Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


14. what ever

Alexis POV.

Luke pushed him through the door.

" uh hi jake" I said.

" hey." He said shyly.

" JACOB!" Luke roared.

" I'm sorry! I'm really really really sorry for beating you with my belt." He apologized.

" Jake you really hurt me." I said.

" I'm sorry!" He cried.

" we'll plz leave." I said walking to my room.

" Luke sir?" Jake blushed looking at his short that was pulled by Luke.

" OUTTA MY FACE!" Luke yelled and pushed him down.

Jake ran our of the house.

" boys let's talk to Lexi." Calum says. They walk over to lexis room and opened the door.

" sure you don't have to knock." I say sarcastic.

" watch it." Ashton warned. I shut up.

" u can't date him anymore... And you can't date unless we know the person.." Mike said.

" but mike-" I said but he interupted.

" no buts! I said no dating unless we know him or we approve." Mike glared.

" understood?" Ashton asked.

I sighed in defeat. " yes sirs" with that they all kissed my forehead and left.

Group chat.

Lexi: did I mention jake beat me?

Harry: EXUSE ME?!

Niall: HE WHAT!


Zane: guys calm down! Babe why didn't u say anything.

Lexi: guys I'm sorry .

Niall: you are grounded!

Lexi: Niall! Plz

Zane: we are like your bros so your grounded sorry sweetie.

Lexi: but Niall...

Harry: no buts sorry that's it.

Lexi: u can't ground me!

Niall: oh yes I can.

Lexi: whatever!

Niall: watch it!

Lexi logged off.

Niall logged off.

Zane: wow.

Harry: Ikr

Liam: did he really have to ground her?

Zane she sorta deserved it

Harry: she'll get over it.

Liam: yeah.

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