The Christmas catastrophe

About a girl's family's' Christmas presents that are hidden somewhere in the house.


2. Finally Christmas!

ya, it finally Christmas! I am just about to run downstairs. 

Oh no, there are no presents!! Where are they? I need to look under the tree, only a peace of paper. It says, dear family, I had no time go get to the tree up-stares so I've have made it into a game. P.s, the presents are down stares. "Mom, mom, look at this! It says the presents are down stares!" 

"Let me look at that, Clare, go look down stares." I ran down stares with my diary and look around the room. No presents. "They must be hidden!" I checked behind the desk we have and I found a present! I put it on the ground and on it I found a note! It said, looks like you found a present. There are 9 more presents left. Keep looking! I smiled and kept looking. A while later, I found 5 more presents. All that was left where 3 more presents. I found them behind the T.V. I brought the presents upstairs and yelled, "I found them!" I brought the rest upstairs and I smiled with glee. My parents came and hugged me. "You saved Christmas." They both said at the same time. I opened my presents and got almost exactly what I wanted.

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