Our little sister

Alexis is a 13 yr old girl who has to come live with her older brother luke and his band, Ashton CALUM and Michael. Also they are very strict. And when Alexis falls down and breaks one if those rules , she gets a punishment. Also known as a spanking.


20. not grounded woohoo

Alex POV.

Okay so I haven't gotten introuble for 2 weeks now!! Wow surprising. But of course like has gotten way over protective. Really. Over protective. Now he barley let me leave out of the house without his hand in mine..

" lee baby can u come down stairs." Ashton calls.

" sure thing ash." I say walking down stairs.

" is anyone bullying u?" He asked.

" no.... why?" I didn't want to tell him I've been getting threats by there fans and getting bullied.

" oh I was just asking but u know u can talk to either one of us about anything..." Ash said.

" yes. Understood" I halfheartedly smiled.

I went upstairs to check my computer.

Wow the comments on my twitter are really bad today..


Lukeismybaby:Go kill yourself no one loves you.

Ashyyybabe: Ashton probably wants u dead.

Calummmarryme: I luv them why more then u! U are the ugliest!

I slowly looks away from my computer shocked. I have never been hated on by my brothers fans.... This was so weird... Tears were burning through my eyes.

I went to the bathroom and locked the door. Grabes the razor. And

-slash- for being ugly.

-slash- for Ashton wanting me dead.

-slash- cause I'm worthless.

-slash- because no one cares..

-slash- cause I hate myself..

I looked at my arm and it was bleeding so hard.

I heard footsteps come near the bathroom I quickly rinsed my hand off and grabbed a few bandages.

-knock knock-

" lee baby? U okay?" I heard mike say. He sounded worried.

" yeah-fine" I said while sniffling.

" wait are u crying?" Mike said no really worried.

" mike I'm fine I just need time alone" I said.

" lee Plz get out. I need to know your okay. I don't know if u noticed but it's been 30 min. And I know ur not taking a shower or using the bathroom so what in the hell are u doing.?" Mike asked.

" mike okay! I'm coming out!" I sighed In Frustration. I quickly cleaned up and went out and saw a really worried mike.

Mike went In the bathroom and looked around. He looked suspicious...

He opened the cabinet and saw the razor. It had some blood on it... Oh no.. SHOOT I forgot to clean the razor! I was busy with my hand!

" Alexis?" Mike called.

" yes..." I said acting innocent.

" why is this razor bloody.?" Mike asked.

" I..don't...uh know??.." I stuttered. I was a terrible liar..

He grabbed my Arm and raised it to look at my hand.

" Alexis..I.." He had no words. All u could see was shock.

" yeah I know! U want me dead don't u? Well sorry to disappoint I'm. Not!" I screamed.

" why in the world would u ever think I want u dead!" Mike glared.


" girls? On Twitter? Who said u could make a Twitter? Come on let's go log on shall we?" Mike raised his eye brows.

" what why?" I asked.

" log on now." Mike said taking out his phone.

I logged in and he saw all the hate. The hate. The hate. Not one love comment. Only hate.

He had tears in his eyes.

" baby I'm sorry u had to deal with that." Mike said hugging me.he puts me down on my bed and he lays with me playing with my hair.

" is it really GANNA be okay?" I asked.

" Alexis. Your preety and helpful and amazing. U don't have to care what those people say." He smiled and after that the night took over me. I was a sleep before I knew it. In his arms

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