Glendale 14

If you knew this might be your last day with your mom or dad, you would have stopped to say something, or even given a hug. But since my ride was speeding down my street, I ran for it.


3. Chapter 3: The Job List

Jack woke me up in the morning and told me I choose a little kid for a Kitchen Helper. I decided to get the worst over with. So I chose Chloe.

"Chloe. Get up, Chloe!" I hiss while silently making my way over there. She was obviously awake.

"That isn't my name, remember? Or are you just stupid?" She said.

Like I said, irritating already. I sighed. "Fine. I'll have someone else be my Kitchen Helper." I turned and walked toward Henry and Caroline.

"Wait! I'll be your helper! I'll be your helper Nathan." She cried from ger air mattress.

I smiled to myself. I couldn't help it. She wanted to help so much. So we chose a resteraunt. She wanted Panda Express so I made egg rolls and put them on serving trays. A little while later, everybody else came. They all had tear streaked cheeks. It made me sad to see them like that. Vannessa put them in line, youngest to oldest. Since I made the food I had to serve it. After the kids got their food I went to get a pack of pens and a notebook to write in. When I got back I got myself some food and ate. While I ate I wrote. Chloe came by and asked me what I was writing. I told her I was writing about us. About everything that is happening. She asked if she was in it. I said yes he was. She asked what I wrote about her. I covered the part about her and lied. I told her it was good things. She said good and then she walked away. Like I said, irritating.

After all of the kids ate jack told be that he and Vannessa were working in something. He didn't tell me what. All he said was: "Keep the kids away from the beds."

So I did. I brought the kids to Build-A-Bear and ha them build a bear. Henry and Caroline made their parents. I knew their parents. But I told them that their bears were good. After everyone made ther bears I had them dress the bears.

"Nathan! Nathan! Nathan! Look!" Max jumped up and down in front of me, holding his bear. "It's my aunt Jean! See?" He pointed at a gold tooth. "My aunt Jean has a gold tooth."

"Cool Max. Very cool." I wander around and look at the other bears. Then I realized it was lunch time. "Come in everyone! Finish up! Lunch time!" I yell. 

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