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Hi! I'm a fairly organised person, so this movellas will be a collection of Oneshots (Unless otherwise stated by me). I hope you guys enjoy!!

(P.S. Most of this will be AU in the form of the characters being inside the games e.t.c...)


3. Gawd Damn It, Delirious! |H20Gaming/Vanirious|VanossxDelirious|

Pairing is boyxboy

Swear words inbound! (Those what watch their videos will understand ;D )

No smut, just kissin' :D

This will most likely be based on one of their  GTA 5 videos (I say most likely, 'cus I'm starting this thing idealess XD Welcome to my world.)


Pairing: H20Delirious (Jonathan) & VanossGaming (Evan) (Hint of DaithiLadd (DaithiDeNoglaxMiniLadd) )

Relationship: boyxboy [Love]

Genre: Romance/Humour

Mood: Funny/Fluffeh?

Setting: GTA 5 (They are actually their characters in the game, but can still re-spawn when they die.)

Age Range: Early 20s- Mid 20s




Evan's P.O.V (Third Person)

Evan gripped his knees tightly as he doubled over with laughter, his eyes watering as he watched the scene unfold before him. Lui had decided to sit on the gun of a tank, not noticing that Jonathon had gotten inside. The masked man proceeded to spin the gun around, faster and faster, causing Lui to scream in his squeaker voice and wrap his arms and legs around the barrel of the gun. After a few breathless minutes, Mini lobbed a C4 that stuck to Lui's back and proceeded to blow them up. Unfortunately for Daithi, who was standing only a few feet away, he was caught by the explosion, causing his body to rag-doll and fly through the air.

"Gawd damn it, Delirious!" Daithi yelled. This only made Evan laugh harder as he waited for his friends to re-spawn. By the time they did, Evan was gasping for breath on the floor joined by Mini.

"Fuck you guys..." Jonathon chuckled as he appeared behind them, no doubt grinning behind his mask.

"Dammit, Mini!" Lui yelled in his squeaker voice as he re-spawned next to them. "I was handling the situation perfectly fine!" Evan and Mini snickered as they sat up, but Mini sighed when he saw Daithi pouting at the side of the road. Getting to his feet, he jogged over to him, narrowly avoiding getting hit by a bright pink jeep that had a horn that sounded suspiciously like a cow mooing.

"C'mon, Nogla. I didn't mean to get ya." Mini grinned as he sat next to his friend. Daithi scowled and turned away.

"Really? 'cus that's the fourth time today." Daithi muttered, his thick Irish accent making Mini flush. Evan smirked. He knew Mini could never get enough of it.

"Let's leave these lovebirds at it." Evan whispered to Lui and Jonathon. They nodded and slipped away, down the street towards the convenience store. Suddenly, Lui's phone rang and he hurried to answer it. Within seconds, his face turned pale and he squeaked. Evan and Jonathon shared a look. 3... 2... 1...

"Sorry, guys. That was my mom." Lui muttered, eyes downcast. Evan could see Jonathon stifling a snigger and turned back to Lui. "I have to go, so I'll see you guys later." Evan nodded and they said goodbye. It took a few seconds for him to realize he was alone with Jonathon. Evan bit his lip. He had been hoping for a chance like this for days, but now it terrified him.

"Want to do a heist?" Jonathon blurts out, making Evan jump. He nodded and Jonathon grinned, tugging him along to his navy blue jeep.



"SHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!" Jonathon screamed, bolting after Evan as they ran from the cops. Their heist had gone well until their getaway vehicle had disappeared and a ridiculous amount of cops turned up in its place.

"C'mon, Delirious!" Evan grabbed Jonathon's hand and pulled him along, their path only lit by crappy streetlamps, it being to cloudy for the stars of moon. The action made Jonathon blush slightly and he was grateful for his hockey mask covering the worst of his embarrassment. "In here!" Evan led Jonathon into a small, dark alley behind a dumpster, finally releasing his grip on Jonathon's hand. Both were out of breath and panting heavily as they heard the sirens get closer.

The sudden sound of voices made them jump and Jonathon poked his head out to identify the source. Evan's eyes widened and he yanked Jonathon back into the alley. Before he could protest, Evan slipped Jonathon's mask to the side slightly and covered his mouth with his hand. With a warning look, Evan got Jonathon to hold still. Without the rustle of clothing, Evan realized how close the police officers were and his eyes widened. He was completely visible. The space behind the dumpster was small, meaning that if he didn't want to get caught he would have to be pressed up against.... Jonathon seemed to realize this two and, after a moment of hesitation, caught Evan's jacket between his fingers and pulled sharply as the officers arrived at the entrance of the alley.

The movement caused Evan to stumble forward and his lips to crash against Jonathon's. Jonathon's arms were around Evan from when he pulled him forward and he could feel Evan trembling slightly as they stared at each other through widened eyes, lips still locked. They didn't dare move for fear of making a noise of moving out from the cover of the dumpster. The alley lit up around them as the cops shone their lights into the gloom and Jonathon's grip tightened on Evan's hips slightly out of fear. Evan could feel Jonathon's heartbeat against his as they stood flattened against each other.

After a few moments, the light went and the footsteps of the cops got distant. Jonathon sighed in relief through his nose and loosened his bruising grip on Evan's hips, not letting go completely, momentarily forgetting the situation he was in with his best friend. He realized quickly though, his blush no longer covered by his mask which had slipped further to the side of his face after Evan tripped. They once again locked eyes and a spike of courage, or the thought 'fuck it', shot though Evan's head and he hesitantly pressed against Jonathon's lips, eyes closing. Jonathon stiffened at Evan's movement and thousands of thoughts crossed his mind about what to do. His body seemed to make up its own mind as Jonathon kissed back gently, his arms slipping further around Evan's waist. Evan slid his arms around Jonathon's neck and gasped when he felt Jonathon's tongue run across his bottom lip. Jonathon took the chance and slipped his tongue into Evan's mouth. They fought for dominance, tongues in a heated battle as Jonathon caressed the slip of skin on Evan's hip, revealed when Evan raised his arms. Evan melted into his touch and forfeited his victory, causing Jonathon to smile into the kiss. As if by unspoken agreement, they both pulled back, panting as they rested their foreheads together. They watched each other through hooded eyes, clouded by both lust and the more gentle attraction. Evan smiled slightly and dipped his head to rest against the crook of Jonathon's shoulder as Jonathon looked up, sending a silent thanks to whoever had stolen their car.


Meanwhile, from a distance, three figures watched and shared high-fives at the success of their 'flawless' plan.






Tee-hee. It was terrible, I know, but I'm currently running on empty when it comes to my idea flow. (Flow? More of a feeble trickle.) Thanks for reading anyway and I promise the next one will be better! I hope...

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