Losses & Losses - An Austin & Ally Story

This is a fanfiction about the hit disney channel show, austin and ally. It's about how ally has lost someone in her life and it's up to austin to make everything better. Will he?


10. Dates & Depression

Disclaimer: I do not own austin and ally


                                         Ally's POV:


I woke up. Not sad, but depressed. I had a date with austin. I know that it's not normal to go on a date after a funeral, but we were going to the lake that we visit last night. Austin told me that he's always wanted to take me on a picnic there. Today, he'll get to do it. We had planned the date when we got to my house when he dropped me off. 


Since I was depressed, I didn't feel like taking a shower when I got home yesterday. But I took a quick 5 minute shower before I got dressed in a floral dress with white flowers splattered all over it. I put on some yellow sandal flats to go with it. 


I walked my way to the lake, now knowing where it was. When I got to ceremony central, I stopped, staring at the building. I wasn't sad, but very depressed, which I've mentioned a few times before. I stood there, expressionless, completely forgetting that I had a date, just for the slightest second. Until austin came up behind me and slowly put his arms around me. I grabbed his hands that were tied together on my chest and turned around. He gave me a sad smile and I felt a tear form in my eye. He then gave me and hand on the back and rubbed it while we made our way to the picnic. It was beautiful. No, I take that back. ITS GEOREOUS! I sat down next to austin who still had his hand planted on my back and I carefully let go. It was such a beautiful place, but I couldn't stand being there if my mom's funeral home is down the street. 


Austin finally said something. "You ok?" "Yeah." I lied. Austin knew this and so did I. "Do you sorta get why I like to come here alone?" "Yeah." I answered, the tear falling down my eye. He pulled me closer and I ended up with my head in his chest. He rubbed my back, letting me know that everything is going to be alright. I just stayed there for a long while, austin rubbing my back. But I let go, to the smell of pickles. Austin knew me too well. We ate our food while talking about random things in our lives. Besides our family members that didn't make it. But you have to admit it,  it was the best date that I've ever been on, with anyone. 

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