Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


23. on my knees for u to stop.

Cuts. He cuts. If it wasn't obvious enough. But I had to make sure. I ran into Ashton's room were he had just walked in and sat in there.

" so Ashton want to watch a movie?" I asked innocently.

" no" Ashton said coldly.

" why not?" I asked.

" because I want you to leave me alone. So out!" Ashton screamed.

" Ashton can I see one of you bracelets? Plz" I did my puppy dog face.

" come see it" he rolled his eyes.

" thank you!" I said and walked over. I grab his hand and yank the braclets off.

" what are u-" but u cut him off.

" how could u cut!" I yelled frustrated.

" Alexis. You . Can . Not . Tell. Anyone" he said slowly making his self clear.

" I am telling the boys." I say turning around but e caught me fast.

" YOU CANT." Ashton growled.

" Ashton u need help!" I scream.

" no I don't." He hissed.

" Ashton plz stop and let me tell" I asked.

" I will spank ur sorry bum if u do!" Ashton growled.

" Ashton u can't punish me for nothing!" I screamed back.

" tell and watch. I'll use ' the belt'" he said. Even the name sent shivers don't my spine. ' the belt' was the hardest punishment in the world. It is leather and thick and could leave u sore for a week.

" I am going and I'm risking that chance." I turned around sassily and he held me again.

" fine but I'm warning u don't get to comfy sitting down." Ashton smirked. I hated this Ashton. I hated him so much.

" good bye Ashton." I said walking out the door and running downstairs.

" guys!???" I yell trying to look for them.

" boo!" CALUM said behind me.

" AHHH!!" I screamed a girly shriek and jumped.

" CALUM THAT WAS SO NOT FUNNY" I yell catching my breath.

" u should've seen you face it was priced less" he said dying of laughter.

" calum. I need to tell u something. " I said slowly.

" what's up babe?" He said confused.

" we'll Ashton he we'll u know in he " I said looking for words.

" spit it out Lexi!" Calum said.

"CUTS" I screamed.

"Alexis it's not funny to joke around like that." Calum said.

" but I'm not joking I swear." I said.

" Alexis now tell me how do you know? " CALUM says raising a eye brow.

" he has them on his hands come ill show u!" I said grabbing his hand and dragging him upstairs.

We walk in Ashton's room and he's sitting there playing guitar. When he looked up he was glaring at me. I walked over to him and pull his sleeves up and it reveals the cuts.

" Ashton why?" Was all Calum could say.

" because you don't know the pressure on me okay!? I have millions of fans who look up to me I have to make sure I do everything right. I can't make mistakes. I can't do anything." Ashton says.

" so you think it's a good idea to cut?? What would u say if Alexis starts cutting? What would u tell her? Or what if he cut a vain and died what do u think we can live without u?" Calum said.

" we'll Alexis wouldn't dare." Ashton said.

" I'm not afraid I've done it before!" I yelled. They both held shocked expressions.

" YOU WHAT!" They both grumbled.

" nothing.!" I yelled quickly.

" Alexis you cut and u never told anyone!" Calum yelled. I looked down.

" mike knows and I promised him I would stop. " I said.

" but you didn't tell any of us? So now your keeping secrets?" Ashton said.

" you have no right to tell me that you cut your self now and u didn't want to tell anyone!" I yelled at Ashton.

" but you came and told on Ashton when you did it before also." CALUM said.

" I'm not the problem I only did it once!" I yelled.


" okay I am sorry for not telling you and I'm sorry for raising my voice but what r u guys ganna do about Ashton? He's ganna get hurt." I say tears threatening to fall but I held them back.

" Ashton. Plz " I get on my knees with tears falling "plz stop cutting." I said still on my knees at his legs.

" Alexis I'm so sorry!" Ashton yelled dropping to the floor right next to me.

" I've been acting like a jerk.! I've been mean and called u names and u just took it! I even spanked u or no reason! I hate myself so much will u plz forgive me?" He asked tears still.

" well... OF COURSE I FORGIVE U!" I hug him really tight.

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