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Hi! I'm a fairly organised person, so this movellas will be a collection of Oneshots (Unless otherwise stated by me). I hope you guys enjoy!!

(P.S. Most of this will be AU in the form of the characters being inside the games e.t.c...)


2. Forgive Me... |DLivEntoan|DLivexEntoan|

Here's a warning, just like I promised!

This pairing is boyxboy (Means there is a gay relationship) with a hint of girlxgirl (KrismxMinx Congrats on the engagement btw ;) ). U no like; U no read. But seriously, if you don't like same gender love stories, then just skip it and head to the next one (When it's posted).

A few swear words, though not many.

No smut included in this chapter (Just a few kisses ;) )

This is pretty depressing stuff.

This is based on the GMod game of TTT. If you are not familiar with the game, check out the rules and such and maybe watch a few vids. (They can be quite funny ;) )

So... Now that's over with, let it begin...


Pairing: DLive & Entoan

Relationship: boyxboy [Love]

Genre: Romance/Betrayal

Mood: Sad/Depressing

Setting: GMod TTT

Age Range: Early 20s- Mid 20s




Entoan's POV

"Krism! I need back-up in the apartment building to the left of the flooded fountain!" I stop my reckless sprint into the building, considering whether or not revealing my reason for back-up. My mouth decides for me. "I may have found Minx..."

I release the radio that was strapped to my lapel, not expecting a reply, especially after that revelation. Krism had gone silent after we had run into Anthony, subsequently splitting up. I swallow hard and grip the cool metal of my shotgun as I press forward, into the apartment. Less than a minute earlier, I had heard a scream come from this direction that sounded suspiciously like Krism's fiance. Trembling slightly, I step forward, my heavy combat boots making it tricky to stay silent as I progressed through the desolate ruins of the apartment building. My shaky breaths and thumping heart added to the sound of hard rubber against concrete.

"M-Minx...?" My voice shakes as I call softly for my friend. As I walk down the barren hallway, my footsteps echoing, I hear shuffling coming from the room to my right. I stifle a gasp and press myself against the solid wall to the left of the firmly shut door, ignoring the dull pain in my back. My knuckles turn white as I grip my gun tighter, praying that my friend was okay. After all, I had already lost most of them.






and DLive...

My poor sweet Dlive was missing.

I hastily brush my tears away to correct my blurry vision. DLive had gone missing around the time we had found Adam. I unconsciously pull the dog tags I had collected from the bodies out of my pocket. Each was green signifying their innocence, apart from one... Anthony's tag was red, signalling his traitorous ways. I shivered. I had shot him point blank after he had come running at me with a hunting knife. I could never have thought Chilled would do such a thing. It was just unthinkable! The other traitor remained unknown, though I knew I could trust Krism. Her only goal was to find Minx and keep her safe. I knew better than to question her acts of devotion towards the other woman as I felt the same way towards DLive. Although, even if Minx turned out the be the other traitor, Krism would stand by her side without question. I would have no idea what I'd do if it was Dlive...


The sound of a window smashing brought me out of my thoughts and made me jump. I curse and slam my right foot against the strong oak door with all my might, repeating the action twice before it caved in. My mind wandering may have cost Minx her life and helped the last remaining traitor to escape.

I barge into the room, wielding my shotgun as I quickly scanned the room or any kind of movement. I note the broken window and am about to run to it when I look to the right of the room. I let loose a strangled cry and fall back, releasing my weapon from my iron grip and scrambling away until I felt my back pressed against the wall. It wasn't far enough. Sure, I had seen the bodies of my friends, but they all only had a single stab-wound to the heart; A clean kill.

This... This was just gruesome.

A feminine figure lay sprawled in a pool of her rapidly cooling blood, which soaked into her combat clothes and brown hair. A shotgun, not unlike my own, lay beside her, the unused shells spilled from the broken barrel. Her usually purple highlights were now matted and stained crimson as they framed the gentle features of one of my closest friends. Her chest was a bloody mess, resembling Anthony's after I had shot him at point blank range with my shotgun. I fell forwards onto my knees as I stared in a mixture of horror and disbelief, mimicking Minx's stare towards the cracked ceiling.

"M... M-Minx... N-no..." Without thinking, I scramble forwards and over to the window, ignoring the pieces of glass piercing my hands and knees through the cloth of my gloves and combat trousers. I see a dark figure disappearing round the corner of an ally across the square and fail to restrain myself. I let loose a yell of anger and pain.

"Entoan!" Krism bursts through the open doorway gripping her M16 tightly, only to see me sobbing openly by the broken window. "Entoan, I got the radio broadcast. Is everything okay? Are you alright?" Krism kneels by me and puts her hands on my shoulders. She turns me to face her and I grip her arms with bloody hands to stop her from seeing the horror behind her.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, Krism... I-I couldn't... She w-was..." I struggle to talk as sobs continue to rake my body.

"E-Entoan...? Entoan, you're scaring me. What happened?" She brushes my dark fringe out of my eyes. Fear begins to clouds her features as it dawned on her. "Where is she, Entoan? Where's my Michelle?" Her voice wavered slightly as I whimpered, my eyes flickering to the horrifying scene behind her. She notices this movement and stiffens, a whimper caught in her throat. Despite my protests, she slowly turns on her heels to face the stomach churning sight.

Kristen freezes for a second, processing the sight before her eyes, before letting loose an anguished filled scream. She tears herself from my grip and launches herself at the body of her most precious thing in the world. She pulls Minx's head onto her lap and strokes the bloody hair from her icy face.

"No! Not my Michelle! Not my baby! NOOOO!!!!" Her screams echo around the room as her salty tears mix with the slowly congealing blood. She bows over and presses her forehead against Michelle's, tears transferring from one face to another. I watch, in silence, a scene I had wished never to lay eyes on. This only made me more determined to find that traitorous bastard. I pull myself up and grab my shotgun from where I had dropped it, before carefully walking over to Krism.

"K-Krism?" I ask warily, aware that Krism still had a loaded weapon. Suddenly, her head snaps up and her eyes pierce into me.

"Entoan, t-there's still time. W-we can fix her up. She'll be fine. Grab the bandages from my bag." She talks in a rush, still stroking the blood-soaked locks of her fiance.

"Krism..." I say, sadly and softly.

"S-she'll b-be f-fine, won't she? She n-never gives up." Krism's hope shatters underneath my heartbroken gaze as I kneel beside her.

"Krism..." Krism bursts into tears again as I wrap my arms around her. She sobs into my chest, shaking uncontrollably.

"She can't be gone! She promised me! She said we would be together again! And she never breaks her promises! Never!"

"Shhh...." I stroke Krisms hair and hold her tighter. "I know... I know, Krism..."

After a few minutes, she pulls away and removes the green dog-tags from her and Minx's necks.

"Find him." She says, pressing the tags into my hand. I stare at them for a moment, before closing my hand around them and slipping them into my pocket to join the others. I look up at her. "I'm sorry, Entoan. I just can't leave her again." She whispers, looking down. I tilt her chin back up with my finger and give her a sad smile.

"I know." She pulls me into a hug before curling up beside Minx, resting her head on lover's bloody chest. I stand and nod goodbye to my friend, Krism returning the gesture before closing her eyes and letting out a sigh. I hold back a whimper as I see Kristen link her fingers with Michelle's and I remove my pistol from its holster. "I hope you find her, Krism." I whisper as I raise the weapon. Krism's mouth forms a warm smile.

"I know I will." She whispers back as she kisses Minx's cold cheek. I squeeze my eyes shut as my finger forces the trigger back.


I open my eyes as I hear a final puff of air leaves Krism's lips, a trickle of blood journeying from the new wound in her temple down her face. I hiss in disgust of my action and throw the pistol to the other side of the room. I rest my hands on my knees before pulling myself together. There was still a traitor on the loose. I grit my teeth in determination and make my way to the door.

However, before I pass through, something red catches my eye. I stalk over to in and stoop down to pick it up. A dog tag. I frown. I only had intel that there were two traitors. I already had Anthony's tag, so this must belong to... It hits me. The traitor must have lost it in the struggle against Minx. I eagerly flip it over to read the name, but soon regret it. A whimper escapes my lips as I read it, the metal digging into my fingers as I grip it tightly.

"N-no... It can't be..." In the back of my mind, I register footsteps behind me and react almost instantly. I drop the tag and wield my shotgun, spinning around and firing.


I hear a shout of pain and a thud as the attacker falls to the ground. I press the barrel flush to his chest as his eyes meet mine.

"Why?" I growl, my vision going blurry with even more tears.

"Entoan..." I close my eyes, savouring the way my name fell from the man's lips with ease. When I open them, I release the pressure on his chest and lower my gun.

"DLive..." I gaze into the warm brown eyes I once adored as I kneel beside him, running my hands through his chestnut hair. He gives me a sad smile and ghosts his pale hand over my cheek. "DLive, why...?" A lazy tear trails down his face.

"I'm sorry, Entoan... I never meant for this to happen..." He whispers, getting weaker by the second. I rest my forehead against his, breathing in his cinnamon scent. DLive gently presses his lips against mine and I press back softly. After a few seconds, we break apart. "I love you... Never forget that, Entoan..." I lie beside him and curl up, oblivious to his blood creating a large pool around us. He puts his arm around me and holds me close as I bury my face in his neck.

"I love you too, DLive." I feel him smile against my hair, before his grip lessens and he goes limp.

Innocents Win

I shake my head; Not today. I sit up, DLive's arm still circling my waist and look to my right. The pistol I had thrown sat less that a foot away, almost suggestively. I got the hint. I picked it up before resuming my place at DLive's side, pressing the barrel of the gun against my head.

"Wait up, guys. I'm on my way..."





Wasn't too bad for the first one-shot, was it? ;D Hope you guys enjoyed! The next will be on it's way soon!!!

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