Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


2. school

To : lexi

From: Michael Calum Ashton Luke

Good morning baby get ready for school do u want the Limo.?


To: Michael Luke Ashton and Calum

From Lexi

Nah I'll walk thanks tho I'm getting ready now love you guys


From: Michael Calum Luke and Ashton

To: Lexi

Okay bye baby have a good time at school behave be good and one more thing NO BOYFRIENDS!


I laughed to my self and I got ready and walked to school. I walked in and saw my best friend Harry Niall Liam and Zane.

" hey Lexi " they all say I unison

" HII boys!" I perk.

" so what's the plans for after school today?" I ask

" hoops my house?" Harry asked.

" yeah sounds good " we all agreed.

-skipping to after school. At Harry's house. -

" okay so here are the teams: me Lexi and Niall vs Zane and Liam and my brother jack" Harry says.

" that's not fair you always get Lexi " Zane whined.

" she is the best player here" Harry winks at me and I blush.

We started the game Harry passed me the ball I went in for a slam dunk and swish it was in. Liam passes it to jack and jack goes for a lay up. Niall jumps in for a 3 pointer. We continue playing until it was dark we were all walking inside cause Harry's mom made us cupcakes.

" Li? What time is it?" I asked.

" 10 minutes to 10:00 why?" Liam answered.

" WHAT LUKES GANNA KILL ME!" I jumped and panicked Niall offered to drive me home.

-in the car-

" he told you to be back at what time?" Niall sasses.

" at 7:00" I say putting my head down.

" your 3 hrs late young lady!" Niall yelled. Niall was kind of like my older brother he always yelled at me like Luke does and is so over protective.

" I'm sorry nene." I apologize.

" I forgive you but you should be apologizing to the boys at home." He said.

" I will I promise." I said .

" here's your stop.. Good night my love." Niall kissed my forehead.

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