank you. And, yes, you do have to share a room." She answered me. "With who?" I asked. "With 2 girls. Their names are Julia and Melody." She explained. "Oh, am I meeting them today?" I asked. She just nodded and the next thing I knew, we were at my room. 


I saw too girls staring at me. One was smiling and the other one had an 'ew' expression on her face. 'Nice to meet you too.' I thought, sarcastically. "Ally, these are your two roommates, Melody," She said, pointing at the one with the smile on her face, "and Julia." She said, pointing at the one with the 'ew' expression on her face. "Hi, I'm ally. I'm new here." I said to them. I then turned to Victoria again. "Am I allowed to keep my phone and my tablet?" I asked. "Yes, we wouldn't keep you from having any electronics. We know that's all some people here need." She explained. "Good, 'cause I want to keep in touch with my boyfriend back ho- , wait, I don't have a home." I stopped myself. "Don't worry, this place is your home until you turn 18, ok?" She asked. "Ok." And with that she left the room.   


I started unpacking. "Hey!"I hear from behind me. I turn around and it was Julia. 'Oh, yay! This is gonna be a fun cat fight.' I thought, sarcastically, again.


"So, I-a, I hear you got a boyfriend." 




"Who is he?" 


"Austin Moon." I answered, honestly. 


"Oh, please, that popstar?" 


"Yeah, that popstar. Why are you  wondering?" 


"I just wanted to know who would want you. And it's clearly not austin moon." 


"Ha, ever heard the story Cinderella?" 


"Yeah, and you're one her step sisters." 


"No, I'm not one of her step sisters. Because if I were one of her step sisters, how would I be dating the prince?" 


"Ha, you're not." 


"Ha, yeah I am, want proof?" 






So I went into my bag, took out my phone, purse, and my tablet. I showed her my contact for austin. "Nice try, you just made up that contact." Julia said, acting like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Ok." I said. Then I took out my purse and showed her 5 pictures of austin and I. 2 of them were us kissing, another 2 of them were us having fun, and the last one was us together in a photo booth. "Still doesn't prove anything, this could just be a guy who looks like him." "Ok, you leave me no choice." So I took out my tablet and requested a video chat with austin. He answered one second later, as if he was sitting by his laptop waiting for me to call in. 






"So, how's it going?"


"Good so far. It's just that, she doesn't think that I'm good enough for you." I said, pointing at Julia. 


"Oh, is that so?" He said, looking towards julia. 


"Yeah, we don't even know that you are the real austin moon."


"Oh. Hey, have you ever seen double take?"


"Yeah, like a million times. Why? "


"Because my room was in that video and if you don't think I'm austin moon, keep in mind being rood to my girlfriend, maybe you should see it." 


"Oh, that'd be great. I would love to prove this thing ,(she pointed at me, ow.) wrong."




Austin then turned his electronic around his room and I could feel julia about to punch me because I really am dating austin moon. 


"So, did  you prove that thing  wrong?" He said, mocking julia. I just smiled. 


"No, not yet, sing?"


"Ok. Ally what do you want me to sing?"


"Hmmm, what about the first song we wrote together."


"'Break down the walls' it is."


He sings 'Stop, hiding out in the shadows, scared to show the world you exist. Don't lock yourself in the darkness, the world is so much brighter than this.  So of you never take a shot, your never gonna win, so turn it all around, and break down the walls, oh, you c-' 


"Ok. I got it. You're austin moon. And to my suprise, you're dating," she looks at me wiggling her little fingers like she saw something discusting and making a discusting face. "That thing. That discusting little, rodent. With no talent at all."  She giggles. I feel tears start to form. She turns to me.


"You're ugly, stupid, a scaredy cat, and you're a girl with no parents,"  A tear fell down from my face. Julia saw it because she giggled again and austin saw it because I saw him bite his lip, which means he felt bad for me and wanted to do something. I needed his help so badly. Well, now I do.


"I heard Victoria say that your mom got bitten by a poisonoius snake and your dad got killed in a car accident. I actually think they left you on purpose. I mean, why would anyone want you?"  Another tear came down my face. She just giggled again. 


"Speaking of which, you're not gonna get adopted. You're going to die alone. You're going to rot in hell. All because nobody would want you."  Another tear. 


"I bet in the next ten minutes, somebody is going to run in here, kidnap you, kill you, and nobody would notice." Another. "I wouldn't notice."  Tear."The administrators wouldn't notice."  Tear. "Melody wouldn't notice."  Tear."Your friends wouldn't notice. Oh wait, you don't have any friends." Faint cry. "Your cute boyfriend over there wouldn't notice." Sobbing. "The priests and nuns wouldn't notice."  Louder cry. "The world wouldn't notice."  Burst into tears."God definitely wouldn't notice." I ran out of the room. I brought my phone with me. Knowing that austin saw the whole thing, turned the computer off, and is ready to call me to tell me everything's going to be alright. 


Right when I got to the front of the foster home, I sat on ledge, still crying hard, I got the call from austin. I didn't want to get my phone wet, so I just put it on speaker, and held it in front of me. Then I answered. 


"Hey, you ok?"


"No, I literally got here 10 minutes ago and that girl is already being mean to me." I said in between sobs. "She didn't even take any time to get to know me."


"I know, she's a jerk. And I've only known her for about 5 minutes. I can make predictions on her personality and so can you, but that's because she already showed us how mean she is."


"I know. I'm sorry I had to pull you into this. It was my problem, not yours. Although she's the one who started on the topic off on you." I said, my sobs quieting down. 


"Figures. Listen, don't let what she says bother you. It's only gonna make your life worse. No offense."


"None taken. I know what you meant. "


I felt someone watching us. I turned around and it was Victoria and Julia. They both had mean looks on them. Victoria ran over, snatched my phone from my hand, and hung up. 


"No electronics for you." Victoria snapped. "What did I do?" I asked, honestly not knowing. "Oh, don't act so innocent, you made fun of me." Julia said, wiping away fake tears. "What? Me, you're the one who told me to rot in hell. You're the one who told me that in the next ten minutes, someone will kidnap me, kill me, and nobody would notice. And by nobody, I mean you literally said, NOBODY." I snapped. That was the worst thing I ever did. Julia took my shirt, brought me up to the wall and punched me. Left side of my face, right side of my face. She kicked me in the guts and I fell to the floor. She kicked me in the guts again before whispering in my ear, "You've been warned." Then she and Victoria left me there. 

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