~dont judge a book by its cover~

This is the story of Charlie a 13 year old popular girl who everyone seemed to adore. She was described as "perfect" and nothing more. She seemed carefree and everyone wanted to be HER if not like her. Though Charlie has a deep secret which nobody, not even her closest friends knew. Will the others find out? Or will Charlie be left to hide her secret all her life? Read on to see Charlie's story in Maya ( a girl in Charlie's year) view as well as Charlie's view



Charlie was the most popular girl in the whole entire school, not just that, she was also popular outside of school! Everyone wanted to be friends with Charlie and no one dared say a word against her. The only word people used to describe her with was perfect-the teachers, girls in her class and people who had just met her! She had no flaws and seemed so care free, she had no flaws and her life was perfection.

However whenever anyone called Charlie perfect face to face, she would get really agitated and upset-most of the time she would just walk away but no one knew why. This is the story of Charlie from Maya's aswell as Charlie's view.

I saw Charlie walk into school, people crowding around her. I just didn't understand what Charlie had the others didn't? It was only the second week since the holidays were over and on top of that Charlie only started our school on Monday, she was the new girl everyone was talking about. I've been at this school for 3 years and I only had 3 friends, though Charlie seemed to be friends with everyone in the school-younger or older. If I'm honest.....I would want Charlie's life it seems so amazing.

It was my second day in my new school. I was so nervous and I didn't know where to go or what to do. I was afraid no one would like me but I have made a few friends along the way. I tried to be as friendly as I could manage and most people seemed to smile back at me. However no one sensed anything wrong with me.....which was good. Since I was 8 i have been hiding the deepest secret I've ever had to keep. No one knew except me and "THEM".

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