Glendale 14

If you knew this might be your last day with your mom or dad, you would have stopped to say something, or even given a hug. But since my ride was speeding down my street, I ran for it.


2. Chapter 2: The Big Kids

While counting, I saw that some of the kids in my school were here. They must've been on the bus helping.

"There are fourteen of us, according to me count." My count was usually always tiny so no one argued or protested. Jack was in charge since he was the one who drove the car in here. He told me to get food. Where do I get that? A restaurant. Which I didn't realize until a kid helped me. Apparently his name was "You listen." You listen. U listen. Ulysses! His name is Ulysses! I though.

"Ulysses! Your name is Ulysses!" I feel proud.

He nodded eagerly. "Me nambre es Ulysses!"

I called out to the rest, " His name is Ulysses!"

Everyone came running over, smiling. They thanked me for learning his name. We decided to pass around a ball and say something about ourselves. Max went first.

"Hello! I'm Max and I love to tell stories!"

Me next.

"Hi. I'm Nathan and I like to watch football." Lame. So very lame.

Chloe was after me.

"I am Princess Chloe and I am a princess." She is irritating all ready.

After her was Julie. I'm not going to say what she said. And after Julie was Vannessa.

"I am Vannessa and I like to help little kids like you!" She seemed like a mom in process.

After everyone had their turn Jack told us to go to that one part of the mall with the beds. It was like heaven.

Day 1

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